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I Still Love You by DemRosesBeRed
I Still Love Youby DemRosesBeRed
Ace and Paul's relationship isn't going well, but Ace doesn't want to lose Paul and will do anything for him to stay, no matter how far he must go. But will Paul stay wi...
KISS Oneshots (COMPLETED) by mariewofficial
KISS Oneshots (COMPLETED)by Marie White
I make Oneshots of the members of the band KISS. *REQUESTS ARE CLOSED* Requests are open to everyone! ❤️ If you want me to write one for you, feel free to message me any...
Kiss One Shots (band member x band member) by I_Love_My_Evian
Kiss One Shots (band member x SpaceAce45
Just some KISS One Shots. Mostly (Band Member X Band Member stuff). I don't think I'll really write X Readers or anything with OC's. Requests are closed at the moment.
Take A Look through A Cat's Eyes - Catman by nightslegacy
Take A Look through A Cat's nightslegacy
She never was the type to ever fall in love. Or so Jewelie thought. Once a certain Cat changes her world or just reveal her true world. *I don't own any of the pictures...
Rock n' Roll Games by iwasborntorockyou
Rock n' Roll Gamesby I Was Born to Rock You
We'll be playing smash or pass, would you rather, and other games all in honor of the love of rock n' roll, so play along with me:) I want to hear your opinions, so comm...
Love Spreads Like Fire - Demon by nightslegacy
Love Spreads Like Fire - Demonby nightslegacy
Flare is one hell of a girl. Some people call her a wildfire. Her and the rest of the Gang return to KISS World and sparks reignite. Will it be blissful or to strong to...
KISS: Casablanca High School by Reyn_Star
KISS: Casablanca High Schoolby Reyn_Star
Senior year is fast approaching and Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss are struggling to balance school, sports, relationships, and jobs. New to C...
KISS Oneshots by Carr1991
KISS Oneshotsby Carr1991
Exactly what the title says, Requests are open, Don't be afraid to ask. I started by writing one part, and just waiting for suggestions.
Scooby-Doo meets KISS by nightslegacy
Scooby-Doo meets KISSby nightslegacy
What happened to the Scooby Gang, KISS, and My Character at KISS World. Precursors to my stories.
Just Look to the Stars - Starchild by nightslegacy
Just Look to the Stars - Starchildby nightslegacy
Starchild and Micah only met when the Scooby Gang help KISS defeat the Destroyer but that isn't the end of their journey. What ever happened to the Crimson Witch from KI...
I Put A Spell On You by LilMunchkin01
I Put A Spell On Youby LilMunchkin01
Sally McKnight, better known as Thorn of the Hex Girls, happily agreed when the Scooby Gang suggested that she go with them to KISS World. She wasn't expecting to battle...
Sure Know Something: A Paul Stanley X Ace Frehley Fanfiction (AU) by I_Love_My_Evian
Sure Know Something: A Paul SpaceAce45
Mr. Frehley has been hired to work for Rocky High, teaching music. He gets along with all the teachers well, except one, Mr. Stanley. Will they ever get along? Will they...
Ace Frehley's Babe (completed) by mariewofficial
Ace Frehley's Babe (completed)by Marie White
This is the story of Anastasia Babineaux in chronological order. Anastasia runs by the nickname 'Babe' which Ace gave her himself because her last name gave him some dif...
vampires love bond by One_directioner4eva
vampires love bondby One_directioner4eva
Paul Stanley, a 500 year old vampire who has spent his whole life searching for his mate. He was starting to lose hope and give up when he smelled something amazing and...
KISS preferences by Fandomislife12
KISS preferencesby Anke Mols
i went on the internet and saw that there weren't preferences about KISS so i decided to write preferences. English is not my official language so there can be faults in...
Kiss One Shots by Fandomislife12
Kiss One Shotsby Anke Mols
one shots for the band KISS Feel free to request something I don't bite ;-)
KISS Imagines by xyourgirl_bri
KISS Imaginesby Bri❤️
Um.. I guess I am attempting this again lol. Requests are fine, and I hope you enjoy! •has reached #1 in Paul Stanley category •Has reaches #6 in Ace Frehley category
Demon (gene Simmons x reader) by SaturnFox44
Demon (gene Simmons x reader)by SaturnFox44
I found a bunch of kiss imagines, but never found an actual like reading of just you and one specific member lol. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••...
🏝⚓️🦀Kiss Summer Oneshots🏝⚓️🦀 by MoonWalkerFan1998
🏝⚓️🦀Kiss Summer Oneshots🏝⚓️🦀by emily
KISS oneshots for the season of Summer.