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The Girl With A Fire In Her Soul by Mystic_Archresst
The Girl With A Fire In Her Soul by Mystic_Archress
Dakota a sixteen year old werewolf that has been locked away in her basement for as long as she can remember. She is the daughter of a small pack in Michigan. The day ha...
Charlie, Charlie [COMPLETED] by WhispersConfusionst
Charlie, Charlie [COMPLETED] by WhispersConfusions
[COMPLETED] {BOOK FOUR OF THE PARANORMAL DETECTIVE SERIES} Ashley Thorn has been through many tragedies in her thirty-one years, but the one that hits the hardest is the...
A Witch Love by ddferguson2002t
A Witch Love by ddferguson2002
A witch (Sarah Elizabeth) meets a new student at her school. His name is Augustus Baron, the thing is he's a ghost. Sarah starts learning more and more about Augustus...
Walk With Us by JesseSpraguet
Walk With Us by JesseSprague
The marsh sirens don't sing. But their silence speaks for them. Their message is simple: Walk With Us. But this is a walk that means silence...
cover credits - Finn H Arlett Edits - again, the wonderful Finn H Arlett Something lurks in the basement of the Thompson House; something dark, something sinister, some...
The Presence  by WPutman68t
The Presence by WPutman68
We pull into the driveway of our new home. My sister and I get out of the car. We can't believe what we see. A chill goes slowly down my spine. As we stare at the ho...
Do You See? by destiny_djpt
Do You See? by destiny_djp
"is he your boyfriend?" Brody asks looking at my best friend. "Brody wants to know if you'd go for him." Brooke said. "don't listen to her" Brody said as he wrapped hi...
A World Full of Magic by greatpyrenees1t
A World Full of Magic by greatpyrenees1
Hanta. My name is quite ironic really. My name means hunter, yet I am forever the prey. I am the prey for the many people who try to use me. I live in a world full of ma...
The Tale from Another World by MATemperance2ndt
The Tale from Another World by MATemperance2nd
A world with conflict is what we live in, both here and in books. But what if we were born in a world without conflict? What if we were put into a reality that had no co...
The Death Song [COMING SOON] by ThePsychoMadHattert
The Death Song [COMING SOON] by ThePsychoMadHatter
They say the song is heard when someone is bound to die. A death occurs within four days after hearing the song. Tyanna loved her sick father to death. She would do an...
Cursed Talents by Ewan_Holmet
Cursed Talents by Ewan_Holme
One is the Grim Reaper. She's the thing she feared most as a child. Death. Even if her personality has changed, her true self remains still buried inside. One is a Sire...
Živí vs. Mŕtvi by Zemiakt
Živí vs. Mŕtvi by Zemiak
,,Ten človek, ktorý ostáva vnútorne spútaný, bude večne otrokom, aj keby bol kráľom." ,,Žiadny zombie. Mŕtvy" Cover by @TaLa16Top
My name is Rebecca by reshaj111t
My name is Rebecca by reshaj111
Imagine having a ghost as a friend. Well ever since Stella's step dad came to her house there was always a presence of a dead young girl. As the truth unravels Stella ca...
Help: the Story of Carl Terry - script adaption by BreannaBacht
Help: the Story of Carl Terry - sc... by BreannaBach
This is an adaption of a book my friend is writing. This is only an adaption, I haven't actually written the plot or original book.
5 boys 1girl by killer_love_18t
5 boys 1girl by killer_love_18
Cat girl Fox boy Zombie boy Good vampier twin boy Bad vampier twin boy Wizard boy All live in the same place because of a paranormal school and you'll know more later m...
Welcome to Highland City by squishasfrickt
Welcome to Highland City by squishasfrick
There isn't a series inspired by Welcome to Night Vale... There was never a series inspired by Welcome to Night Vale... Secret Police will be at your door shortly.
The Cursed Banjo by Morgan_F_Jayt
The Cursed Banjo by Morgan_F_Jay
Five noble heroes defeat a dark warlord, Rhat Mhon: Emma, Lily, Peter, Matthew, and Jo. In Rhat Mhon's treasure chest they find... a banjo. Yep, a banjo. Jo is the one w...
Dark Wings by Musikit
Dark Wings by Musiki
Zuriel the Fallen Angel - who would have expected such a turn of events? Forced to live among the Mortals as punishment, Zuriel is forced to learn how to adapt to the d...