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A Quest For Honor (Male Reader X For Honor Girls) by zfitzsy1234
A Quest For Honor (Male Reader X Zachary Fitzsimons
This story is about a young kid named y/n who was enslaved by the strongest queen in the land, years later y/n is working when he makes an unconventional alley and start...
Shadows Within The Crowd  (Jesse McCree x Reader) by FlameWolf0515
Shadows Within The Crowd (Jesse FlameWolf111
This is the second story to a book called "The Two Gunslingers" A book from my old account. When you were younger you met the Gunslinging idiot that soon...
The Fallen Legion: The feeling of sorrow by Onlinemaster05
The Fallen Legion: The feeling Onlinemaster05
This is the story of the Warden (Y/N) (L/N), who now is a part of the Blackstone Legion, but also starting to question their leader Apollyon. This is the first part of w...
So Unpredictable - Johanna Mason Fan Fiction by _alittlemadness
So Unpredictable - Johanna Mason Loe
Johanna Mason. The girl from District 7. The victor of the 71st Hunger Games. But how did she become a victor? You know her name but not her story. This is her Hunger Ga...
The Chamber [Sequel to Silence] by Hazzer123
The Chamber [Sequel to Silence]by Hayley Anderton
(5 years after the events of Silence) Arrian Rider was the Victor of the 38th Hunger Games, and now leads a double life in District 7. He's in assoication with District...
Lelouch's Other Sister. by TeamWhiteRose100
Lelouch's Other TeamWhiteRose100
Her name is Elizabeth VI Britannia and she is the other sister of Lelouch VI Britannia and Nunnally VI Britannia. She's often better then Lelouch and Schneizel at Chess...
If They Had Lived by ClatoForevaFanatic17
If They Had Livedby Ann-Marie
Clove and Cato did the impossible. They won the 74th Hunger Games. They are living and are together. But how long will their happiness last?
For honor peacekeeper x m reader by thepoopcollector
For honor peacekeeper x m readerby thepeacekeeper
I DO NOT OWN FOR HONOR...Alright, i'd like to say this is my first story and I'm a high school student so if my grammar and punctuation is terrible you know why also i w...
Aliria by OKKAAYY25
Aliriaby OKAay
To end a long seven year war, Princess Cassandra of House Lockhart must marry the rival Prince Tristan Mercia. Though reluctant to stay and commit to a marriage on such...
The Offworld Saga: The Rise of the Survivalist Federation Force by JesterheadJohnSnow
The Offworld Saga: The Rise of Al-X
When a long forgotten force of terror resurfaces once more, the Offworld is caught flat-footed and off-guard and can only watch in horror as it takes over territory like...
The Warden by qwertykeyboardman
The Wardenby Nimrod
A For Honor story. A Warden who abandoned the Blackstone legion must make his own way in this world and survive on his own. Co-writer: @GoingDarkDontFollow
The Peace Keepers by EndQueen
The Peace Keepersby End Queen
There is a legend, an old one. Five remarkable heroes standing up and defeating and imprisoning the Corruptors in the void where they couldn't hurt anyone. There are fou...
Jesus Christ Saves | Completed  by Qveen__Shanti
Jesus Christ Saves | Completed by 👑
🖤 Religious || Christian 🖤 This Book Is For: ~ Young People ~ Middle Age People ~ Older People ~ Black People ~ White People ~ Colored People ~ Rich People ~ M...
For honor male peacekeeper.  by gokugunslinger
For honor male peacekeeper. by gokugunslinger
a Peacekeeper who is devoted to the Blackstone Legion, more specifically, Apollyon .
Jaune Arc of the Wind by R805943
Jaune Arc of the Windby Carolina York
Jaune was bullied by his peers ranging from students to teachers. The only people who didn't hate him were Ruby, Team CVFY, and Ozpin. He had enough and ran away from th...
Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes : Love  by lucypie555
Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes : Lucy
Tristana Thorne - Former darling of the capital. Once she lost the protection of the influence of her parents when they died in the rebellion, she was left to fend for h...
Tribute or Victor by NerdyGirl2021
Tribute or Victorby NerdyGirl2021
In this Maze Runner x Hunger Games story, you will find out what happens to (Y/n) and her friends. Who will be picked as tributes and be forced into the games to fight t...
Together? || Hunger Games by Amberkins08
Together? || Hunger Gamesby AmberJoy
"You're using words Percy, but the thing about this world is that the only universal language is violence and we've had that conversation, we've spoken that languag...
☼{|Pride and Honor|RWBY X Centurion!((For Honor))Neko!Reader|}☼ by WorldySpice
☼{|Pride and Honor|RWBY X 🔫(❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
The world of Reminent. A place of peace that two races lived in. Humans, and Faunus. But both sides are not on good terms with each other. Along with the dispute of race...