The Dragon King (COMING SOON) by RamenLady
The Dragon King (COMING SOON)by Leila Vy
My grandma always told me to never go near the water. Once they see me, there will be no returning. It was supposed to be an urban legend. Devious dragons whisking mai...
  • paranormal
  • dragonking
  • underwater
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Frightful Fairy Tales Contest by _Dark_Fantasy
Frightful Fairy Tales Contestby Dark Fantasy
Ever wanted to see Prince Charming fighting zombies or Rapunzel to be a ravishing vampire? This is the contest for you, Darkling. Over 5 days _Dark_Fantasy will ask all...
  • shortstory
  • oneshot
  • contest
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Yandere!Demon!xReader : Simon Says, "Don't say no." by Post-Moe
Yandere!Demon!xReader : Simon Post-Moe
Simon Says, Let me in~ Simon Says, Take off your clothes~ Simon Says, Lay down still~ Simon Says, "Don't say no." When you can't find your way through a storm...
  • lemon
  • xreader
  • gift
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Phoenix by sunnishy
Phoenixby Sunni
The last thing that Lexa Sinclair's parents ever told her was that she was a fool for staying here. The City. The capitol of fine art, eloquence, and royalty: Lexa's one...
  • immortality
  • king
  • mature
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En nuestro secuestro nos conocimos by Sarita-Perez
En nuestro secuestro nos conocimosby Sarita Perez :v
La flor que cae acaricia mi cabello pero nadie sabe eso ya que ni siquiera saben que estoy enterrada en su propio jardín
  • miedo
  • cariño
  • amor
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Inheritance 1: Jack of Thorns by AmeliaFaulknerAuthor
Inheritance 1: Jack of Thornsby Amelia Faulkner
Florist. Psychic. Addict. Laurence Riley coasts by on good looks and natural charm, but underneath lies a dark chasm that neither heroin nor lovers can fill. Sobriety is...
  • featured
  • paranormal
  • godsandgoddesses
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The Snow Awards by edith_snow
The Snow Awardsby Edith Snow
•OPEN FOR ENTRIES• (✓) OPEN ( ) JUDGING ( ) CLOSED Do you think your story deserves recognition, and you have under 2K reads? You've come to the right place! Rea...
  • random
  • romance
  • fantasy
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Summoning Creepypastas by Golden-inkk
Summoning Creepypastasby Golden Inkk
The of this as a "how to" guide to summon any of the many creepypastas you wish. Whether it be Bob, Jeff, or Ben, you may summon them! But be warned if you are...
  • fandoms
  • witchcraft
  • spells
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Make Friends and Get Readers by HermyneKhaling
Make Friends and Get Readersby one_naga_girl
A place where you can make friends, share your story and get readers. Check out how it's done and find out what books you might want to read. Each chapter is dedicated t...
  • teenfiction
  • vote
  • sciencefiction
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Salem by unearthlylore
Salemby Ryah
Unfortunately for Nova Jean, she's cursed, and after years of seeing the consequences, she's unwilling to risk her life and those around her for a second of True Love.
  • witchcraft
  • paranormal
  • tituba
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The Golden Awakening by ValerieMur
The Golden Awakeningby ValerieMur
History is bound to repeat itself if nobody recognises what occurred in the past, a buried past, as power can blind people and societies of their own actions. Sarah Wils...
  • fantasy
  • undiscovered
  • youngadult
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Daddy Next Door by anurie
Daddy Next Doorby Om
Tetangga baru Emilia Walden (20) benar-benar aneh, ia adalah seorang pria dewasa yang tinggal bersama putranya di sana. Kadang sikapnya sangatlah buruk, namun ada suatu...
  • paranormal
  • daddy
  • kepribadianganda
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rat's ass art by skye-the-stupid-scot
rat's ass artby sheep dad
the second coming [more shitty art and rambles]
  • bullshit
  • yeet
  • artbook
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Are you a writer hoping to get noticed and do you think you've got what it takes to win in this contest. Then hop in and enter the competition. May the best writer win🤞...
  • book
  • shinybubblymia
  • wattpad
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Ashanty, gadis moden yang tidak percaya tentang wujudnya bunian dan hantu dikejar oleh makhluk ghaib dari asrama universitinya. Dia berlari hingga masuk ke dalam hutan h...
  • bunian
  • love
  • mystery
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Smoke and Ruin || Book Three by TiffanyDaune
Smoke and Ruin || Book Threeby Tiffany Daune
Darkness is calling. She sacrificed her soul to save the realms. Now Halen must face a life tethered to a curse. But can she accept a world without Asair and her sister...
  • adventure
  • magic
  • youngadult
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Place Of Death & The Legend Of Lords by DrAmmarObeidat
Place Of Death & The Legend Of Dr-Ammar Obeidat
The novel is talking about seven equal worlds , each world is separated from others , but moving from a world to another is possible , the humans are living in the centr...
  • drama
  • novel
  • action
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Mga Istorya ng Lagim Vol. III by ladypsychojb
Mga Istorya ng Lagim Vol. IIIby JB
Babala sa babasa nito: • Huwag mong basahin kung mahina ang puso mo. • Huwag mong basahin kung malikot ang iyong imahinasyon. • Huwag mong basahin kung wala kang kasama...
  • scarystories
  • supernatural
  • horror-thriller
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