From the Ashes by MangoSabercat
From the Ashesby MangoSabercat
A young Egyptian boy who has lost everything he loved, stumbles upon an ancient and powerful being. This remnant of an era long past offers him the chance to serve them...
  • reborn
  • discipleofash
  • orderofnature
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Creator's Demons by Alfie_exe
Creator's Demonsby Alfie_exe
Cover Art by the super talented and awesome: Phoenix [ ] *Note: This is a fan fiction inspired by the web serial Worm. If you haven't h...
  • mentifery
  • world
  • powers
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Pattern: A- The Beginning by Kipcreate
Pattern: A- The Beginningby Kipcreate
(An older version, but I'm republishing to edit it, and get feedback. Also, if I don't publish it, I'll never stop trying to rewrite the story.) In 1942, the U.S. Armed...
  • government
  • telekinesis
  • pattern
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Little Lacey by AmandaJuneHagarty
Little Laceyby Amanda June Hagarty
Lacey is a bat girl. Seven years ago, her mother wished at the well in the heart of the Wish Wood, transforming a young bat-ling into a human girl--mostly human. But Lac...
  • fantasy
  • wings
  • parahuman
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Present Is Past (Not Edited) by TheBubbies101
Present Is Past (Not Edited)by Jodie
This is a story that tells of a girl, Abby Tucker. In her past she gets bullied and picked on, ever since her brother died. After she tries to escape society, her parent...
  • sixx
  • bully
  • parahuman
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New Age by Uknown_Writer
New Ageby Uknown_Writer
All of the worlds nukes have exploded leaving nothing but remnants of the world before. But out of the ashes and ruble came a new type of beings that were going to shape...
  • future
  • parahuman
  • synthetic
Parahuman by mylifeisaverage
Parahumanby Scott
Robin and Lindsay are both completely average teenagers, or at least until a car accident kills Lindsay. She wakes up a few days later… In Robin’s body. However, the amo...
  • lgbt
  • superpowers
  • urban
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The Darker Kind by Venenum
The Darker Kindby Jess
In the parahuman species-meld program, you either live, or you don't. If you don't, bad luck. If you do, well, you get the benefit of having your DNA genetically fused w...
  • parahuman
  • human
  • secret
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