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Unknown War by Heyarandomstuffs
Unknown Warby Heyarandomstuffs
In this book there is two kingdoms the star sanes and bad sanses. The ship kids hate the fact that they gave to stay in thier side of the border. The border was in the t...
|| Captain Palette AU| | "I need to find that crown" || by Pixielikestowrite
|| Captain Palette AU| | "I need Pixie likes to write
Palette is being haunted by nightmares of drowning an in ocean so black it stains his very hands, after months of the same dream it starts to wear him down. He finally h...
AU sans x Reader one shots  by thebestreehugger
AU sans x Reader one shots by treehugger
Hello! I made a one shots thing uwu. I won't be taking requests rn. Idk when I'll open them again. Will be very much appreciated!
Lost Crown, Lost Self || Captain Palette 2 || part 2 of Cappa!AU by Pixielikestowrite
Lost Crown, Lost Self || Captain Pixie likes to write
// Cover drawn by @_CherryLime_ after such a horrible loss, Palette refuses to give up hope. with the knowledge that his uncle wasn't always the monster he used to be...
•Sun Isn't Always Bad & Moon Isn't Always Good• [evil lux au] by LilyLunaetic
•Sun Isn't Always Bad & Moon Isn' °Lily°
Lore.... THE LORE!!!!!!! Haha the book is finish! Though I will make some side stories
Palette x Cray (Short Stories) by Notartisticdraw
Palette x Cray (Short Stories)by Notartisticdraw
A lot of short stories centered around the relationship of Palette Roller and Spray Cray. Stories are divided with chapter dividers. Palette Roller never expected his li...
Darkened Love (yandere!raven x blueprint) by Inkydesuchan
Darkened Love (yandere!raven x MoonlightDreamChan
Yeah title the title explains everything well almost JUST READ THIS BOOK TO FIGURE OUT EVERYTHING. Possible lemons
ask or dare ship kids by Geno_artist_rp_girl
ask or dare ship kidsby Daniela Estanislao
Ask or dare lux(daughter of cross x dream) palette(son of ink x dream) starcross (son of cross x dream)(also lux sister) sprinkle(son of dust x blueberry) crescent(son o...
In Love With the Boss by smallmaniac1407
In Love With the Bossby smallmaniac1407
A crossmare story Sorry that its so short
Fell Poth/Poth One-shots (Maybe some other ships) (DISCONTINUED) by genocidallygay
Fell Poth/Poth One-shots (Maybe geno
Just sum Fell Poth and Poth one-shots I might insert myself in here at sum point
Cray Cusses People Out by Lulu_loves_dreammare
Cray Cusses People Outby cray
sanscest oneshots by GamerGecko
sanscest oneshotsby GamerGecko
sanscest onseshots! I'm not the best at writing but I'd thought i"d give this a shot. so I hope these turn out good and you guys enjoy!
"Truthful times" || Undertale au book by ItsGrai
"Truthful times" || Undertale au Grai
This book is on triggering topics among the lines of the first 'chapter' please take caution of what I say in the page and it will update more when I think of something...
More Than Just Friends by sanstastic111
More Than Just Friendsby Julia :3
A Poth (Pallette x Goth) Love story ❤
"So I'm the other man, huh?..." || Angst Poth and Dulette by Death_Daughter
"So I'm the other man, huh?..." || Death_Daughter
Two people who grew up with Palette Roller soon realized they both had feelings for the silly goofy ball. However, only one can have him for themselves! who will win and...
Love is not the answer  by Cutedragon2_0
Love is not the answer by M,A,T Studios
"I love him with all my heart but I have to leave I'm so sorry Goth" ❤