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The Story of Papyton (Papyrus X Mettaton) by Superwholockfan19
The Story of Papyton (Papyrus X Dorothy Davis
This is my first Papyton story, so I hope you all enjoy it.
Five Places Sans Most Definitely Should NOT Be Sleeping (An Undertale Fanfic) by Doctor_Discord
Five Places Sans Most Definitely Doctor_Discord
Sans falls asleep in some pretty spectacularly weird and inappropriate places. This is just a small collection of those places, from tame spots like the middle of the do...
The Boy at School (A Papyton Highschool AU) by Hayleyotp
The Boy at School (A Papyton Peter Pan
Mettaton is the most popular boy at his Highschool. Almost any girl would dream of going out with him, but Mettaton only has eyes for one student. Papyrus. Papyrus is j...
A Journey Together- Sansby Fanfic by Blue_Diamond5
A Journey Together- Sansby Fanficby Blue
The barrier is down. Grillby starts a new bar up at the surface, but what happens after a certain skeleton comes by to apply for a job at the bar? How does their relatio...
Let's Not Fall In Love (Discontinued) by blu3b3rryboy
Let's Not Fall In Love ( 𝕋𝕠𝕞𝕞𝕪 𝔹𝕠𝕚
This is a Papyton fanfic. There's no Mettasans in it like the last one. This is also another human Papyton fanfic. Note: I've wanted to work on this for awhile now but n...
Royal Blue by dealialestina
Royal Blueby Spilled-my-coffee
Sans knows a lot about secrets; he hides many. But when old burdens emerge from the darkness, secrets, new and old, put his brother in danger; and what else can a good b...
The Storm Before The Hurricane (A Frans Fanfic) by AuroraTheDragon174
The Storm Before The Hurricane ( AuroraTheDragon174
'•°•°•Completed•°•°•' __--| Description |--__ Reset after reset after reset. Death after death after death. Finally, after so long, Chara has released her hold on Frisk'...
I Am Myself (Frans) by NotAngyMore_76
I Am Myself (Frans)by NotAngyMore_76
[COMPLETED] [COMMISIONS OPEN!] Frisk is broken and unstable. Their mind was overtaken by Chara and now they never know when will Chara reach out to hurt Frisk's friends...
Money, Jokes, and War (Sans x Reader) by awkward_casey
Money, Jokes, and War (Sans x no<3
A young girl, Y/N, has one of the rarest soul types- -empathy. She can feel when people are having a bad day which leads her into meeting two skeletons. While one quickl...
Undertamer (Frisk x Sans) by Helpimagayfish
Undertamer (Frisk x Sans)by Helpimagayfish
Undertamer Academe is the worlds only dragon taming school. It is run by human hating headmaster Gaster so its an ALL MONSTER school. However what happens when the first...
Monster cops by The_1_who_shipz
Monster copsby Ships_4_dayz
Y'all don't need to read this. I'm re-writing this and I would like you to go read that one. And if you still want to read this one, go check out the other one anyways c...
Papyton One Shots by t0xicfroggyy
Papyton One Shotsby t0xicfroggy
Just a bunch of Papyton (Papyrus x Mettaton) one shots. Send in cute scenarios and I will make sure to write about them
The Papyton Story by sanicfangurl
The Papyton Storyby Gi
The title says it all. Very creative, huh?
True Friend - True Love (Papyton story) by SUPERNH_0w0
True Friend - True Love (Papyton SUPER NH
(Please ignore the papyton ratings...) ✩★✩Story description: • All the monsters were free from the underground, and they still had dreams they wanted to be come trued...
Prove It (Sansgore Soulmates) by BubblyShip
Prove It (Sansgore Soulmates)by BubblyShip
All monsters have soulmates. When a monster discovers their soulmate and their eyes meet, a zing will occur between the two. And just like that, a monster could find the...
Sans's Wish by Extremicatia
Sans's Wishby Extremicatia
Everyone is on the surface and living life, the story will revolve around Sans, who has had a long time wish and with the promise of no more resets, he is ready to take...
Why Bother? (Sans x Chara) by xXxCharaDreemurrxXx
Why Bother? (Sans x Chara)by Chara Dreemurr
Frisk resets, but gets a little help from Error!Sans to hack into Chara's files and delete all the routes she made Frisk do, and takes away Chara's fight button. No one...
Friends to lovers||sansby by -JellyAki-
Friends to lovers||sansbyby -JellyAki-
SANSBY It's like 12 am and I have nothing better to do so yah This is not intended to be canon Art not mine
Falling For You (Mettaton X Papyrus) by Broadway_Fanatic
Falling For You (Mettaton X Broadway_Fanatic
Papyrus completely falls for Mettaton after seeing his new body. But can he get the flamboyant, fabulous robot to fall in love with him?
Hold My Hand by tiredmalfoy
Hold My Handby xx
Mettaton is a star, loved by everybody. His voice is one of an angel. So is his heart, but nobody bothers to actually get to know him. Until he meets Papyrus.