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Astoria by titanically-
Astoriaby Mic
M E R E D I T H is a princess without a country. Her family, formerly the royal family of Borgavia, has been exiled from their home, forced to live under the rule of the...
  • feud
  • battle
  • conspiracy
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Jacob's Cage by Hailie_1226
Jacob's Cageby Hailie
Belle, or Belle the Maid, lived in a little palace in a country called Karem (care-m). Karem is ruled by King Carlos Karem and is soon going to be ruled by his son Princ...
  • power
  • castles
  • beast
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Magical Treasure by mishujain3008
Magical Treasureby Mishu
Hey guys... This book contains different kinds of pics that can be used by writers in their stories and updates .... I have noticed that many writers find it really diff...
  • kiss
  • baby
  • outfits
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The Sun's Tears by ZoekieS
The Sun's Tearsby ZoekieS
Laelia Darkwood is not who everyone thinks she is. Born into the royal family of elves who rule over ArBrae forest, she is raised as a princess of elves. But with the qu...
  • thediscoawards
  • memories
  • dragons
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Silent X (A Yandere's Love) ☆  [18+ ONLY] COMPLETED by cherophobiaMP
Silent X (A Yandere's Love) ☆ [ Muji Muji
ENGLISH Story / Unedited Just read it. I hope you'll love it. :) Inspired by the Author of "Yandere X Reader" which is STWNT. Credits! cherophobiamp
  • anime
  • yandere
  • romance
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The Ice Prince And Fire Prince. by tortilaboy
The Ice Prince And Fire 🌯Tortilla Boy🌯
Gratsu. In a world where mere mortals enter the Hell Gate to claim magic for a price of their lives. Where the Princes of the kingdoms Ice and Fire meets and fulfill the...
  • ezra
  • love
  • lione
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The Djinn's Prince by AstraKennings
The Djinn's Princeby AstraKennings
A retelling of Aladdin: If Aladdin was a prince who ran away to be a thief and met a princess stifled by her fathers rules who just wanted to choose her own life. Two k...
  • love
  • lamp
  • adventure
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Palaces by Elizabeth_Dean
Palacesby Elizabeth Dean
  • unity
  • journeyoflife
  • life
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Ciara And Kree by llama_rose1
Ciara And Kreeby Rose
Princess Ciara and her General-Prince brother Kree are forced to enter a world of war, personal conflict and loss in order to keep their Kingdom safe from rebels against...
  • general
  • map
  • fantasy
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Kingdom's Own by fortheloveofreaders
Kingdom's Ownby M. McPherson
Lisandra Balceran has been the long time best friend of Crown Prince Matthias Ironwill. But when the Queen dies and Lisandra comes to stay at the palace, many unexpected...
  • queens
  • bows
  • adventure
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Palace of Shadows by chilly-ghost
Palace of Shadowsby Malacai Wayne
A young shadow demon tries his best to fit into the title given to him from birth
  • darkfantasy
  • palaces
  • minddemon
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Reincarnated soul: A restarted love story {raglak or ragsan} by sushlovey
Reincarnated soul: A restarted sushlovey
#52 in mystery thriller on 17th december #62 in mystery thriller as on 21st december. So this is going to be a psychological thriller. each steps towards the end of the...
  • rebirth
  • tejasswi
  • namish
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The Royal Family by AndyTorris
The Royal Familyby Andrea Tory
When you have a crazy family that is in charge of an entire population of innocent and clueless people, you should always watch your back. There is no such thing as a ro...
  • castle
  • royal
  • funny
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Famous Historic places by annajames28
Famous Historic placesby Nina James
India is a vast South Asian country with diverse terrain - from Himalayan peaks to Indian Ocean coastline - and history reaching back 5 millennia. In the north, Mughal E...
  • historic
  • insight
  • famous
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Crowns And Bones by RiyaMPhilip
Crowns And Bonesby Riya M. Philip
Princess Rhoswen of Calagrys did not belive in children's tales, simply put. Not when she was six and definately not when she's sixteen. But when she and her father are...
  • theivery
  • palaces
  • fantasyadventure
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The Crown by Ticko79
The Crownby Ticko79
Aida lives in an isolated world, even though she's surrounded by people. Constantly getting pampered by maids, getting served by butlers, it's any girls' dream in the Re...
  • relationships
  • royalty
  • palace
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Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo by sirius_regulus
Bibbidy Bobbidy Booby sirius_regulus
Fairy Godmothers, princesses... AND VAMPIRES?!! Fairy Godmothers, we all know them. Cinderella had one, and Aurora had three. But do we really know them? The fairy guard...
  • fantasy
  • princess
  • castles
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The Master Maid by MagMarin01
The Master Maidby
Once Upon A Time, there was a kingdom in shambles... Young apprentice Terence Buckle grew up on the stories his master and uncle Mathias told him, his favorite being the...
  • princess
  • magic
  • beauty
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