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The Rejected Mate by Blue_Maple
The Rejected Mateby Rene
"I Tyson Alexander Hunter future alpha of the blood-moon eclipse pack reject you Violet Rose Paw as future luna and my mate." He had a sexy smirk across his f...
Truth Or Dare? (PAW Patrol) by paw_patrol_fan_fic
Truth Or Dare? (PAW Patrol)by ✨🏳️🌈UwU🏳️🌈✨
DISCLAIMER: I do n̲o̲t̲ own any of the characters from PAW Patrol. They all belong to Spinmaster The PAW Patrol is bored while Ryder is on vacation, so they play truth o...
Truth or Dare (PAW Patrol Edition)  by CHASEBOII69
Truth or Dare (PAW Patrol Edition) by The Inactive Guy
*Finished Story* Rated PG-13 FOR OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE, ROMANCE AND ALL THAT SHIT Okay,I know that what cover shows, but there will be Chase x Skye on this, and maybe a lit...
PAW Patrol: Pups in Highschool S1 [COMPLETE] by iiSaucerzZ
PAW Patrol: Pups in Highschool iiSaucerzZ
This will be a story about the pups in high school. Or are they pups? They will be actual people in this story! Give it a read!
Pups Save Chase-A Paw Patrol Story by ThreadyRumble
Pups Save Chase-A Paw Patrol Storyby ThreadyRumble
If you have watched the show, you might know about the episode called "Pups Save Skye." This is a story that is somewhat like that episode but instead of Skye...
A Paw Patrol story by Julbernese
A Paw Patrol storyby Julbernese
-[Completed]- A pup tell us a story about his life. He passed through a lot of things that hurt him, making him scape from his home. A long time later, he went back to t...
PAW Patrol: Haunted Pups [COMPLETE] by iiSaucerzZ
PAW Patrol: Haunted Pups [COMPLETE]by iiSaucerzZ
No one has ever knew about Chase's dark past... but soon the whole PAW Patrol finds out after his demon family comes to Adventure Bay. How will the PAW Patrol fight this...
Warm Blooded Love-A Chase X Skye Fanfiction by CHASEBOII69
Warm Blooded Love-A Chase X Skye The Inactive Guy
AGAIN:NOT FOR CHILDREN BELOW 13 YEARS OF AGE. I GUESS Ayyy. my 6th Fucking Story. if you didn't see the 22nd chapter of my PAW Patrol Truth or Dare, Skye Dared me to Wri...
Race Against Time - A Paw Patrol Story by ThreadyRumble
Race Against Time - A Paw Patrol ThreadyRumble
Book One of the "Long and Hopeful Journey" Series. When Chase is missing, it is up to the rest of the Paw Patrol to go to Barkingburg to rescue him, not knowin...
Paw Patrol Truth or Dare by Da297350
Paw Patrol Truth or Dareby DaWrath
This is my first story ever so enjoy and please follow!!! Also tell me how y'all think of the ending.
The PAW Patrol or the Love Patrol? [COMPLETE] by iiSaucerzZ
The PAW Patrol or the Love iiSaucerzZ
Just a normal day in Adventure Bay, but this past month for the PAW Patrol has been really crazy.... just read to find out.
Forever~Paw Patrol by LittlePet_love
Forever~Paw Patrolby Little Pet_love
This story will have Skase and Marest.(Skye and Chase,Marshal and Everest.)So I hope you enjoy it. The Paw Patrol are just doing there usual things.Playing,and going on...
Revenge (PAW Patrol Fanfic) by DoxVulupine
Revenge (PAW Patrol Fanfic)by Dox Vulupine 🐾
BOOK TWO OF THE "CHASING CHASE" SERIES In the sequel to "Chasing Chase", PAW Patrol is a brand new band of pups who have vowed to protect and serve A...
PAW Patrol: Pup Love (Season 1) [COMPLETE] by iiSaucerzZ
PAW Patrol: Pup Love (Season 1) [ iiSaucerzZ
The six PAW Patrol pups, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, and Skye, all hit puberty. The pups start to think differently towards each other. Skye, being the only gi...
PAW Patrol: A Love Christmas by Amazing_Writers_06
PAW Patrol: A Love Christmasby T.A.W (The Amazing Writers)
The PAW Patrol, a pup team rescue. They are all ready to help, but they have feelings for their teammates. Discover in this story the missions of the PAW Patrol. Is Chas...
One Chance Only (A Skase Story) by TheWriterGuy077
One Chance Only (A Skase Story)by TheWriterGuy
Shout-Out to ShiningSkase02 for the amazing cover! Chase was a 7-year old German Shepherd, but he acted a lot more mature for his age. He also had a crush on Skye, but...
One Shots: PAW Patrol Edition by DoxVulupine
One Shots: PAW Patrol Editionby Dox Vulupine 🐾
These are one-shots with your favorite pups! *NOTE* I do not own any of characters from the Nick Jr. show "PAW Patrol". All rights to those characters go to...
PAW Patrol memes by CHASEBOII69
PAW Patrol memesby The Inactive Guy
Funny Paw Patrol Memes and Pics [#1 HIGHEST RANKING!!!] by Da297350
Funny Paw Patrol Memes and Pics [ DaWrath
Just because I thought it would be fun to give y'all a moment to laugh. And also cause I can.
Love story Chase&Skye by ChaseFXDRG
Love story Chase&Skyeby ChaseFXDRG
If you are ready lets start