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The Strange and Beautiful Tour Life (Patty Walters Fanfiction) by kylihoward
The Strange and Beautiful Tour Kyli Howard
Anni Benoite is a 24 year old YouTuber. She plays six instruments which has really pushed her forward on YouTube. She had grown up with a great family and had seen a lar...
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Hard To See (Gawsten) by waterparks_rare_mp3
Hard To See (Gawsten)by Riplee Caelum Croft
I resent the party scene with a part of me that's hard to see
  • ottowood
  • travisriddle
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medicine ~fransykes~ by ripmcr22
medicine ~fransykes~by ripmcr22
Oliver Sykes lives on the North side of town. People avoid him in the corridors, paranoid that the rumours about him are true. Everyone has heard the horrific stories ab...
  • youmeatsix
  • mattkean
  • boyxboy
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awsten knight cglre oneshots.  by smalltowntrap
awsten knight cglre oneshots. by smalltowntrap.
little awsten content for y'all 💕
  • awsten
  • maxxdanziger
  • ageregression
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circles | pawsten by thehauntinq
circles | pawstenby ・゚。.☆.*。・゚
"you took my hand and then we both started running." or, awsten meets a really cute boy (one sentence chapters) april 1st, 2019
  • jawnrocha
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  • ottowood
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the two tongues (pen oneshots) by Glowofthecities
the two tongues (pen oneshots)by |oh , i got regrets|
a collection of patty walters x ben biss one shots (all written by me) . trigger warnings will be posted at the beginning of needed chapters . if there are any triggers...
  • poppunk
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  • alistairtesto
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 baby 🍎 pawsten by earthtrynafuck
baby 🍎 pawstenby mike
in which awsten is a little and after he gets out of an abusive relationship, he meets patty.
  • agere
  • cglre
  • parx
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Waterparks Oneshots by pinklobotomy
Waterparks Oneshotsby Peep Stan
dm me or comment requests💞 **under construction
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  • awsten
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instagram | gawsten by earthtrynafuck
instagram | gawstenby mike
in which geoff has a stan account where he doesn't show his face.
  • pawstenau
  • highschoolau
  • pattywalters
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Band ship oneshots  by Awstensarms
Band ship oneshots by Awstensarms
Comment a band ship and I'll do my best! It can be as obscure as you want it to be.
  • danclearmont
  • joetrohman
  • patrickstump
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Band Member Imagines by FishytheBiersack
Band Member Imaginesby ⧖FishyTheBiersack⧖
These will be band member imagines (I'll update as much as I can). These will not include any smut, but it does include fluff. I accept requests. Enjoy!
  • patrickstump
  • lukehemmings
  • pattywalters
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Game Over. Continue? // gawsten by pastelaws
Game Over. Continue? // gawstenby ACTUALLY AWSTEN KNIGHT
Geoff dies. His tombstone is inscribed with "Game Over. Continue?" and a slot for coins. Awsten finds it, puts in a coin and Geoff bursts out of the grave. #1...
  • ottowood
  • geoffwigington
  • sci-fi
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Missing You (Gawsten) by waterparks_rare_mp3
Missing You (Gawsten)by Riplee Caelum Croft
Geoff's eyes still hold a slight tired expression, but it's one of 'God, it's finally over, I can rest now,' instead of his typical 'when will this end?' It's over, and...
  • gay
  • travisriddle
  • riandawson
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Settle Down (Gawsten) by plastiictaste
Settle Down (Gawsten)by goth gf
Awsten Knight has trouble wrapping his mind around the idea of "settling down".
  • mature
  • awsten
  • sleeponit
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transgender * pawsten by earthtrynafuck
transgender * pawstenby mike
in which awsten is transgender and his parents are transphobic. TW!!
  • parx
  • ottowood
  • benbiss
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Out .                        Patty Walters  by ctrlchloe
Out . 🍒⚰️
"As soon as I come out I'm no longer just patty then I'm the gay boy in the pop punk band, t-then I'm no longer seen as a person I'm gay-patty I-I just want to be p...
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wow, gay by spacedoutweirdo
wow, gayby 𝘙𝘦𝘫𝘦𝘤𝘵
fucking gay stupid gay band boys awsten knight makes me uwu
  • codycarson
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