Love An Eagle by presleysangel
Love An Eagleby presleysangel
Dr. Wamblee Claw has returned home to become a general practitioner in his home town. He'll need some help in the running of his new medical clinic though. Cara Lundy i...
  • soulmates
  • lakota-sioux
  • romance
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Supernatural Girlfriend by lnzealot2
Supernatural Girlfriendby lnzealot2
Snippet: "Boss...I'm really sleepy...." My eyelids were starting to feel heavy. After all, it was past 3am. Most normal people would be asleep by now. "Fr...
  • mystery
  • seinen
  • comedy
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Sobre mi cadáver by PalomaCaballero
Sobre mi cadáverby PalomaCaballero
Archibald puede ver fantasmas. Darla es algo muy parecido a uno. Un espíritu no puede conservar su lugar en el mundo. Pero Darla piensa que con ayuda de Archibald lograr...
  • amigos
  • sobrenatural
  • espíritus
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Моя маленькая девочка by LooveYoouSooMuch
Моя маленькая девочкаby LooveYoouSooMuch
Моя маленькая девочка. Такая беззащитная, грустная... Но стоит ли ей доверять. Ведь если ты ей не понравишься, то возможно на следующий день проснешься без головы. Ха-ха...
  • дети
  • мистика
  • любовь
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Les héritiers by pissess
Les héritiersby pissess
Et si on vous on avait caché des choses ? Et si les personnes les plus proches de vous vous aviez menti ? Et si finalement vous n'étiez pas comme tout le monde ? Et si...
  • fantastique
  • mensonge
  • fraternité
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All That I Know by JCCthebooknerd
All That I Knowby JCCthebooknerd
Ansley Marshall and her family make a big move after a tragic loss. Strange things begin to happen in the small town of Newton, Oregon and Ansley is sure the family nex...
  • family
  • paranormal
  • romance
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My Mate the King by RachelC31
My Mate the Kingby RachelC31
THIS IS MY FIRST STORY PLEASE DON'T JUDGE Isabella Fermi is a 16-year-old werewolf who is part of the moon eclipse pack. She is the Alpha's daughter and has two older b...
  • fermi
  • fantasy
  • king
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The Blackbird (BxB) by chaos-ipa
The Blackbird (BxB)by chaos-ipa
Avant ma damnation, j'étais l'un des plus puissants archanges. Ma mission était de garder les portes du Paradis mais cette vie m'ennuyait. Secrètement fasciné par les hu...
  • salomon
  • magie
  • sorcier
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Belle et Rebelle by Summer7250
Belle et Rebelleby Summer7250
Je m'appelle Violaine Parker, j'ai 14 ans et ma vie est la plus banale au monde ! Enfin presque... Mise à part que j'ai découvert que mon sang n'est pas QUE humain, tout...
  • surhumain
  • amour
  • magie
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Il Mondo Altrove by WBabila42
Il Mondo Altroveby WBabila42
Thomas Rogers è una guardia giurata diurna e lavora in un piccolo supermercato. La sua è una vita ordinaria: ha una ragazza, esce con gli amici, si occupa di un gatto, a...
  • canzone
  • fantasma
  • ghost
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La Revanche by clublecturepl58
La Revancheby clublecturepl58
Cette année promettait d'être vraiment parfaite pour les filles de 4e2 : tout le groupe des copines réuni dans la même classe, des garçons enfin agréables, un nouveau pr...
  • enquête
  • malediction
  • college
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HEAR ME, SEE ME : A Krist Singto Fanfic by ace_antipolo
HEAR ME, SEE ME : A Krist Singto ace_antipolo
Highest Ranking: #10 in Paranormal "He can hear the dead. The other can see them." Singto is gifted with the ability to hear and speak to spirits. Krist can se...
  • peraya
  • yaoi
  • thai
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Devil's Angel by Xenia_Soul
Devil's Angelby Xenia_Soul
He wanted her to be safe, never stepping into the likeness of Hell, that is one of the things he worried about. He made sure that she would go to Heaven but God, Itself...
  • god
  • hell
  • heaven
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Perdue de vue.... by Venara19
Perdue de Venara19
L'humaine Kiara à des milliers d'identité.... Itana Higurashi, Kasumi, Taiga Aisaka, Akane Nakamura, Akina Ito et j'en passe.... Alors quand elle dut traversée un portai...
  • amitié
  • mondes
  • eldarya
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Lost in Worlds by LilyKnowItAll
Lost in Worldsby LilyKnowItAll
Five children are forced to leave their own homes to flee from the unknown terrors from the underworld. Each discover powers and true colours. Will they survive those ab...
  • sensational
  • awardwinning
  • paranormal
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A vida é um jogo - 2 by PalomaMartins414
A vida é um jogo - 2by PalomaMartins414
{Esse é o livro 2! Continuação! Se não leu o 1 sugiro que vá ler, pois não irá entender a história direito. Plágio é crime, tenho certeza que vocês conseguem criar algo...
  • horror
  • espiritual
  • vampiros
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Angelic Dreams by rherlb
Angelic Dreamsby rherlb
Mari has been having very odd dreams, dreams of a beautiful girl telling her that she's coming back, she seems real. Soon Mari starts to see her outside of her dreams, M...
  • angel
  • girl
Falling For The Devils Son  by YOLOwriting101
Falling For The Devils Son by YOLOwriting101
"When you hear the word, evil, what comes to your mind?" "The devil." He suddenly gasped defensively, slapping his hand on his chest as if I insult...
  • sad
  • love
  • interracial
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