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Marked by the Alpha by zabellerain
Marked by the Alphaby zabellerain
"You are mine," He murmured across my skin. He inhaled my scent deeply and kissed the mark he gave me. I shuddered as he lightly nipped it. "Danny, you ar...
Abhi Mujhme Kahin.....Baki Thodi Si Hai Zindagi..... by __finding__myself__
Abhi Mujhme Kahin.....Baki Thodi finding myself
story how two peoples fall in love.... check introduction to know more about the story..... give it a try....
Enemy To Partner(Liskook) by liskookie_is_life
Enemy To Partner(Liskook)by liskookie_is_life
"We're not in love,we're just fucking"Are the words he said which made the emotionless Lisa...Feel pain... TW//This contains,Smut,Violence and sensitive langua...
My Partner in Crime #Wattys2019 by honeysharma25dec
My Partner in Crime #Wattys2019by Honey Sharma
Love happens when we least expect it and sometimes its always been there but its us who dont realize it. It's a story about such two people who became rivals from friend...
Player Next Door by ShatterAngel
Player Next Doorby ShatterAngel
The student council decides to throw the yearly Couple Fest for Seniors because of their high grades. But there's a catch: You can't choose your own partner for the ball...
Partners In Crime | Yuri Plisetsky x Reader by GigglyUndertaker
Partners In Crime | Yuri sugaVhope
The angry Russian chases her around the rink, "Why did I get stuck with a partner like you?" The (h/c) girl smirks, "Because I'm annoying and you're angry...
A PERFECT LOVE (Drikshit) by mystery_love07
A PERFECT LOVE (Drikshit)by Violet
A girl and a boy Both are besties ... Maybe they love each other But haven't realised Both are on their way To find a perfect partner for their perfect bestie But w...
The Sweet Curves by badhabits-
The Sweet Curvesby sky
Growing up in the shadow of an externally successful and internally dysfunctional family, Lena Waters has become a realist in her own right. Working to create a living f...
Badass Luna by humanitis
Badass Lunaby Human
Elisabeth Walker, NYPD detective. Ryan Barnes, Alpha of the Red Steele Pack. Elisabeth never expected to run into a creature that was yet to be discovered when she too...
The Law Says Otherwise by Dark_Moon786
The Law Says Otherwiseby Dark_Moon786
Years ago two families clashed. One high and mighty, the other poor. The poor couldn't return what they borrowed so the rich asked for the poor family's daughter to marr...
GAME OVER: The Mystery by Bwi_laber
GAME OVER: The Mysteryby Rjhearl
We solved mysteries. We are called the 'Young Detectives'. But what if, the biggest puzzle is me itself? Can we solve it? GAME OVER: The Mystery ©All Rights Reserved.
Amal For Life Partner +91-8290447022 by molanaarshadji0786
Amal For Life Partner molana Arshad khan
Amal For Life Partner +91-8290447022 Wazifa, Islamic Dua, Taweez, Amal, Istikhara,love problem solution,vashikaran specialist,husband wife problem solution Molana Arsh...
Oc X Reader Oneshots  by myleftnut6
Oc X Reader Oneshots by No❤️
Imagine yourself with my oc's ya! I do: girl x girl (reader), boy x boy (reader), non-binary x girl (reader) and boy x girl (reader)
Betrayed  by Lun4r_
Betrayed by Lun4r_
Mirabelle, a soft, kind hearted girl that haven't been in a relationship until she met Jax. Never did she know, that Jax is not someone who she think he is.
Corporate Romance  by Brianna_Deseraye
Corporate Romance by Bri
Young business entrepreneur and playboy Paxton falls in love with a special girl at a business party. A few weeks later he realized she is his new business partners sist...
Hopeless place  by hello1235975028
Hopeless place by hello1235975028
He's broken.. so is she.. she is craving for real love and he is too. They both search for something real, something that will last forever.. and they find just that...T...
Love and the Marching Band by kevinyeh485
Love and the Marching Bandby Kevin Yeh
High school sophomore Tina has recently become a drum major in the Brookemont High School Marching Band. Her other bandmates include Justin, who has maintained a crush o...
Bitter Taste of LOVE  by 2e11y12
Bitter Taste of LOVE by @kyzel
Zoe Kaitlyn Fernandez a girl don't have a complete family. Siya ay mag 3rd year na kumukuha ng culinary arts sa Manila kasama ang kaniyang pinsan. Makakakilala siya ng i...
My maffia boss (finished!)  by _TheWalkingOriginal_
My maffia boss (finished!) by _TheWalkingOriginal_
What if your father makes a deal with the hottest, wealthiest and most powerful man in Italy. Alessio Donatelli. The maffia boss. And let's say that the deal isn't that...