Paraplegic Stories

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F*ck Fate! (Book 3) by jgirl113
F*ck Fate! (Book 3)by jgirl113
Shawn has given up on love. The one person he ever loved fell in love with someone else. When the two of them went off to live their lives together after graduating high...
Daring to be Different by xx_Shelie_xx
Daring to be Differentby xx_Shelie_xx
Diagnosed as a paraplegic, due to a car accident. Julie has to change her life in order to get what she wants, a place in a profession of sport.
60 Days with Ben (Completed) by tinna938
60 Days with Ben (Completed)by tinna938
Gabrielle has always watched Benjamin from afar. It was from a distance that she knew that her platonic love had suffered an accident leaving him paraplegic, until one d...
The On-Screen Marquess & I (The Holyoake Christmas Series, Book 1) by kkolmakov
The On-Screen Marquess & I (The Katya Kolmakov
Anastasia Ten is the owner of a cookery school and the author of several popular recipe books. She's paraplegic and has just had a knee surgery. To support and cheer her...
A Beam of Hope by TheFlash7656
A Beam of Hopeby TheFlash7656
This is a marina story and it is about their adopted daughter Hope. The story will tell you about the struggle of her life with CF (cystic fibrosis) and also being parap...
Stuck In Time - A One Direction FanFiction by b_writing0510
Stuck In Time - A One Direction b_writing0510
Jazz Hemmingsworth has been through a lot. A bus accident. Dropping out of high school. Trying to manage being in a wheelchair. Trying to get discovered as a singer. But...
Free Spirit by teresa1727
Free Spiritby teresa1727
"Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?" - Frida Kahlo Nadia Russo is one step closer to her dream career when she lands a job as a personal as...
IN ONE GENERATION:  A Fantasy by mikeburton52
IN ONE GENERATION: A Fantasyby Mike Burton
A third of the way into the twenty-first century an alarming mutation appears in newborns all over the world. This is a story of how the First Family of that time helpe...
Maybe by socksthesnake
Maybeby Socks
Tyler smiled faintly as Josh knelt down to kiss him. "I love you."
Paraplegic Wife by fantasy-anonymous
Paraplegic Wifeby onceuponafantasy
{ Camren arranged marriage } " She thought I want her and I thought she needed someone to take care of her , We didn't know that we just needed each other " ...
The Life Of A Paraplegic by LiLMiZzPaNa
The Life Of A Paraplegicby LiL Pana x x
You have the perfect life, but you do some worthless mistake that stuffs up everything you had, and i mean EVERYTHING.
Routine by Aderyn18
Routineby Aderyn18
Johnny and Gyro take a bath in the river. Gyro flirts with a horse. That's it. That's the whole plot.
The Former Jedi by PadmeNaberrie1
The Former Jediby PadmeNaberrie1
Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen), ends up with a severe spinal damage during the Battle of Geonosis, causing him to be paralyzed and numb from the waist down. He qu...
Paraplegic {o.d} by twistedstrings
Paraplegic {o.d}by EMMA
Asher was in an accident when he was younger that left him paralysed in one leg and orphaned. He lived at an orphanage for six years without even one interview because n...
Keep On Wheeling by graciex0x
Keep On Wheelingby xXgracieXx
Ah yes, the short story I wrote for an eighth grade English project. I'll admit the quality isn't that good, but it's a nice short story that demonstrates the importance...
Supervillain Wannabe (Put on hold) by Sammie-Nae
Supervillain Wannabe (Put on hold)by Samantha Sheeran
A disabled, paraplegic girl named Jordan has an unbelievable dream. To follow her fathers footsteps and becomes a Super Villain! But her father being as he is, throws in...
TWISTED FANTASY (Watty Awards 2013) by ajpeaches93
TWISTED FANTASY (Watty Awards 2013)by ajpeaches93
Liana Millbrook was different. She was a keeper and prophesized to be one of the most powerful of female keepers to ever walk the earth. However, it wasn't to be taken l...
Broken Pieces by Jasper_Salazar
Broken Piecesby Jasper_Salazar
Paraplegic, Carson Moscow, has been through a lot. After his dreams of being a goalie soccer star and his mother are both taken away from him, he has to find a new caree...
Our Little Secret (Grehnny) 18+! by coolsupergirl13
Our Little Secret (Grehnny) 18+!by Avalegine
Johnny Joestar and Gregory Jackson were childhood best friends until they've drifted apart. That would be the end but what if I told you it wasn't? Johnny goes on with...