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Me and My Therapist | Jesinga by Jeniffer_Marfield
Me and My Therapist | Jesingaby Jeniffer Jesinga Marfield
"Me (Minnie) and My Therapist (Jason)" is a story about a 24-year old girl and a 24-year old boy. One day, Minnie came into the office of a handsome, charming...
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Dragon Warrior: The beginning by _momo_917
Dragon Warrior: The beginningby Susmita Majumder
After killing countless people, Innocent girl, 'Tatsuo' finds herself trapped in between her past and present life. Where she meets a mysterious girl. Every night that g...
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Difference Of 831 by 2006joanna_10
Difference Of 831by Johanna💙💚
"I don't know what I'm feeling" I lie. But of course he can see through it. "Are you sure El?" He ask, almost pleading through his eyes. I think abou...
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The Past That Darkens The Present(COMPLETED) by Psycho_inlove
The Past That Darkens The Present( JZ
(Revising) She who has an eye for art... The Lady who has many scars...and a Queen who never had a King... Rose Ira Harrison an adopted granddaughter of the chairwoman a...
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Out of the blue by Beneathmyeyes
Out of the blueby DarkerShane
A collection of one-shot stories by Beneathmyeyes
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Can Memories Fade..?//Oihina Fanfiction by KELPERSSS
Can Memories Fade..?//Oihina °×Kelp×°
Hinata Shouyou Is a well known American Model And Volleyball player. He is Very Good and Talented at playing Volleyball. At his journey j America he found Friends that d...
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I'll Never Go (On Going) by MisschuliaAmethyst
I'll Never Go (On Going)by Chuleng
Ano nga bang gagawin mo kung sakaling sumulpot ang 'ex' mo at sabihing mahal ka pa nito? Anong gagawin mo kung sakaling magbigay siya ng motibo at patunayang totoo ang n...
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Meeting Him by chocolateballoon
Meeting Himby Surekha
"You idiot, I don't get it. Why would I come with you when I clearly hate you!!" I shouted, annoyed. "I hate you more than anything. So, shut up and come...
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thoughts n' quotes  by floweryweather
thoughts n' quotes by Marie
a collection of my favorite quotes and stuff i update this from time to time cover picture is from pinterest btw :)
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Uncontrolled Love❤ by Wyndrew
Uncontrolled Love❤by Andrew
"Oo masakit, pero kailangan kong tanggapin" sabi nito habang pinipigilan niyang tumulo ang mga luhang namumuo sakanyang mga mata. "Kailangan kong tanggapi...
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Take Us a Shot by LeesaLoud
Take Us a Shotby LeesaLoud
Aira is a girl living a life that anyone desires to have She has everything she wanted except for the guy she keep pursuing in her whole college life Is choosing not to...
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Kidnapped by Love by hklenzy
Kidnapped by Loveby hklenzy
"Hey thats my donut!" I say to him, he turns to face me, "Oh really well I don't see your name on it," he replies smirking, I roll my eyes and try to...
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I'll Be Back by ClaireVallespin
I'll Be Backby siembi
I never thought that the saying 'Everything happens for a purpose' would really hit me not until I entered a world full of heartaches and realizations of things I never...
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The Intermission by LostSoul_07
The Intermissionby Melanie
What if you are on a journey to know the prophecy which is out of everyone's reach but is bound to complete? Meet Hazel, the girl who was hell bent on knowing the proph...
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Spilled Memories by shenaceri
Spilled Memoriesby Shenaceri
The brain may have died, but the memories are alive. Spilled, destroyed, stored or restored it doesn't matter, it is the same as a set of files. Whether you're haunted...
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My Dream Come True by Jaiiiyieee
My Dream Come Trueby ❤Jaira❤
Isang panaginip na maraming mensahe ang nilalahad.
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King Grey has unrivaled strength, wealth, and prestige in a world governed by martial ability. However, solitude lingers closely behind those with great power. Beneath t...
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~The System's Book~ by TheSystemOfficial
~The System's Book~by ~The System~
•To learn a bit about us•
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My Battle With The Enemy by IMPerdue
My Battle With The Enemyby I.M. Perdue
The girl writing these poems is broken. she is damaged goods. she has loved and lost. she has experienced life through adult eyes with the soul of a young child. she is...
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