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Royal Blue by dealialestina
Royal Blueby Spilled-my-coffee
Sans knows a lot about secrets; he hides many. But when old burdens emerge from the darkness, secrets, new and old, put his brother in danger; and what else can a good b...
Undertale & Deltarune Oneshots by HellsomeGoose
Undertale & Deltarune Oneshotsby Grimm
《Requests Open》 Just a collection of Undertale and Deltarune oneshots, will also include AU's and x reader's [Disclaimer: I don't own Undertale, Deltarune, or any of the...
A Journey Together (Sansby Fanfic) by Blue_Diamond5
A Journey Together (Sansby Fanfic)by Blue
The barrier is finally down, and a new life is finally right up ahead. Opportunities like never seen before-in a world where they can finally enjoy the warmth of the sun...
Monster cops by The_1_who_shipz
Monster copsby Ships_4_dayz
Y'all don't need to read this. I'm re-writing this and I would like you to go read that one. And if you still want to read this one, go check out the other one anyways c...
All I want for Christmas by Mipiou
All I want for Christmasby Mipiou
Our beloved Monsters live at the surface for almost a year now. As Christmas time begins, they are all overwhelmed by the festivity and happiness this time of the year...
Our Passion For You (Completed) by ChibiEnvyMtt
Our Passion For You (Completed)by ChibiEnvyMtt
WARNING! There is sex in this story and is very graphic. Not for anyone under 18! This story contains abuse, rape, gangbang, and not so light topics. Read at your own ri...
The Story of Papyton (Papyrus X Mettaton) by Superwholockfan19
The Story of Papyton (Papyrus X Dorothy Davis
This is my first Papyton story, so I hope you all enjoy it.
Five Places Sans Most Definitely Should NOT Be Sleeping (An Undertale Fanfic) by Doctor_Discord
Five Places Sans Most Definitely Doctor_Discord
Sans falls asleep in some pretty spectacularly weird and inappropriate places. This is just a small collection of those places, from tame spots like the middle of the do...
Undertale Reacts by Queenlight289
Undertale Reactsby -ThaliaNyx 298-
Just Undertale reacting to memes, AUs, other timelines and the resets (Genocide) Got any requests, just ask!
From Darkness, Love Came Through by FinleyLivesInTheVoid
From Darkness, Love Came Throughby Finley
A long KingDings fic because this ship does not get the attention I think it deserves. I love this ship, and it's adorable. I plan on making this a full story, so buckle...
Undertale Ship Opinions by Starbellwing
Undertale Ship Opinionsby Star
Cause why not. These are purely my opinions on ships. Everyone can ship who they like, I'm okay with that. So please don't yell at me because I don't like your ship or O...
Brighter than the Stars. (Undertale: Papyton. Human!Au) by _xKyojin_Queenx_
Brighter than the Stars. ( Kyojin
Mettaton is rich, lives in a mansion, and is an international superstar. But deep down, he needs a friend. He transfers schools to a place called Snowdin where he meets...
DROPPED* not applicable feelings (sansxfrisk) by minako25
DROPPED* not applicable feelings ( Maria
DROPPED :( Frisk and Chara are twins. chara is not a bloodthirsty person (yet) and both were adopted ever since they were 4 yrs old for they're mom and dad died in a car...
Sans x Frisk Aftermath  by OnlyOpia
Sans x Frisk Aftermath by Hannah Goodrich
I don't write that much but I love to do it so updates will occur often unless there's an event or something. I hope you like it! :))
Ask Or Dare Undertale (Complete) by swoba-tea
Ask Or Dare Undertale (Complete)by UwU
You can ask or dare anyone from undertale even if it'll embarrass them.
Papyton One Shots by t0xicfroggyy
Papyton One Shotsby t0xicfroggy
Just a bunch of Papyton (Papyrus x Mettaton) one shots. Send in cute scenarios and I will make sure to write about them
Love Circles (Asgore x Toriel x Sans) by TheStickStudios
Love Circles (Asgore x Toriel x Hibble Skibble
After Frisk freed all the monsters, two special monsters have discreet feelings for another monster, but who will get her first? Could Asgore get Toriel to fall back in...
Undertale + AU's Imagines  by overwhelmedspaghetti
Undertale + AU's Imagines by f l o u r i s h
•~=•Book Finished•~=• A book of Undertale Imagines! Let's see if you can make it through this madness we call the Undertale fandom~ Are you brave enough? ~Kiku-San
When We Met by Hayleyotp
When We Metby Peter Pan
The plan was simple: Get Sans and Toriel to fall in love. That was it. Nowhere in the process were they supposed to fall in love with eachother! Hope you guys enjoy this...
Secrets you can't keep under the moonlight| Soriel  by OverwatchDvafan
Secrets you can't keep under the OverwatchDvafan
Frisk noticed that Sans has been acting weird even Papyrus, since frisk had DETERMINATION, she/he was not going to give up, until they could answer. As for Toriel, she w...