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I won't be the villainess by cloudyskiesformathu
I won't be the villainessby Mathu🧩🤎
Her name was Antoinette Rosenburg. She had platinum-silver hair and frightening, purple eyes. She was the fiancée of a prince, a truly horrible girl with no talent and...
The Second Chance of Anne by CorneliaStreet5
The Second Chance of Anneby Dawn
Anne Boleyn is the second wife of King Henry VIII of England. She was accused of treason, incest, witchcraft and adultery which leads to her demise just 3 years after s...
Can I Have The Villain? by yuhyah
Can I Have The Villain?by yuhyah
Philip died in an accident and reincarnated as the bestfriend of the villain named Ethan Chase Hudson in his favorite modern novel. As he got the bestfriend role-he shou...
The Beloved One! by avaron_hiroyuki
The Beloved One!by Avaron Hiroyuki
Toshiko Fujiwara is a nineteen year old college sophomore. After she is finished playing the route of a new popular otome game called, 'The Beloved One!', she is stung b...
The Princess of the Medji?! by DanceOn1000
The Princess of the Medji?!by DanceOn4ever
Juliette is the twin sister of Jonathan and the big sister of Evy. In a cave in Hamunaptra, she discovers a statue that looks exactly like her and why does everyone keep...
Fell In Love With A Human [Kim Taehyung/V! X OC] by CluelessMochi
Fell In Love With A Human [Kim PrettyAngel
Kim Taehyung is new to the mortal world, he has a secret that no one should know about. But then he met her, Taehyung knew he shouldn't get close to her but there was ju...
How much I once loved you~ by PhantomMiri
How much I once loved you~by PhantomMiri
A rebirth offers redemption for Hinata Koizumi, to correct all she had done wrong. To correct her biggest mistake: falling in love with the wrong person. As Hinata striv...
His Second Wife by Zeinab_Bhudookan
His Second Wifeby BBNZ
A love story between Zahra and Hunayn... Hunayn being married to a beautiful lady Zahra and he loves his Zahra more than anything else but some complication arises in th...
BLOOD ROSE(J.JK ff feat.BTS) by PrincessAtlanta
BLOOD ROSE(J.JK ff feat.BTS)by *._Dark Phoenix_.*
Planted from Busan to Seoul,you feel so homesick.But being an archeologyst is not easy.You have to move to places where you don't want to.Such an ordinary life turns ups...
Immortal Ascension Tower - Book 1: Reborn! [CH 1 - 75] by TheCookieMobster
Immortal Ascension Tower - Book Cookie
***Note Well*** This book shall, from the first volume on, be uploaded at @theonionjunktion! What does this mean? I won't delete the story on this account, however if yo...
Be My Side by arnavkushi815
Be My Sideby Kushi Arnav
People think everything is over with one bad situation. But I believe, everyone's life will be okay with one miracle. All we should do is... we must wait for the miracle...
Begin Again by marisarose
Begin Againby oi felix c’mere bro
Kevin and Jacob were soulmates in a past life. Kevin was a famous artist and Jacob his lover. Fast forward to the present, Kevin is an art student who works for a museum...
Journey (A mythical diary) by mermaid753
Journey (A mythical diary)by Ocean
My mythical journey to discover myself, unlock my powers and help those I can.
Familiar Sounds {Kiribaku/Bakushima} by AlipoolovesVictor
Familiar Sounds {Kiribaku/ Kiribaku Heaven
This book takes after Half Of Me. Kirishima dies and is reborn into a new world. He doesn't remember his past life untill he meets a hot headed Oni.
El Epilogo De Nuestra Historia (On-Going) by Binibining_Sinaya
El Epilogo De Nuestra Historia ( Binibining Sinaya
An accident that will bring her back to her past life. Credits to Bb Mariya for the cover ✨ Stared: May 12, 2020 Ended: Highest Rank: #1- 1861 #1- Hisfic #1- Philippine...
In the novel by Compact_Disk
In the novelby CD
READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. I wouldn't be posting new chaps in here since I'll rewrite it from the very beginning. But if you guys like reading with a narcissistic fl then...
The Truth Untold  by Airafsadu
The Truth Untold by Airaf Sadu
Story of a Grim Reaper whose job is to collect souls after death as a punishment for his past life's sins. What if he tries to protect someone from death? "You are...
Mark-KHR by norasaki029
Mark-KHRby Akira007
Human tsuna! X Demon reborn! KHR did not belong to me it belong to it rightful owner
Raabta by Kalanklovers
Raabtaby Zafar ki Roop
What if you remember your past life? what if it's so horrible that you decides to change it in the future? Welcome to Raabta the love story of some strangers who are con...