Love An Eagle by presleysangel
Love An Eagleby presleysangel
Dr. Wamblee Claw has returned home to become a general practitioner in his home town. He'll need some help in the running of his new medical clinic though. Cara Lundy i...
  • age-gap
  • human
  • love
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Моя маленькая девочка by LooveYoouSooMuch
Моя маленькая девочкаby LooveYoouSooMuch
Моя маленькая девочка. Такая беззащитная, грустная... Но стоит ли ей доверять. Ведь если ты ей не понравишься, то возможно на следующий день проснешься без головы. Ха-ха...
  • slut
  • family
  • dead
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Les héritiers by pissess
Les héritiersby pissess
Et si on vous on avait caché des choses ? Et si les personnes les plus proches de vous vous aviez menti ? Et si finalement vous n'étiez pas comme tout le monde ? Et si...
  • fraternité
  • mensonge
  • secret
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La Revanche by clublecturepl58
La Revancheby clublecturepl58
Cette année promettait d'être vraiment parfaite pour les filles de 4e2 : tout le groupe des copines réuni dans la même classe, des garçons enfin agréables, un nouveau pr...
  • college
  • disparitions
  • enquête
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My Mate the King by RachelC31
My Mate the Kingby RachelC31
THIS IS MY FIRST STORY PLEASE DON'T JUDGE Isabella Fermi is a 16-year-old werewolf who is part of the moon eclipse pack. She is the Alpha's daughter and has two older b...
  • fermi
  • love
  • fantasy
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The Life of Death by PleaseDoNut
The Life of Deathby PleaseDoNut
"Why won't you touch me?" She whispers into the dark and I gulp. "I know you aren't asleep," she shook me and I almost grabbed her wrist. Almost. ...
  • supernatural
  • paranormal
  • daddyycrawf
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The Blackbird (BxB) by chaos-ipa
The Blackbird (BxB)by chaos-ipa
Avant ma damnation, j'étais l'un des plus puissants archanges. Ma mission était de garder les portes du Paradis mais cette vie m'ennuyait. Secrètement fasciné par les hu...
  • mxm
  • caym
  • bxb
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Il Mondo Altrove by WBabila42
Il Mondo Altroveby WBabila42
Thomas Rogers è una guardia giurata diurna e lavora in un piccolo supermercato. La sua è una vita ordinaria: ha una ragazza, esce con gli amici, si occupa di un gatto, a...
  • ghost
  • cignonero
  • anni90
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The Light Within Us || ongoing by LeonaBoom
The Light Within Us || ongoingby LeonaBoom
[[Highest ranking so far: #133 in Paranormal! Updating 1 - 2 times a week!]] Leona, a woman in her early twenties, is not living her best life. She's safe, yes, but only...
  • agent
  • action-adventure
  • latviete
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Silver Flame by snowqueenup
Silver Flameby snowqueenup
"Burn! Burn, witches. Burn!" They chorused as they threw their bodies into burning embers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lyra was raised as a kil...
  • forest
  • shadows
  • power
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Weya  by muooooko
Weya by muooooko
Je suis une créature surnaturel extrêmement rare. J'ai des pouvoirs de sorciere,je peut voler,je peut me transformer en loup-garou,et je peut me nourrir de sang. Je fait...
  • surnaturel
Город, которого нет /закончено/ by Naku_Fox
Город, которого нет /закончено/by Naku_Fox
Молодая девушка приезжает в опустевший город. Пятьдесят лет назад он был разрушен ураганом и считается призраком. Его нет на карте и в памяти людей. Но по счастливой слу...
  • триллер
  • мистика
  • любовнофантастическиероманы
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Angelic Dreams by rherlb
Angelic Dreamsby rherlb
Mari has been having very odd dreams, dreams of a beautiful girl telling her that she's coming back, she seems real. Soon Mari starts to see her outside of her dreams, M...
  • angel
  • girl
'Til Death Do Us Part by ElleW325
'Til Death Do Us Partby ElleW325
Ariana Grayson is young, beautiful, popular...and dead. Her best friend, Everly Clarke, is devastated and broken. She has never had to live without Ariana, relying on he...
  • spirits
  • friends
  • bffsforever
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Her Eyes by SinnetriaReed
Her Eyesby SinnetriaReed
Men of all ages flock to her. they adore her in many ways. Just to be near her is like having your heart ripped out of your chest, You now belong to her. Rumor has it th...
  • paranormal
  • demons
  • ghosts
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Belle et Rebelle by Summer7250
Belle et Rebelleby Summer7250
Je m'appelle Violaine Parker, j'ai 14 ans et ma vie est la plus banale au monde ! Enfin presque... Mise à part que j'ai découvert que mon sang n'est pas QUE humain, tout...
  • surhumain
  • amour
  • bataille
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Snow Wolf by OrangeKiwiPirate
Snow Wolfby OrangeKiwiPirate
When Rolf, a new shapeshifter on the run, nearly freezes to death, he is found by two humans named Avra and Agnar. Unknowingly, he puts them in the middle of a terrible...
  • winter
  • wolf
  • curse
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New Years for the Paranomal by AmberBrandau
New Years for the Paranomalby AmberBrandau
what happens at a new years party for the paranormal? read on and you will find out. WARNING: This short story may contain cheesy humor. I can be a sucker for that kind...
  • newyearsparty
  • paranomral
  • romance
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