Paperwork Stories

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Rimuru Tempest in the Modern World by Red_Tempest100
Rimuru Tempest in the Modern Worldby Red Revera
Stuck in the endless abyss of boredom that is caused by centuries of filling out paperwork, Rimuru Tempest, or rather his partner Ciel decides to go on a trip to Rimuru'...
Nanbaka by Sabsuki1Rikako
Nanbakaby Rikako
Seitarou x reader/ Nanbaka! Hello there this is my first fanfic(on watt pad) so wish me luck i hope you enjoy!😘😍
Paperwork {Reader x Megamo Saikou} Yandere Simulator by River_Treader_
Paperwork {Reader x Megamo Saikou} Dana
You're new at Akademi High! You are quickly greeted with the school council president, Megamo Saikou. What in the world of high school shall happen?!
In The Office by Dramionekiss123
In The Officeby BOO!
Hermione Granger needed a job because she had recently quit the Ministry due to it's corruptions; she obviously needed the money. This is how she found herself at Malfoy...
Unusual Behavior by proud_pigeon_papa
Unusual Behaviorby Spearz
"What happens when Grell starts acting strange during overtime? Will William get to the bottom of this?"...
Eraser-head's Nightmare by thiger
Eraser-head's Nightmareby World’s Best Idiot
In Which Mr. Aizawa's newest class is nothing like what he expected. (Cross-posted on AO3)
Paperwork by proud_pigeon_papa
Paperworkby Spearz
An fic about Shinigami paperwork. I wrote this at 1 am, so be warned it's kinda crappy...
Paperwork || c.h  z.m {slow updates} by sarahlorien
Paperwork || c.h z.m {slow princess
The music industry is hot; great music, good business, and hot artists. Calum Hood held the door for her, hiding his face from the pretty girl behind a box of CDs. When...
Skipping Paperwork by Precious-Little-Girl
Skipping Paperworkby Precious-Little-Girl
Paperwork; probably the bane of a Boss' existence. Considered as a curse and punishment. Who wouldn't? It doesn't die, and it multiplies. At first you'll only see one; o...
Never ending Ideas [Requests open] by Turtle101331
Never ending Ideas [Requests open]by Trin-a-rex
You can suggest things but Im most likely adding your OC. Right now you can suggest and I am going to do them because I have nothing better to do with my life.
Perfect angels  by marshy055
Perfect angels by marshy055
Your Alyssa and you experience something weird and odd and your in a difficult situation!!
The life of agent 56 by Tiva-98
The life of agent 56by Tiva-98
a young spy is sent on a mission that tests her faith in humanity
Silence [oneshot] by MelodyX565
Silence [oneshot]by Melody X
Something random I came up with. How the life of the oldest daughter of a merchant family ended. It's in a kinda medieval world. I am bad with descriptions. May cover se...
Frozen Time, Broken Ties by Anime808
Frozen Time, Broken Tiesby Anime808
A Bleach Fanfiction Byakuya Kuchiki and his sister Rukia venture the outskirts of Rukongai, trying to find the cause of the high spiritual pressure. There they are shock...
My First Story by AuthorSolis
My First Storyby AuthorSolis
After working yourself to Death, you don't expect the reaper to bring you a gift, but that's where my stories began so this short fiction is a lite first story with Fun...
The One I Thirst For... by executionstyle151
The One I Thirst Stephanie Shadows
Guilt and regret, two things that vampire Gabriel has lived with. With a haughty, sarcastic attitude, years upon years of pent up anger, he carries himself as the world'...