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The Stone Hearted Rose- Male Reader X Rwby {COMPLETED} by Super761
The Stone Hearted Rose- Male Super761
Neglected Abused and left all alone in this world A young man devoid of companionship Found a friend in himself
Parasyte: Grimm Eclipse by Revo_Kun
Parasyte: Grimm Eclipseby Nii-San Silvia S15
(Set after Gotou's death) Shinichi has done it. He killed the strongest parasyte in the world. And ever since that day, the parasyte's has decided to coexist with humans...
Anime X Readers by tranquilxx3
Anime X Readersby tranquilxx3
Hey if you're looking at this description, I wanted to say hello! I really enjoy watching anime and writing stories. I really hope i do meet your expectations and if you...
Anime lemon one-shots by soma-yukahira
Anime lemon one-shotsby Anime and memes
You suggest I write None of the photos used are mine
Shinichi X Reader: Bruises and Bite-marks  by zombielover8469
Shinichi X Reader: Bruises and zombielover8469
After the disappearance of her mother. (Y/n) was forced to go to a public school by her so called 'Step father', Gotou. Since the parasite outbreak, (Y/n) was homeschool...
love beyond species《tsukkiyama》 by bruhrronaa
love beyond species《tsukkiyama》by mrs. tsukkishima
「in which tsukki is a parasyte and yamaguchi is in love」 a haikyuu! x parasyte crossover <3 i don't own the cover image or haikyuu :) ranks: #8 parasyte #27 parasite
My Favorite Characters from Anything and Everything by manny_maniac
My Favorite Characters from Manny Maniac
Someone (who shall rename nameless) has requested for me to make a book about all my favorite characters from the shows, movies, bands and others in my bio. I have accep...
Virus (Parasyte the Maxim) by MarshmellowPanda
Virus (Parasyte the Maxim)by ChubbyNom
Yukiko Takara is a half-blood. And as her name states, she truly is a "rare-child (Yukiko) treasure (Takara)". Being half-parasite half-human with a vampiristi...
Various angst oneshots -mcyt- by cinemedy
Various angst oneshots -mcyt-by cinemedy
Random oneshots I think belong in here, I'll try my best to include trigger warnings. Includes both comfort and angst(?). Title changes with what I'm currently writing.
The Anime Movie by Sphinxvi-ir
The Anime Movieby Uchiha Airi
What happens when the various anime universes are combined into one? You get chaos. Featuring characters and world concepts of 30 anime cleverly brought together, watch...
Animék műsora by helix-san
Animék műsoraby Hélix
Üdvözlöm önöket az animék műsorában! Ebben a műsorban anime karaktereket interjúvolunk meg és olykor versenyeket vagy egyéb programokat is tartunk, lesz majd olyan is am...
Multifandom Crack by ShipFic21
Multifandom Crackby ShipFic21
I literally do whatever by Howdy_dandy
I literally do whateverby Kraft Dinner
Idk i'll write random stuff about my life or what i find funny. I also might write one/two-shots
Mix Of Randomness ||X READER|| by Me_Is_Married
Mix Of Randomness ||X READER||by Me_Is_Married
Requests are: OPEN [✔] CLOSED [] BEING DONE[] Attack On Titan The Seven Deadly Sins // Nanatsu no Taizai Blue Exorcist // Ao no Exorcist Overlord My Hero Academia // Bok...
The True Parasite Is Humans by SeraTakami
The True Parasite Is Humansby Taylor
Uchiura a small seaside town away from the noisy big city but still have it fair share of problem that since it is a small town it can't be easily fix. Follow a avenge t...
Parasite by ZeraphEnd
Parasiteby ZeraphEnd
It's coming back? Weren't bugs supposed to be scared of humans? I curse every book I've ever read in my life. My burial ceremony flashes between my eyes. Akira Clover, l...
Not A Parasite by Merci8Light
Not A Parasiteby Vic Skellington
Jason and Crimson are going to embark an adventure in Japan. How would they survive the strange new other aliens? Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Children Of The Masters: The Villain by za_man16
Children Of The Masters: The Mahdi Zaman
Maroos is a beautiful place home to the children of all our favourite anime characters. The kids who live here love Maroos and everyone has there own things to do. But...
Anime Imagines by Zestiria
Anime Imaginesby ✰thats rough, buddy✰
I write reader x character imagines with any of the characters from the anime's listen below! Attack on Titan Owari no Seraph Free! Akame ga Kill Tokyo Ghoul Haikyuu...