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Goose Reads! by Spruce_Goose
Goose Reads!by Amelia Harper
Throughout 2023, this humble Goose has made the (questionable) decision to try and read one Wattpad story a week! All the stories I read will be documented in this very...
The Vloggers by Muchlove_Addi
The Vloggersby Muchlove_Addi
4 siblings go to explore haunted places The cover sucks..
Laws of the Pack | Book #1 by StarWolfLegacy
Laws of the Pack | Book #1by StarWolf
"Book one of the LOTP series | WIP " COVERS WITH THE HELP OF @khionewrites That wolf from earlier, although she had seen it before, Lunis never actually saw it...
Invite me in by LouisaValia
Invite me inby Louisa Valia
A group of freshmen students go to a forest lake to have fun and get to know each other better. Swimming and listening to music, they have a great time without noticing...
The deadly app by KlaraDebeoc
The deadly appby Klara Debeoc
It was a normal sunday night, or was it...? It all started at the party. Mary was happy and excitied. But it all came crashing down.
My guardian angel   (Volume one)  by Alex_segers
My guardian angel (Volume one) by Alex
Jessica Jones, she is a teenager with a best friend. They are called respectively: My guardian angel and My protector. Eden Diallo, his best friend, die in a mysteriou...
Mistletoe and Misery: A Paranormal Christmas Romance by webbiegail
Mistletoe and Misery: A webbiegail
🌟✨ Unveiling This Holiday Season: "Mistletoe and Misery" ✨🌟 Get ready to be swept away into a world where Christmas sparkles with a touch of the mystical! Th...
Be My Luna by EstMint8
Be My Lunaby Esther Mintaa Twumasi 🎵🎶
Three years ago, Aryann found out she was the future Luna and mate of the soon to be Alpha, Damien. But things didn't go well between them. She was human or at least she...
Dana Ilic and the Caged Goddess (Lightwielder Chronicles #2) by EvelynHail
Dana Ilic and the Caged Goddess ( Evelyn Hail
· Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson Saga meets The Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. *** What if a...
The Rejected Little Wolf by Arianapeige
The Rejected Little Wolfby Kageni✨❤
Her mother's death and her being wolfless made everything in her life change. Having given up on life, Leila tried to commit suicide but was shocked when she realised sh...
Playing with Forever by Emy_Holland
Playing with Foreverby Emy Holland
He'll live forever into the future. I'm running from my past. When we collide, sparks fly, secrets are threatened, and pasts come back to haunt us. Is our bond strong en...
Audrey & Aislinn: Reset by KittyKatie135
Audrey & Aislinn: Resetby
After splitting from her husband a year ago, forty-something Audrey grapples with the strained relationship left behind, between herself, and their 15-year old daughter...
Eternal Love: The Haunted Honeymooners by ShamarBryce1
Eternal Love: The Haunted Shamar Bryce
This is a collection of paranormal and supernatural horror flash fiction about various people's encounters with the unknown. Some may be newlyweds, ghost hunters, painte...
Beyond The Grave - The Murder Of Zahra Wirth by XannesDestiny
Beyond The Grave - The Murder Of Destiny
-= BOOK 1 OF THE "Beyond" SERIES =- Zahra Wirth was a loved girl, everyone in the small town of Poltragow knew her and adored her, until one day she mysteriou...
Melez by eziciyabovetennim01
Melezby eziciyabovetennim01
Bir kedi. Sadece. Ama sadece bir kedi değil. işte sadece bir kedi olmayan bir kedinin hikayesi.
Unjustice by phantombullet56
Unjusticeby phantombullet56
In a world where justice is a fragile concept, Noah AfterLife finds himself condemned to a lifetime in the infamous Alcatraz prison for a crime he avenged in the name of...
Beyond the Veil by jocelyniscoolio
Beyond the Veilby Jocelyn
In the small and mysterious town of Darkwater Creek, Sera, an independent and introspective college student, begins to uncover the dark secrets of the town in which she...
Domain of Anomalies by Zurack1020
Domain of Anomaliesby Zurack z
Akabane lives in a world plagued by recurring natural disasters. The world has been on the brink of destruction, but a special group from the global government has found...
Genoarchal: Sprout by Driztyle
Genoarchal: Sproutby Driztyle
This is a tale of a expanding omniverse that starts out with a young girl with no purpose, but to save the one that wronged her. Although, after gathering several compan...
The EYES by AsuraTheAuthor
The EYESby Am The Asura
Ever since little, Salena has always felt as if she was being watched. It all started even since that "strange dream" but she never thought much of it. Jenna...