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Teen Wolf Imagines by kayla_dodge
Teen Wolf Imaginesby Moon McCall
Some random teen wolf imagines for all of you teen wolf lovers! They are past and present characters. Request are open! Enjoy
you all force me to do this  by khushiprajapati182
you all force me to do this by khushi Prajapati
it's from swaragini track where Ragini try to defame swara's character infront of all stating she is double dating laksh and sanskarrrr both crossing all her limits taki...
Blue // Ben Parish // The Fifth Wave by pacifymypizza
Blue // Ben Parish // The Fifth 𝖇𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖆 </3
Life was never easy for me, just months before my thirteenth, I've gone through something traumatic. And now I'm sixteen with a four year old clutched to my side. I thre...
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Rebirth  by Strawberry_The_One
Rebirth by Strawberry _TheOne
In the original story, Neo was more of a loner, he didn't speak much, as a result of his upbringing. However, in mine, he made a friend before his "father" shu...
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12-8-80 by I_caRnT_SpeL
12-8-80by Adrian
(If you live in England then the title is the date John's Death date.) Julian is a normal girl, excluding the fact that she can see the dead. Julian is astonished when s...
What She's Made Of (Castle) by I-Am-Jess
What She's Made Of (Castle)by Jess
Fifteen year old, Olivia Belle is pretty much nothing special. She's no genius, not really depressed, unfortunately no family either. She just lives as happily as she...
Aphrodite | Ben Parish by writing_whore
Aphrodite | Ben Parishby writing whore :)
'You ate more than the half of my donut!' She had protested and yet again his adorable laugh lightened up her mood. He loved the way she would get caught up in his jokes...
Life is beautiful❤️💕(A story of love and life)  by Ishashiv
Life is beautiful❤️💕(A story of Ishashiv
Life is not just about happiness.. It's all about care love hurdles and the support we have... It's a story a family where nothing but is all about love and care... It's...
Our Baacha - ✔️ by Sukorian
Our Baacha - ✔️by Sukorian
A story about brother's - not edited
Amazon ➸Ben Parrish  by valentinekiwiMendes
Amazon ➸Ben Parrish by Ken
The end of the world is coming. Julie Evans is dead. Amazon is alive. She's going to be killing the aliens so that her family didn't die in vein. She doesn't have time...
"AH ITS A DAD!" [Rebirth is not mine] STARTED: 3/4/22 ENDED:- [UPDATING DAY: RANDOM FRIDAYS]
Deal With The Devil by KateBeckett41319
Deal With The Devilby Samantha | peggy carter
WATERSHED FIC Based on a TVLINE theory. Kate accepts the job and the proposal and gets ready to make a new life in DC with Castle but everything changes when she finds o...
dark love(sterek/nogitsune/sciam) by 102whitewolf
dark love(sterek/nogitsune/sciam)by yeo cleara patyen
Stiles has always loved Derek. his little sourwolf. so much that when Derek gets possessed mentaly by the nogitsune that be offers to be the host to save Derek's life. ...
Surviving In Apocalypse || Rebirth ||  by Zenzhin_08
Surviving In Apocalypse || Zenaku-kun
Yuzuki, best friend of Neo L. Collins, a quiet girl but a very skilled martial artist and assassin, trained all her life by her overprotective father and uncle.
Jordan Parrish x Stiles Stilinski  by Stackson23
Jordan Parrish x Stiles Stilinski by Ziall Love
Is if from there they fist meet each other and from then on. Will they be together or use different people to make each other jealous. Is Jordan Parrish going to be a P...
-Persona-(Neo L. Collins FF) by airie_miro
-Persona-(Neo L. Collins FF)by •Airie•
Astraea Tro'viere,oldest daughter of a well known company CEO and his mistress. Being an illegitimate child, she was never seen as part of the family by her father nor h...
Rebirth : Assassin in Apocalypse [webtoon : Rebirth fanfic] by Cold_-_Blood
Rebirth : Assassin in Apocalypse [ Rin_Chi
the original owner of the fanfic is dreemurr_family sadly, she forgot the password and abandoned Wattpad. she'll create new character and plot but almost same thing hap...
Dark Torment by RylanReave
Dark Tormentby Rylan S. Reave
Kaleigh Winter always knew something terrible happened the night Shayn Skeller disappeared—the night she found her brother Matt collapsed on the porch, covered in blood...
fool me || teen wolf  by _yeolie
fool me || teen wolf by yeol’s adidas pants
"Fool me once - shame on me..." "Fool me twice - shame on you." "Now, fool me three times, oh, you're so fucking stupid."
•Undaunted {Ben Parish}• by 4real_fic
•Undaunted {Ben Parish}•by 4real_fic
Still in progress NOT A ROMANCE! This is an adventurous fan fiction. Most of the time protagonist already have a tragic backstory. I'm here to take you through Ivy's sto...