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Once Upon a Time x Reader One Shots by DaisyErina
Once Upon a Time x Reader One Shotsby DaisyErina
The first eleven chapters are going to be shorter because they're results for my OUAT Life quiz on Quotev. I decided, since I wrote the love stories, that I should post...
Enemies to lovers by LOTRouatTMR
Enemies to loversby _TMR_OUAT
You are the daughter of Killian Jones/Captain Hook and the little sister of Harry Jones. Your mother died. You live on the Jolly Roger with your father, brother, your BF...
Never Say Never In Neverland by quirkykiwi
Never Say Never In Neverlandby it's cool
'You might be a demon, but at least you not boring, I've killed at the age of 6 and willing to do it again, you don't know me like you think you do Peter pan, but I sure...
New Beginings For Us All by cmorga24
New Beginings For Us Allby cmorga24
This is a Peter Pan OUAT fanfic A beautiful grey eyed girl awoke in a strange place, later finding out that it was never land. She was so relieved that her terrible life...
Peter Pan x Reader  by Chaosrunner
Peter Pan x Reader by Chaosrunner
Rainforest floors where covered in morning dew as the crunching of feet pounded over them. Water droplets dripped from tree branches and fell into the heads of the trave...
Escaping Pan's heart by FandomsAreMyLife24_7
Escaping Pan's heartby Zerø
Everyone thinks 16 year old Ashlynn is weird, because she believes in fairytales-but especially Peter Pan. No, not the kind Peter Pan that everyone knows, but the evil...
Sleeping In (Peter Pan x Reader)OUaT requested one-shot) by The_Crystal_Quill
Sleeping In (Peter Pan x Reader) The Crystal Quill
(Y/N) is tired. And absolutely no one is going to convince her to get up, not for anything. After a few failed attempts, Felix and the Lost Boys call on Pan to do someth...
Wanted by cmorga24
Wantedby cmorga24
A girl with mystical powers is held captive in a tower by the Evil Queen and she escapes and is now on the run. She somehow finds herself in Neverland and thats when the...
The Queen Of Neverland by kris140t
The Queen Of Neverlandby Kristiane T. Nielsen
In a lot of these Pan x reader fanfics the reader ends up making pan good,but what if both of them are evil? the only problem is that (Y/N) has a weak spot for her lost...