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Feral  by anonymous_freak
Feral by anonymous_freak
NOT YOUR ATYPICAL STORY, JUST A HEADS UP -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- She was a goddess, they were her worhshipers, and they ruled the wood Her pack is feral, feral packs...
The Tribrid by bunnydoodle30
The Tribridby bunnydoodle30
The Tribrid. A mythical creature only spoken of in stories, because that's what it was right, just a story? Scary and dangerous creatures that have a demon side ( vampir...
Running with Rogues by Aellix
Running with Roguesby Aellix
Last Haven is scattered to the wind. It has been nineteen years since the castle burned - nineteen years of bitter warfare - and rogues are a dying breed. Defeat is star...
The Middle Child by laurenhouser908
The Middle Childby Lauren
She's the middle child in a family of nine, and she's almost always forgotten. So when a family moves next door, she jumps at the opportunity to meet them. Except she's...
The Human in the Wolf's Den by oooookaaaay
The Human in the Wolf's Denby oooookaaaay
Formerly known by his slave number, forty-two, Cassian is snatched up and named by the alpha of the pack who is also his mate. Will Cassian ever gain Xanders trust? Or w...
Fate Mate by emilyaleen
Fate Mateby Emily A Leen
Only days after her eighteenth birthday, Charlotte finally joins her pack in attending the Winter Solstice, a gathering of the four Western packs in the United States. E...
Ours by Cendrillon1996
Oursby Cinderella
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. The pack We all share the same loss, we all know what we want. Fate has been cruel. But now we got a second chance. She'll be...
Eyes Of Gold [ Trafalgar Law X Reader ] by evixtus
Eyes Of Gold [ Trafalgar Law X 𝚎 𝚟 𝚒 𝚡 𝚝 𝚞 𝚜
"I got told to avoid them, to stay in the woods. It was safest there. I didn't listen. I was young, stupid." His pupils dilated into slits as he growled softl...
My Scared Little Omega by DGwerewolves
My Scared Little Omegaby D G
Hello everyone !! This is my second book and I hope u like this one . Feel free to comment and please do vote the chapters u like . Alena Jordan is the packs o...
Alpha's little girl by CherryBlossom2214
Alpha's little girlby CherryBlossom2214
Ranking: #1 in cuteness 28/03/2020 #2 in young romance 28/03/2020 #23 in cute love 28/03/2020 #21 in agegap 06/02/2020 #4 in cute couple 11/11/2019 Book 1 of the Black...
The Wild Boy by killer_raven
The Wild Boyby killer_raven
He had no home. He never has. He was just a wild lone werewolf just trying to survive. Classified as a criminal to all, he never stops running. A pack, hidden deep with...
Bound by IrenaaZar
Boundby Irenaa Zar
Highest Ranking #62 in Werewolf as of March 17, 2017 The Canine Series. (You don't need to read any other book to read this one) Sierra Jacobs was the only human is...
More To Family (A Wolf's Tale #1) by DrizzleTheWolf
More To Family (A Wolf's Tale #1)by Cyprus S.
Drizzle is an ordinary wolf with an extraordinary life. After being orphaned as a small pup, Drizzle lived with his sister and his best friend, in a pack led by a cruel...
An Alpha's Alpha by vickz_fox
An Alpha's Alphaby Vicky Fox
Complete. Rootbridge Pack - Book one. She's on the run. He's living a normal life. She's being chased by shadows - haunted by memories. He's just hanging out at a bar w...
Together, You and I by the_storyteller_18
Together, You and Iby IDream_IWrite
A story about a girl who is invisible to most of the people around her. But suddenly someone starts to notice her and gets curious about her. And that's when both of the...
Claimed by the Alpha by Frosty_Countess
Claimed by the Alphaby Hothearty
Eliana, a strong and bold lady, wakes up finding herself imprisoned in a cell and blamed for the sins she never committed.But what happens when she finds out that werewo...
A Shared Heart by JadeDragon24
A Shared Heartby JadeDragon24
Alexis is an 18 year old werewolf unwanted by her mate. This isn't just a story about her rejection or her finding a second chance mate, but about her life in between th...
Alpha Daughter {Discontinued} by X_Leigh_X
Alpha Daughter {Discontinued}by X_Leigh_X
One night alpha Jake finds his mate, Melanie, and the same day they met they share a night of love an passion together, only when Melanie wakes she finds her mate, the o...
King Of Wolves (RE-WRITING!) by 4EverFightingTheDark
King Of Wolves (RE-WRITING!)by -T xox
When an invitation draws raven and her friends to the royal palace home to the king of wolves she meets her mate. Tall muscular and all around handsome she falls for him...
Hearts On Fire by JadeDragon24
Hearts On Fireby JadeDragon24
Sequel to A Heart's Desire. Five years later, Eva Gray is still trying to take things one day at a time, but life isn't always that easy. Follow Eva as she continues her...