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Blackmail is a Dish Best Served Blue by IheartX0X0
Blackmail is a Dish Best Served IheartX0X0
Panties probably weren't the best choice of underwear for a day on the beach... 🏅 #2 in humiliation 🏅 #5 in blackmail 🏅 #1 in panties 🏅 #1 in embarrassing
  • blackmail
  • humiliation
  • crossdressing
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His Little games by salaire77
His Little gamesby Lola
Tight bras and tiny panties...Callum liked girls in those. Jenna needed a job. She need one desperately. But when she doesn't have much to offer her boss, apart from her...
  • paddle
  • forced
  • nudes
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Poop stories by Random-Diaper-Girl
Poop storiesby Random-Diaper-Girl
Random pooping stories
  • poop
  • accident
  • diapers
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The Bad Boy's Panties by french18156
The Bad Boy's Pantiesby 👑Jean.M👑
"Damn you Disney. Here I was thinking jumping over window sills is like eating cake," I whispered in a low tone as I arched my aching back. I heard Ace's faint...
  • highschoolsweethearts
  • funny
  • highschool
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Scream [L.h] by brocken_pincess
Scream [L.h]by brocken_pincess
"Scream for me kitten " "You will have to make me " "That can be arranged , kitten " This contains daddy kinks , violence and sexual refere...
  • camren
  • onedirection
  • one
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PADDED FRIENDS by WritingViking
PADDED FRIENDSby Greg Erickson
Two naughty boys in diaper punishment have some naughty fun in their diapers.
  • wetting
  • fetish
  • naughtiness
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Underground Wedgie club? by QueenOfCakes00
Underground Wedgie club?by QueenOfCakes00
Alex, Rica and Kaite are back. And they have discovered an underground wedgie club? (if your not into wedgies/sexual content then don't read this)
  • toy
  • wedgiegirl
  • pantsed
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panties by namjooniejoonii
pantiesby lils
"White lace huh?" -cover by @_blue_ivy_❣
  • minyoongi
  • fanfic
  • panties
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Dainty ❀ Larry Stylinson by lewisandstark
Dainty ❀ Larry Stylinsonby i'm 5'9, i swear
Dainty; adjective; delicately small and pretty. It all starts when Louis gets sick, and whenever Louis gets sick, he gets tummy aches, and when he gets tummy a...
  • olderharry
  • babylouis
  • larrystylinson
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BYOP by athenamaddox
BYOPby Athena
• A Short Story • Completed • (MxM) (18+) "BYOP." "BYOP?" "Bring your own panties." | Marcus thought he'd be forever alone. With a slightl...
  • gay
  • boss
  • mulantiauthor
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A mothers shrink gun by Fetish-King-Mcfly
A mothers shrink gunby Fetish-King
  • giantess
  • giantessmom
  • panties
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We Met On The Tube//Larry Stylison by idek_larryaf
We Met On The Tube//Larry Stylisonby lou&harry
Who knew you could meet your soulmate on the tube? *not edited so a lot of mistakes and also written a long time ago so beware*
  • lies
  • wattys2018
  • nickgrimshaw
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Love stinks by messycontrolleddoll
Love stinksby messycontrolleddoll
I thought I will never find love until one day I was wearing it **** Warning this story gets very dirty and graphic. Do not read if you are offended by things that are m...
  • mindcontrol
  • fantasy
  • wetting
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Hush-Hush » [lashton]  √ by nicockla
Hush-Hush » [lashton] √by nicola
❝ The one where Ashton and Luke are both in famous, pop-punk bands and seem to hook up a lot ❞ [COMPLETED] |cover by nicockla|
  • boyxboy
  • top
  • luke
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Cream Baby [ DISCONTINUED ] by d-arci
Cream Baby [ DISCONTINUED ]by darci <3
Harry Styles is an 18-year-old cross-dresser who loves wearing panties. He has all of the possible colors; blue, pink, turquoise, black. Name a color and he probably has...
  • stylinson
  • toplouis
  • styles
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My First Lesbian Lover? by Melaninrainbow
My First Lesbian Lover?by Melaninrainbow
I think I'm in love with my roommate.
  • saveblackcharacters
  • observation
  • unrequited
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Katie's Wedgie Adventure  by Jackledger
Katie's Wedgie Adventure by Jackledger
Katie is 15 and she is starting 9th grade at a new high school, but she hits some bumps on the way... ;-)
  • panties
  • wedgie
  • highschool
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Garage Game by LawrenceKinden
Garage Gameby LawrenceKinden
A secret game with painful consequences. [Story Depicts Spanking]
  • punishment
  • domesticdiscipline
  • mom
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Taste the Rainbow by missyswife37
Taste the Rainbowby Missyswife37
A young man's College struggles turn into the ultimate Cinderella story when his unseen client becomes unknowingly infatuated. Will their fairy tale have more than the m...
  • businessman
  • barista
  • escort
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Who's that Fine ass boy//Zainourry// by Briauna9363
Who's that Fine ass boy// Briauna9363
Zayn Malik Liam Payne Louis tomo Harry styles all love Niall's ass
  • fluff
  • niam
  • crossdresser
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