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Gravity Rises (S3) by BrightnessWings19
Gravity Rises (S3)by Wings
All ten members of the Cipher Wheel are now inside Gravity Rises. Ideally, that would mean the end of Bill Cipher - but the demon has plans of his own. His downfall will...
Bound by Prophecy by MelissaWrightAuthor
Bound by Prophecyby Melissa Wright
Aern's only job is to protect the chosen. The trouble is, she's the key to a prophecy and everyone wants her. Hiding a girl in the center of a secret war is tricky busin...
Gravity Rises (S1) by BrightnessWings19
Gravity Rises (S1)by Wings
When Mabel Pines visits her great uncle Stanford, she's excited to meet an adult who will take her and her supernatural exploration seriously. After all, who better to b...
The Other Side by kireiday
The Other Sideby Kireiday
"Curses are living things too." "I'll leave you to kiss your shadows." "I can only stare back, vessel tainted, mind blooming." Nia Gravemen...
Blood Moon | ✔ by TheOdoziaku
Blood Moon | ✔by KweenKlara
Lekan Daniels knows the first and only rule of dealing drugs: 1- Don't get busted or it's game over. But getting caught is the last of her worries even as she ends up in...
Guardians: Away Mission Book 2 of the Guardians Saga COMPLETED except for edits by AuthorJMColes
Guardians: Away Mission Book 2 AuthorJMColes
#1 paranormal fantasy #1dragonlove #55 paranormal romance Alex and the dragon brothers Gabe, Cale, and Rile survived New Orleans, but can they survive their first missi...
Jestin Kase and the Masters of Dragon Metal (Book One) by The_Ryuranger
Jestin Kase and the Masters of J. Michael White
Mankind lost the battle for its soul without knowing. Evil won. And no Chosen Ones are coming to the rescue. Enter Jestin Kase, a foster kid on the run in Chicago. He f...
Bella : What ifs are for Us ✔️ by elianamrgn4
Bella : What ifs are for Us ✔️by Eliana Morgan
What if Bella Swan was a real badass? What if Edward Cullen fell in love with a gangsta gal? What would happen if Bella was the main person in charge? What ifs....are f...
Hunters Kiss by Hippo275
Hunters Kissby Hannah
When all you've ever loved has been hunted and killed, you don't sit down and cry, you stand up and become the hunter, or in this case the huntress. Sapphire Blunt is ou...
Gravity Rises (Bonus Content) by BrightnessWings19
Gravity Rises (Bonus Content)by Wings
Hi all! Wings here. If you love my Gravity Rises series, then this is the perfect place to get more of it! I have lots of fun bonus content in this book: short stories...
Rise of the River Man by LSODea
Rise of the River Manby L. S. ODea
A love story as brilliantly tragic as Romeo and Juliet. Mutter is not the kind of guy anyone loves. He's big, scarred and dangerous. And then he meets Sweet. She's sees...
The Goodacre Lodge by curious_cat_3
The Goodacre Lodgeby Avalon Greene
The Goodacre Chronicles #1. Previously known as "Spectral Activity". *** [ONGOING] "Listen! Someone is knocking at the door!" One rainy day, when...
The Sorceress's Tree by emmymaereads
The Sorceress's Treeby Emily C.
After living as a tree for the past 1000 years, Alzkend is awoken by the Elders and given the mission to destroy a powerful sorceress with the ability to destroy the wor...
Path of a Novice: The Silvan Book 1 by NImruzirFanfiction
Path of a Novice: The Silvan Book 1by NImruzir Fanfiction
A land at war, a failing king, a light in the forest. Ea Uaré is on the brink of civil war, but change comes in the form of an elf with the face of an Alpine and the hea...
Behind the Magic by emmymaereads
Behind the Magicby Emily C.
What were the young Wizards of Blackwell's up to before they met Riley Towers? How did Kenny adjust to the present after living as a tree for so long? A prequel of sorts...
Queen Witches of Aradia by asphyyxiaa
Queen Witches of Aradiaby Sowjanya and Jahnavi
"I'm the beauty and I'm the beast. I am the evil and I am the priest". ***** Kaylin Luna D'vincenzo is scarred from the moment she finds out the dark truth. ...
The Power of Words by ariannarosa23
The Power of Wordsby Arianna Rosa
In a post-apocalyptic world, the bond within Nature and Humans is stronger than ever, so much that if you damage Nature, Humanity will be the one paying the consequences...