The Top 1000: Best Paranormal Stories

Married to The Devil's Son  by JazzwomanRead
Married to The Devil's Son by JazzwomanRead
A prince, rumored to be son of the Devil. He is the definition of Danger. He is the Darkness itself. A princess. Imprisoned in her own home, only to come out once she ge...
  • devil
  • marriage
  • enemies
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The Devil's Love by xMishx
The Devil's Loveby xMishx
The Devil's Love Series Book 1: Tempt the Devil; Book 2: Playing with Fire; Book 3: Queen of Hell; Book 4: Shadow of Death. (All four stories contained in this one book)...
  • epicfantasy
  • underworld
  • vampire
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His Angelic Sinner by curlynerd4ever
His Angelic Sinnerby curlynerd4ever
She was an epitome of sin. From her soul, to the body she wears. Born out of wedlock and from a sinful deed, with a father who rules hell and a mother, one of the very...
  • siren
  • mortal
  • heaven
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The Boy With The Broken Wings by IzzyBae20
The Boy With The Broken Wingsby IzzyBae20
#2 | ~ • ~ | ❝ His love roared louder than her demons. ❞ | ~ • ~ | Nessa Coleman wishes she was like any other 17-year-old girl out there. But unfortunately for her, not...
  • broken
  • sad
  • love
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Two Truths (Viral, #2) by TahliePurvis
Two Truths (Viral, #2)by TahliePurvis
[standalone] "It's the law of the jungle. Only the ruthless are going to survive." Two Truths is a simple gaming app. Complete the task or one of two truths ab...
  • horror
  • romance
  • assault
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Mask by TASseDeTea
Maskby TASseDeTea
A special girl. A girl who hasn't seen her own face in ten years. The girl in the Mask. --- The sons of some of the most powerful beings: Son of Cupid Son of the...
  • fae
  • death
  • mortem
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True Love's Ghost by julietlyons
True Love's Ghostby julietlyons
Heaven and Earth collide in the number #1 Wattpad hit 'True Love's Ghost'. "Before we came to Wentworth, my life seemed pretty ordinary. I didn't see dead boys. I w...
  • teenfiction
  • cleanreads
  • love
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Mari's life is turned upside down when she is left nearly dead in a parking lot by someone who she thought loved her. It was a miracle she lived until the next morning w...
  • earth
  • partner
  • elements
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Do Not Kiss The Frog by MyCaTalks
Do Not Kiss The Frogby MyCaTalks
Yohan is an online critic, a book critic, though not a professional one. He is what some may call an internet troll or simply put, an asshole. Being a gay man himself, t...
  • manxman
  • lgbt
  • bxb
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The King & the Stable Boy by CK_Jessie
The King & the Stable Boyby CK_Jessie
{Royals and Peasants Book 1} [COMPLETED] {#1 in Paranormal: 02/09/18} "Laws are just as fragile as silence. It only takes one person to break it and change everyth...
  • manxman
  • love
  • paranormal
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Blood War (HC #1) by katycage
Blood War (HC #1)by katycage
Monsters are lurking in the shadows of our world, and Nika Dimitrovich is one of them. You know the myths of vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, and angels, but the c...
  • kidnapping
  • alpha
  • vampire
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Saving Marley ✔ by xFakingaSmilex
Saving Marley ✔by xFakingaSmilex
Death is calm, death is peaceful. Well, death would be those two things if you didn't accidentally die at school. He probably didn't mean to, what sane person sets out t...
  • badboy
  • dead
  • paranormal
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Killian (A Fallen Angel Book) by Meganfall
Killian (A Fallen Angel Book)by Meganfall
**HIGHEST RANKING #7 ~ 9/2/18** Killian is an angel of death. His assignment is to amass souls and take them to heaven. He isn't allowed to let the humans see him, and h...
  • fallenangel
  • alpha
  • fallen
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Fallen from Grace (Angels, Gods & Demons series #2) by AllyLaly
Fallen from Grace (Angels, AllyLaly
Second book in Angels, Gods & Demons series, following Raphael's story ** Taking a small step back, those obsidian gems leisurely...
  • fallenfromgrace
  • child
  • cocky
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Kitty's Witch  by roxybx
Kitty's Witch by roxybx
Short novella of 30000 words or so. Not connected to any series of mine so far. This will be a publishable novella that I'm trialing to see interest in the subject. P...
  • fantasy
  • magic
  • paranormal
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Buried by MNJGreenhill
Buriedby MNJGreenhill
Hate. Contempt. The only emotions Murphy O'Neill is capable of. Hate for Elijah, the Werewolf who brutally and savagely killed his mate. Contempt for the Alliance, who...
  • paranormalromance
  • wattpadblockparty
  • adventure
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The Ghosts of Dark Hollow by exlibrisregina
The Ghosts of Dark Hollowby exlibrisregina
FEATURED paranormal story. Highest ranking #1! When a malicious spirit made flesh attacks seventeen-year-old Hannah Gares, she discovers that the Ghosts of Dark Hollow...
  • completed
  • ghost
  • haunted
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Grimm Cases .1 | Origins by ladyshiny
Grimm Cases .1 | Originsby ladyshiny
Bianca Brosnan, a shy but sensible university freshman, has frequently had unexpected run-ins with otherworldly beings. However, when it happens again while she is house...
  • ghost
  • murder
  • romance
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