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Under the Spell of the Fae (completed) by WhileFalling
Under the Spell of the Fae ( somnambulist
Meandering through the fog, Alice stumbles upon a young man who runs a small farm by himself. He invites her in. It turns out that finding her way back is more difficult...
Wiccan Witch Spells Only by BumbleBeeBabies16
Wiccan Witch Spells Onlyby Missy May
I've read so many books on spells, witchcraft, black/ white witchcraft..etc. I know it can be annoying when the time comes, and you really need that certain spell of you...
Witchcraft basics by --Virgil--
Witchcraft basicsby Virgil Sanders
This is just where i'm going to post and information i think is useful or interesting on witchcraft I think this will be especially helpful for baby witches or people w...
The Book of Shadows of a Broom Closet Dweller by _UNCHAINED_
The Book of Shadows of a Broom _UNCHAINED_
Tips & Tricks to Survive the Broom Closet: Those who hide their true magickal identities from friends & family are known as dwellers in "the broom closet". Man...
Unexpected Comfort by JadenBlythe
Unexpected Comfortby Jaden B. Blythe
After being chased through the Ministry after the braking of the prophecy, Harry is captured by Death Eaters. Sirius is still alive! I am moving this story off of FFN du...
A Guide to Witchcraft by soybeannns
A Guide to Witchcraftby Zamora Decésare
This guide covers the basics of witchcraft: practices, rituals, beliefs, magic, items. It is mostly directed toward beginners but anyone can benefit from it. Everything...
Paganism/ Witchcraft by LunarCrystalite
Paganism/ Witchcraftby LunarCrystalite
Things you might want to know about paganism/witchcraft if you are an aspiring witch or just someone who wants to know more about it and/or wants to get answers about th...
The Book of Terrus: The Ghosts of Goran by GreenScholarTales
The Book of Terrus: The Ghosts GreenScholar Tales
The land of Goran has been ruled for nearly a thousand years by the mighty Amenthis dynasty. However, a fatal fracturing has begun. Beyond the capital, newlywed pearl di...
Baby Witch Tips 🔮 by SylveaChristine
Baby Witch Tips 🔮by SylveaChristine
This is honestly my online Grimoire. But profit from it if you can.
The Book of Terrus: The Wise and Powerful by GreenScholarTales
The Book of Terrus: The Wise and GreenScholar Tales
Volume 2 of 'The Book of Terrus' series. A little over a year since Vinie found Jath in the Forest of Latharan, the kingdom of Goran teeters on the threshold of open reb...
Witchcraft for beginners by CurlyBebe33
Witchcraft for beginnersby Mysterious Larry
Hello witches!❤️ This book gives tips, tricks and more for beginner witches. I'll share links, pictures, vidoes etc... Everyone is welcome!
Daughters of the Desert by AvalonRoyce
Daughters of the Desertby Avalon
*Hiatus due to mental health* Long before the advent of Islam, the birth of a female was a dishonor to many Arab men. Such shame on the father's honor would lead him to...
The Witchcraft Guide by nicoscoven
The Witchcraft Guideby 𝗡
Come learn about Witchcraft with me! - Witchcraft Craft and Hellenism
Welcome to Wicca by WowMyName
Welcome to Wiccaby Shay
This book is written using information I have gathered over the years and is intended for anyone who is interested in Wicca. Hopefully one day the Pagan and witchcraft p...
Exposing the Ben 10 Cartoon: The Deception in Kid's Cartoons by 19justinbrown88
Exposing the Ben 10 Cartoon: The Justin Brown
In a world of animated creatures, "epic" battles, and "sci-fi" drama, we find our kids' imaginations drawn into the surreal, make-believe world of TV...
Wiccan Spell Book by amethyst_green
Wiccan Spell Bookby amethyst green
THIS IS MY SPELL BOOK. When I first became a Wiccan I found that I had to do massive amounts of research to find the spells and incantations that I was looking for. Good...
Crystals Your Personal Guide(Hiatus) by TikkaArts
Crystals Your Personal Guide( TikkaArts
!!! I DID NOT MAKE THIS BOOK THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR IS Bernice Cockram !!! Feeling creatively or spiritually blocked? Having trouble sleeping? Perhaps you are suffering fro...
A Journal for Loki by MythicalFamily
A Journal for Lokiby Zina
A Journal to document my journey with Loki.
Tirando a vassoura do armário by LucieneLinhares
Tirando a vassoura do armárioby Luciene Linhares
Assumir a bruxa que sou não tem sido fácil, mas aos poucos minha vassoura "vai saindo do armário" e a enxurrada de desafios e preconceitos tem só começado! I...
Beginner Witch Guide by skarlettsawitch
Beginner Witch Guideby Skarlett
Here is a useful guide to help any Beginner Witches get a start on their path. This is not limited to just beginners, anyone is free to use it. Enjoy your journey and st...