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Cupid's Match (Wattpad Books Edition) by LEPalphreyman
Cupid's Match (Wattpad Books LAUREN PALPHREYMAN
WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION "Miss Black, we have a big problem." Lila Black doesn't believe in matchmaking, let alone soul mates. So then why is she constantly being...
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What Happened That Night (Wattpad Books Edition) by LyssFrom1996
What Happened That Night ( Deanna Cameron
WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION Griffin Tomlin is dead. And Clara's sister killed him . . . Four months after the murder, the entire town of Shiloh is still in shock. For Clara...
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The QB Bad Boy and Me (Wattpad Books Edition) by tayxwriter
The QB Bad Boy and Me (Wattpad Tay
WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION Reluctant cheerleader Dallas Bryan has a problem on her hands - and his name is Drayton Lahey. Ever since the hot star quarterback of the high sch...
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Saving Everest (Wattpad Books Edition) by unfortunatelysky
Saving Everest (Wattpad Books SKY CHASE
WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION In this tender, poignant debut novel by newcomer Sky Chase, two teenagers on the cusp of adulthood learn to embrace life in ways neither of them ev...
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Trapeze (Wattpad Books Edition) by leigh_
Trapeze (Wattpad Books Edition)by Leigh Ansell
WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION How do you trust the ground when all you've known is flight? In this breathtaking debut, Leigh Ansell has created a compelling, heartbreaking, and...
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I'm a Gay Wizard (Wattpad Books Edition) by VSSantoni
I'm a Gay Wizard (Wattpad Books V.S. Santoni
WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION You do magic once, and it sticks to you like glitter glue... When Johnny and his best friend, Alison, pass their summer holidays dabbling in magi...
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The Worst Betrayal|√ by Cupcake_Island
The Worst Betrayal|√by CupCake Island
Highest Ranking: #1In Societysucks I Heard Noises From My Mom's Room,And Decided To Check It Out. I Felt Heartbroken And Shattered, I Couldn't Even Bare To Stand There A...
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THE MARVELOUS BLONDE by maryholmestwo
A Blondie who's in a Relationship with Tom Hiddleston and best-friends with the whole MCU casts, shockingly woke up in a REAL MCU WORLD. What will she do then? Knowing...
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Courting the Jock  by Guinevereii
Courting the Jock by kyle
Jury never wanted to be truly in-love with someone. But when the most beautiful, lively, enthusiastic- cheerleader like her did, she makes sure to give her very best to...
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Key Benefits Of Self-Motivation And Confidence by imekanudohaya
Key Benefits Of Self-Motivation imekan udohaya
Do you have the self belief and confidence to make a difference? Do you "just know" that you'll succeed no matter what? Do you know what motivates and gets yo...
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His Euphoria  by KayNicoleWrites
His Euphoria by KayNicole 📖🧡
eu·pho·ri·a /yo͞oˈfôrēə/ noun a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness. Read to find out what happens when complete opposites attract.
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Why Wattpad Isn't As Good As It Used To Be by oblivionreb
Why Wattpad Isn't As Good As It oblivionreb
Reminiscing about the good times.
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Summer Cruise by MistyGrey200
Summer Cruiseby Chaaba Martha Sigande
After a devasting breakup, Nicole sets for the seas with her three best friends. Each one of them have a secret of their own that can ruin their entire friendship. What...
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