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IS THIS LOVE. by LuckyJellani
IS THIS Lucky Jellani
LOVE what a strong combination of words that can either ruin or mend a certain state. But here When love is a careless act that is known to others one decides to do ever...
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Mamma Mia 2&1: I'm ending... by AVery_BoringWriter
Mamma Mia 2&1: I'm Iris❤️
Cecilia Is 20, and ever since losing her mom has been tough. Her sister Sophie is raising a hotel(inspired by Mamma Mia 2) and looks at memories. But Cecilia kills herse...
Key Benefits Of Self-Motivation And Confidence by imekanudohaya
Key Benefits Of Self-Motivation imekan udohaya
Do you have the self belief and confidence to make a difference? Do you "just know" that you'll succeed no matter what? Do you know what motivates and gets yo...
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Slow Dancing by hepburnettes
Slow Dancingby Noelle
After a car accident leaves Kaden Bretton temporarily blind, Isla Moore struggles to break up with him while disguised as his girlfriend, who died in the crash. ...
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Courting the Jock  by Guinevereii
Courting the Jock by kyle
Jury never wanted to be truly in-love with someone. But when the most beautiful, lively, enthusiastic- cheerleader like her did, she makes sure to give her very best to...
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Summer Cruise by MistyGrey200
Summer Cruiseby Chaaba Martha Sigande
After a devasting breakup, Nicole sets for the seas with her three best friends. Each one of them have a secret of their own that can ruin their entire friendship. What...
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THE MARVELOUS BLONDE by maryholmestwo
A Blondie who's in a Relationship with Tom Hiddleston and best-friends with the whole MCU casts, shockingly woke up in a REAL MCU WORLD. What will she do then? Knowing...
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The Heir and the General by druidrose
The Heir and the Generalby MB | M.Dalto
Forced into an engagement with a man she doesn't love, Reyna must ignore her bond with her father's general in order to avoid a war and save her throne. ...
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Dire by HecDaevis
Direby Héc Daevis
Keane has a supernatural gift, so he's forced to train as an SAU Agent. Unable to escape, he's determined to graduate and to keep his partner, Neal, safe. ...
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The Blood-Stained Empress by disappearwithoutlife
The Blood-Stained Empressby Grey
When Li Meixing is executed by the Emperor, alongside her family, she wakes up four years earlier and searches for a way to survive the coming conflict. ...
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Drill Sergeant Daddy  by Casllie
Drill Sergeant Daddy by TRUELY_POETIC
Faith Simmons joins the military after being emancipated from her abusive father. Faith is very determined to prove her father and anyone else that thinks she can't mak...
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Cursed, Charmed, and Uninsured by krazydiamond
Cursed, Charmed, and Uninsuredby Kristin Jacques
Kay lands a job at Fantasy Land INC, where she's looking after mythical creatures. The most magical of all? Serena, a Princess Kay accidentally falls in love with. ...
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Coming Home by CelesteABrook
Coming Homeby Celeste
Jennifer Bloom is called back home to organize a 70th birthday party, not knowing she'll be working with kind, handsome, Matthew Hunt - her lifelong love. ...
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Ghost Channel by SheHopes
Ghost Channelby Sandra Grayson
Ghost hunter Penny Reyes needs to win back her followers - even if it kills her. Will she regain her audience, or will her next video be her last? ...
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Prince Charming Must Die by BrittanieCharmintine
Prince Charming Must Dieby Britt
When a lonely princess discovers her husband, Prince Charming, is married to six other royals, will the jilted spouses help or hinder her quest for revenge...
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Why Wattpad Isn't As Good As It Used To Be by oblivionreb
Why Wattpad Isn't As Good As It oblivionreb
Reminiscing about the good times.
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The Broken Mission by WizzyOnyXPurxPhoeniX
The Broken Missionby Wisdom Felix
After being set free from the dungeon dimension, former castleknight Ziphra is sent to the earth realm to reunite two humans whose spirits are connected and essential t...
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Goodness Gracious! by genniefromtheblock
Goodness Gracious!by Genoveva
Fair enough that Lindy Coleman is offered a job as an investigative journalist right after graduating from university. Unfortunately, the euphoria doesn't last long when...
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Brother's Love by Vinolin_48
Brother's Loveby vinolin d
It's based on 100% true real life story between Not an own sister and brother. They're working in the same showroom. And thinking to do some drama for making people as f...
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Day After Day by masonfitzzy
Day After Dayby Mason FitzGibbon
Each day she wakes up in a different body, not knowing who she is, and each night that body dies. She is the Reaper Syndrome, and she's desperate to know why. ...
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