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Things I Wish I Could Tell You (Poetry and Prose) by licornesses
Things I Wish I Could Tell You ( augustine
I look at you with empty eyes from across the crowdy room. I never spoke when I was with you, and for a long time I hid from that quiet disguise. Little did you know I c...
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Yuri Ships Roleplay by CaramalTiger47
Yuri Ships Roleplayby CaramalTiger47
You have no idea how mad I am that my last one got deleted.
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Paragraphs, Poems and Pieces Of Stories by almostanadult
Paragraphs, Poems and Pieces Of AlmostAnAdult
Small stories, paragraphs, poems and maybe even some songs that I've written.
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love paragraphs by shaa_baee
love paragraphsby shaa_baee
paragraphs to him or her
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Writing Diary by soul_sun
Writing Diaryby soul_sun
As a way of promoting my writing.. I just joined a writing challenge today.. 1/2/2019 i'll share it here since it's a writing app.. you can give me your opinion. it's...
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Paragraphs & Poems by gendatot
Paragraphs & Poemsby Miss Lielle
° to express is to write ° ° originally made by the author° copyright : 2017 -- VOTE AND READ -- [[:PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME :]]
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❤️Our love❤️  by cool_girl_zobo
❤️Our love❤️ by Zoe
🌸Im writing paragraphs for my boyfriend🌸but I hope this helps give some of you ideas for messages to your boyfriend or girlfriend❤️ 😊Hope you enjoy and I will be doi...
ethereal - poetry  by cutiebuffay
ethereal - poetry by lolly 🦋
deep poems that speak to your soul. [ these are NOT my poems. this book is solely based on my favourite poems by my favourite poets. ] 26.04.17 © Copyright 2018 All Righ...
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Oh, What A Life This Is  by kendraa88
Oh, What A Life This Is by Kendra Jean
poems, thoughts, and such. hope you can find something you can connect with and relate to. enjoy.
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LONG ASS PARAGRAPHS by xXDanielleXxJaregui
Just long ass paragraphs
Math by Soksopheakmorokoth
Mathby Soksopheakmorokoth
Math is everywhere and we used it every single times.
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Thousand Words by Sarah_Haynes
Thousand Wordsby Sarah
These are the words written down by a girl who is having depressing thoughts. Read these short paragraphs that depict her thoughts as she battles her depression. These p...
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Copy and Paste Paragraphs To Him by CJ_Slytherin_Queen
Copy and Paste Paragraphs To Himby CJ_Slytherin_Queen
Have you ever wanted to send your boyfriend a super cute good morning paragraph , goodnight paragraph, or even just an anytime paragraph just to make him smile? Well her...
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Little things by XZ01A_
Little thingsby . . .
Little things by me. A book of quotes, paragraphs maybe even lessons that hopefully evoke some kind of emotion or thinking in your minds. Feel free to share your own p...
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Sea sands and stars 🖤🌊⭐️  by xAlinaxi
Sea sands and stars 🖤🌊⭐️ by Alina.i 🖤
♥︎♡❀♥︎♡❀♥︎♡❀ Hey! I post different quotes/paragraphs while I'm bored most of them are about aesthetic, stars, the night and life... I hope you will give reading this a s...
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Short Reads by Zaha11
Short Readsby Zaha
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Unique Writing Styles by Leopardclaw
Unique Writing Stylesby Leopardclaw
A guide to unique writing styles including: uncommon placement of verbal dialogue and narrative text, dialects, tones, themes, each type of point of view, and mood. Wri...
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Just words by shreya_singh15
Just wordsby Shreya Singh
Quotes, sayings, paras and poems Some are by me and some of them are taken from novels and famous personalities ... Hope you'll like it!
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School Writing by narutofanninja2
School Writingby Scarla Noai
A random collection of all my essays & paragraphs that have been written on the computer. Feel free to read them if you want. Mainly just moving them from my drive to...
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My College Paragraphs & Essays by darkpunksta
My College Paragraphs & Essaysby darkpunksta
When I was in high school, I hated writing essays. We were always forced to write boring topics such as: Do you think the ACT should be required? or Should schools requi...
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