Paraplegic Stories

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Maybe by socksthesnake
Maybeby Toaster
Tyler smiled faintly as Josh knelt down to kiss him. "I love you."
F*ck Fate! (Book 3) by jgirl113
F*ck Fate! (Book 3)by jgirl113
Shawn has given up on love. The one person he ever loved fell in love with someone else. When the two of them went off to live their lives together after graduating high...
Paralyzed Love ✓ by softyhartz
Paralyzed Love ✓by Jessica (hiatus)
[The Fiction Awards 2020 Winner in Diverse Fiction!] Jesse is paralyzed from his waist down, but he makes sure he gets what he wants, for he has already lost too many th...
Yellow by vincent_van_gay
Yellowby that one guy
In which previous childhood friends reunite after an accident that leaves one of them paralyzed. {boy x boy}
Hope and Love, Hope in Love (Completed) by summerblairzzz
Hope and Love, Hope in Love ( Summer Blair
I am Blair and I have paraplegia. I've had it since I was 20 because of a car accident. My mother and father died in that mishap. I wished I died, too. I wished my life...
The Former Jedi by PadmeNaberrie1
The Former Jediby PadmeNaberrie1
Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen), ends up with a severe spinal damage during the Battle of Geonosis, causing him to be paralyzed and numb from the waist down. He qu...
Paralyzed by Leohanah
Paralyzedby Leohanah
Julia was a straight A student. Her parents were very wealthy. However, their life soon turns upside down. Dealing with abandonment, injuries, financial problems, and th...
No matter what you're still Ian by EmmaChristian8
No matter what you're still Ianby Emma Christian
It's almost Christmas In new mushroomton. But officer bronco seriously injures Ian . Now Ian needs to spend Christmas in the hospital and Ian is crushed. I do NOT own On...
Broken by XxBloody-MaryxX
Brokenby Ass
When Simon gets in a car accident he realizes just how much his life will change. His father and mother are stressed and he's confined to a wheelchair. When his mother...
Ghost Dance by CatherineGayle
Ghost Danceby Catherine Gayle
USA Today bestselling author Catherine Gayle presents another novel in the sexy, edgy Tulsa Thunderbirds hockey romance series. Ghost Dance is Book 3 in the Tulsa Thunde...
Paraplegic Wife by fantasy-anonymous
Paraplegic Wifeby onceuponafantasy
{ Camren arranged marriage } " She thought I want her and I thought she needed someone to take care of her , We didn't know that we just needed each other " ...
Supervillain Wannabe (Put on hold) by Sammie-Nae
Supervillain Wannabe (Put on hold)by Samantha Sheeran
A disabled, paraplegic girl named Jordan has an unbelievable dream. To follow her fathers footsteps and becomes a Super Villain! But her father being as he is, throws in...
60 Days With Ben by Tinna9388
60 Days With Benby Tinna
Gabrielle always watched Benjamin from afar. It was from afar that she knew that her platonic love had been in an accident, making him a paraplegic. Even though they wer...
Him And Me by ejanepb
Him And Meby ejanepb
Bella was just a normal girl until she met him, he changed her life forever, he was the one, but what dark secrets did he hide? And what followed him in the shadows?
The Girl In a Wheelchair! by GMenon
The Girl In a Wheelchair!by GMenon
She is not like your typical girly girl with those long legs and to die for body.. She hardly touches 5ft in the height department however she literally defines the word...
Comatose by cheerybug
Comatoseby Ann
Sequel to Paraplegic com·a·tose ˈkōməˌtōs,ˈkäməˌtōs/Submit adjective adjective: comatose of or in a state of deep unconsciousness for a prolonged or indefinite period, e...
still with you | paralyzed au by bbyhxk
still with you | paralyzed auby 𝔭𝔞𝔯𝔞𝔩𝔶𝔷𝔢𝔡
"im not heathy for you to be around.." "healthy? i can't walk, i think you are a little bit more healthy than being the car that paralyzed me."
Love has no barriers by ElizabethClaudia051
Love has no barriersby Elizabeth Claudia
Christian Stevenson, a thirty-two-year-old businessman; He had his own company and everything one could wish for. But unfortunately, he could not have what he longed for...