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Outfit Idea's by hasna_mohamad11
Outfit Idea'sby hasna_mohamad11
Hi these are just some outfit idea's that you guys should try.Hope you like them.
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Hunter by LovelyWriter123
Hunterby D.M. Emerald
When Aubrey meets the handsome Hunter Grey she can't help but want to know more about the mysterious stranger. As she learns more about him she learns all the people she...
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people peeing/pooping thier pants/diaper on accident/purpose  by DippeeGirlly
people peeing/pooping thier TBDL_poopiepantsgirl
people peeing/pooping thier pants/diaper on accident
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One Long Hike by DippeeGirlly
One Long Hikeby TBDL_poopiepantsgirl
Abigail Martin is a 14 year old girl who loves taking hikes with her parents but one day wile she was on a hike she pooped her pants? yeah! but she finds out she likes i...
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Little Boy! by BabyJohnathan321
Little Boy!by Baby John
Joseph is a typical Teenager in high school. One day as he was studding for finals He met the girl of his dreams! "Hey there little one!" She says with a littl...
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A believable wedgie story by jdavis420
A believable wedgie storyby jdavis420
This is a Story about wedgies but is my first so please be nice
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In love with my twin brother?! This is beyond forbidden!! by KelliQ
In love with my twin brother?! Kelly
Alex and Jack have always been together since birth. They can not be seperated. They are twins. Everything seemed completely right to Alex, until Jack started acting wei...
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Runaways -A One Direction Fan Fic- by whispersong312
Runaways -A One Direction Fan Fic-by Fernando Pinata
People go missing everyday, whether from kidnapping, homicide or they just simply ran. The world is cruel, they'll care until the interest has fled and return to their n...
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South Park  Omorashi One Shots by SouthParkKinkshit
South Park Omorashi One Shotsby South Park Omorashi
Hey guys! In case you don't know I love south park, and I noticed that there are hardly any good South Park omorashi. So I decided to make some. If you guys have any req...
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Pinkelerlebnisse (German Female Omorashi) by peeboy99
Pinkelerlebnisse (German Female Pee Boy
Wirklich geschehene Erlebnisse rund um das Pinkeln und Einhalten
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What Happens At Camp Stays At Camp (BoyxBoy) by misslouisewhite
What Happens At Camp Stays At Louise
Charlie is the king of his high school, or so he likes to believe. He's not far off, though. With his good looks and boyish charm he had every girl swoon in lust and eve...
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The Prophet's Daughter (Black Army Sequel) by AnnaTheCreature
The Prophet's Daughter (Black Anna
***~ SEQUEL TO THE BLACK ARMY~*** Does history guide you, or do you set out to change it? Abbie is back with Black Veil Brides, now more of a family than ever considerin...
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Looking After the Harrison Boys {Old version!} by farttart
Looking After the Harrison Boys { It's down there, lazy pickle...
(Please don't read this one! A newer version will be uploaded sometime soon. But just to let you guys know, some of the events in this one may occur in the new one! :D) ...
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I am the King, Right? by cheesydancer
I am the King, Right?by cheesydancer
Michael Zanaya was crowned king of Arsom when he was only four. His father recently died of cancer and his mother disappeared when he was little. 13 years later, how ca...
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Camp wedgie story! by wedgiekid1002
Camp wedgie story!by Wedgie Master 2017
About a time at camp where i got an insane wedgie! please read!
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The Guy In The Dress by SeizeTheButt
The Guy In The Dressby SeizeTheButt
"Are you a B or a C, man?" "I don't know, I don't have boobs!" * Cooper is a generally quiet sixteen year old guy. Nothing out of the ordinary besid...
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Wetting by Kyro_the_wolf
Wettingby Anonymous
Wetting stories
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poop by katelynmariec
poopby katelynmariec
poop is poop inspired by poop by:the one and only... KATELYN
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Ink On Paper by HasiVA
Ink On Paperby Hasini
This is a collection of my poems. None of them are arranged in any particular order, but the dates are recorded, so I would advice considering my age when I wrote these...
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Wetting... by I_might_write
#20 I_might_write
Just some ppl wetting themselves... it's my first time.... just try it...
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