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Starting Over by _Zedbra_Ze_
Starting Overby Ze
Jayland is an alcoholic. Spending his days in the local Taven drinking his sorrows away he knows everyone has given up on him. So what happens when he wakes up in a plac...
little theo | agere by likklekitten
little theo | agereby momma’s kitten
"when growing up is hard to face- give me something to hold onto..." [prequel to big theo] [agere - polyamory - manxboy] [currently being edited]
I'll Come Back I Promise by GeneralCloudhopper
I'll Come Back I Promiseby GeneralCloudhopper
The Mandalorian was doing one of his jobs on a planet called Jakku where he meets a little girl named Rey who is left there by her parents. The Mandalorian later finds o...
the russians'  by shelovesbooks2233
the russians' by
Katheriná Petrova has been on the run from the Russians for years. The Russian family have taken over the world everybody is under some sort of strict rules. Katheriná P...
Alexander 28 years old and a leader to rusian-america mafia , he have everything he needed BUT one thing he don't have "someone to take care of" . What happen...
Their Little Prinkípissa by issabelle354
Their Little Prinkípissaby issabelle354
ARTEMIS DOROTHEA KING. THREE years old. The epitome of innocent and kindness. Just like her mother. Kept hidden away from the world in the care of her overprotective fa...
Our Little Prince (spanking story) by EEFERSONN
Our Little Prince (spanking story)by Eef
Want to know what's it like in a day to day life with a very rebellious 5 year old that lives with his two daddies in a far away castle in a different dimension?
Their Little Princess [COMPLETED ✔] by issabelle354
Their Little Princess [COMPLETED ✔]by issabelle354
Isabella Delilah Giordano A little six year old the definition of innocent and kind. She was taken away when she was one by a maid that was obsessed with the little gir...
Love Of My Life calls me "DAD" 💖💖💖 by priyaxsidneet
Love Of My Life calls me "DAD" 💖� Priya
Life of a Single Parent Being a Single Parent means twice the work, twice the stress, twice the tears but twice the hugs, twice the love and twice the pride.💖💖💖💖💖 A...
My Baby Bucky by ajh2721
My Baby Buckyby Snek Boi
Warning: This is and Agere story. If you are not interested don't read. Bucky was just welcomed into the Avengers, he and Steve are quickly becoming close again. But Buc...
Reason To Be (A Zouis Family AU) by art-hoe-beau
Reason To Be (A Zouis Family AU)by ☀️ beau ☀️
two new additions to a family of three won't change anything at all. zayn and louis are sure of it. one hundred percent certain. or maybe, like, eighty-four percent. y...
wrong number (COMPLETED) by RashiShivhare
wrong number (COMPLETED)by Rashi Shivhare
Ranking🏆 #1🥇 in sukoon- 5/5/20 #1🥇 in wrongcall-5/5/20 #1🥇 in biggboss13-5/5/20 #1🏅 in shortfanfiction- 16/5/20 #1🏅 in mumma- 16/5/20 #2🏅 in shehnaaz- 16/5/20 #6�...
Jungkook's Little 2 [COMPLETE] by ladyb790
Jungkook's Little 2 [COMPLETE]by Peach🍑
The follow on from Jungkook's Little.
kakashi's daughter Yuki by lexiDrag
kakashi's daughter Yukiby lexiDrag
⚠️⚠️CONTAINS CUSSING IF YOU DONT LIKE THEN DONT READ SIMPLE AS THAT!⚠️⚠️ A book based on love and revenge. Can two over come their differences and work together or do th...
ရင့္ by Aries_g_m_shine123
ရင့္by Sandar Shwe Win
အငယ္အေနွာင္း၏ဟုဆိုအပ္ေသ ာက​ေလးကို ေမြးစားလိုက္ေသာအခါ အရြယ္ေရာက္လာခ်ိန္တြင္ေတာ့ မင္း႐ူးေနတာလား ငါတို႔ကသားအဖေတြ Pa Paကိုခ်စ္တယ္
Dead To Me by filliecheesesticks
Dead To Meby Bailey
Millie Bobby Brown is a part of The Sicarius, a secret organization of assassins led by her adoptive father. She is Number Eleven, and one of the best killers in the ord...
MY PSYCHO HUSBAND  by AadritaEndow
MY PSYCHO HUSBAND by Aadrita Endow
Helped by - tinytae_1 y/n - stop!! i-it hurts...!! she was crying hard... jimin - why should I stop....? when my happiness depends on your pain... he said... what ha...
Home // A Stranger Things Story by anonymous_eggo_
Home // A Stranger Things Storyby anonymous_eggo_
"Before, I didn't care about anything. I had no real purpose in life. But now I have people that care about me. I have a family, people to protect. And I will do an...
We're the Gold!!! by LunaPack
We're the Gold!!!by Meggers
Definitely smut Yuri and Viktor after the grand pre finals and Yuri winning Silver, both living normal lives as Victor stays with Yuri, as they're in a secret relationsh...