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Paul Lahote - Imprinted by himeno19
Paul Lahote - Imprintedby himeno19
"Some say you're crazy. Say that you're no good, say your family's cursed with bad blood. But I think you're cute and misunderstood And I wouldn't change you if I c...
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  • twilight
  • newmoon
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Storm ☾ Paul Lahote by pureambitchous
Storm ☾ Paul Lahoteby 𝕓𝕒𝕕𝕘𝕚𝕣𝕝𝕖𝕟𝕖𝕣𝕘𝕪!
❝you're fire, and she's the kind of storm that puts them out.❞
  • paullahote
  • maliatate
  • esmecullen
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Luna by SperanzaCR
Lunaby Speranza
After a tragedy strikes in Chicago, Aurora Saunders and her family flee to La Push, Washington-desperately wishing for a better and more peaceful life. And with the firs...
  • wolves
  • lahote
  • imprint
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Ocean Eyes by fudalalalala145
Ocean Eyesby browsingthroughlife3
"She slept with wolves without fear, for the wolves knew a lion was amongst them." -Robert M Drake He howled a...
  • fanfiction
  • lapush
  • lahote
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black roses | The Lost Boys (1987) by sarcxstic-stilinski
black roses | The Lost Boys (1987)by Pan's Lost Girl
"How do you keep a flower shop open in Santa Carla of all places?" "Easist gift for the grieving. Flower shops thrive in places like this." "And...
  • dwayne
  • thelostboys1987
  • thelostboys
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Emmett And Me... But For How Long? by Happyluckygoreader17
Emmett And Me... But For How Long?by Happyluckygoreader17
Two alphas and one omega
  • vampires
  • emmett
  • werewolves
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Photograph by LennonLoveMe
Photographby m
"You can't change the past, Lottie," the killer breathed sinisterly, "But the past will change you." // All I needed to get back was a photograph and...
  • love
  • time
  • mccartney
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A Howl Away ~Being Rewritten~ by WithLoveAndCupcakes
A Howl Away ~Being Rewritten~by A.Rose
"You think I wanted this? You're still a child, and I'm stuck with you forever!" My mouth dropped open, and I flinched back like I had been physically slapped...
  • clearwater
  • withloveandcupcakes
  • fight
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The Half Swan by enchantedlife43
The Half Swanby AJ
•Half ????? half swan? The reason my dad and my "mom" split? That's me Alexandra Swan. I live with my dad but go to school on the reserve, I have way more fri...
  • love
  • swan
  • paul
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Logan Paul Instagram by alondra-aldana
Logan Paul Instagramby alondra-aldana
Shawnmendes liked Loganpaul liked Loganpaul commented Shawnmendes commented Jayalvarez liked
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Little Paul// Why Don't We fanfic by mandawdw
Little Paul// Why Don't We fanficby mandawdw
Chloe Paul is the little sister of Logan and Jake Paul. Chloe has a sassy personality and isn't afraid to show it. One day, Logan introduces her to a rising boy band th...
  • jackaverymusic
  • wdw
  • brothersbestfriend
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Anything for YOU ~Seth Clearwater Love Story.~ by wspg23
Anything for YOU ~Seth wspg23
A different girl moves into La Push and imprints. But the thing is, when she finds out her imprint, already loves someone else. It broke her, but she doesn't give up on...
  • diving
  • twilight
  • hunt
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Jerika - Broken 💔 by tashaxfanfics
Jerika - Broken 💔by <3
This story starts off as Jake and Erika breaking up, but as the story goes on they realise just how much they need each other in their life. So... they find their way ba...
  • wattpadfanfiction
  • wattyawards
  • backtogether
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Beatles Imagines by anglolove
Beatles Imaginesby 🖤Angie🖤
I write Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr imagines. These imagines consist of fluff and smut. Requests closed!
  • paulmcccartney
  • shortstory
  • fanfiction
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I Want to Tell You (Beatles Fanfic) by my_name_is_janis
I Want to Tell You (Beatles Fanfic)by Ash 🌻✌
When Wendy Parker wakes up on October 31, 2017 she is your average college student pinching every penny and ramen noodle with hopes to graduate in the next four years wi...
  • peterandgordon
  • history
  • 1963
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Jerika - All We Need Is Love 🖤 by tashaxfanfics
Jerika - All We Need Is Love 🖤by <3
A Jake Paul and Erika Costell story - Jake and Erika go through sooo many bumps in their relationship it makes them question 'Jerika'. Will they be able to get through...
  • jakerika
  • jake
  • costell
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Something Worth Living For (Watty Awards 2011) by nikkichicky
Something Worth Living For ( nikkichicky
Allison Warner was head over heels in love with her ambitious sport journalist boyfriend, Eric Denton and couldn’t picture life without him. But what happens when she is...
  • jennifer
  • kiss
  • party
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Meant To Be// Zach Herron Fanfic by Limelight_for_life_
Meant To Be// Zach Herron Fanficby Maddie
Skylar is moving in with her big brother Daniel and his band. What happens when she starts to fall for one of his bandmates? Will Daniel be approving?
  • herron
  • daniel
  • jonah
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Footballer Imagines by xangelfacex
Footballer Imaginesby xangelfacex
Imagines with your favourite footballers? Taking requests so feel free to leave suggestions of footballers you would like me to right about. Thnx 💕
  • paulo
  • love
  • footballers
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Mend  [Jacob Black] by infinitex3
Mend [Jacob Black]by infinitex3
Samantha was just a regular girl ,battling her own demons from her broken past. Until she's forced to leave everything behind to live with her estranged brother, Paul. S...
  • fanfic
  • jacobblack
  • black
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