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The Moon Goddess [4] by FifthAngeI
The Moon Goddess [4]by a.l.l.i.e.
She was born with the power to control the universe at her finger tips. An immortal deity carved from the stars, she reserved her powers to watch over werewolves and rul...
  • moon
  • werewolf
  • moongoddess
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The Alpha's Mermaid [COMPLETE] by AshlyNikkii
The Alpha's Mermaid [COMPLETE]by ♕ a s h ♕
Do you know what mermaids love? The open water, swimming with their fish friends, laughing all day long.... You know what they hate? Being caught. Especially by someone...
  • mermaidx
  • alpha
  • mate
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Astoria by MesmerizingSoul
Astoriaby ☆ m e s m e r i z i n g
☽Book #1 of the Luna Dea Islands Trilogy. The Luna Dea Islands, other known as the black hole to the human world possesses the lives of thousands of werewolves where the...
  • blood
  • lust
  • romance
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SAVED by MackenzieRiley
SAVEDby Mackenzie Riley
*tink* *tink* *tink* The usual sound of water dripping on a cold metal pipe. It is a sound I have become so used to, I think I would feel an emptiness without it. The r...
  • prisoner
  • captured
  • mate
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The Young Luna (A Luna Chronicles Novel) [Completed] by Mimic-My-Howl
The Young Luna (A Luna Dionne Michaela
- "I understand that you want me you just won't admit it" - "No, Mabel, you don't understand anything. I don't want you. I want to fuck you senseless, th...
  • young
  • 18
  • romance
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His Sightless Luna by yass023
His Sightless Lunaby yass023
His hand on my chin pulls my face roughly up to his gaze and I hear him growl almost deadly "You are blind". He sounds like he is constraining himself from shi...
  • hot
  • matebond
  • moon
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The Alpha's Expectations (#1) by PebbleQueen
The Alpha's Expectations (#1)by 🐧 Sweta 🐧
Hudson doesn't really want a mate, but he knows he'll have one regardless of what he wants. So he decides that before he accepts her, she has to meet his expectations...
  • jealous
  • mean
  • gold
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Unwanted by MaliaReeds
Unwantedby Malia
Malia Pierce is a 19 year old rouge, terrified of the acceptance of her wolf. She is the Alpha's daughter of the Phobos pack. Her father, and his whole pack despised her...
  • romance
  • luna
  • nature
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Alpha and Omega by scarletraven23
Alpha and Omegaby ♡ ⓒⓗⓔⓛⓢⓔⓨ ♡
At eighteen every wolf finds their mate, or at least they hope to. For Kelsey Hendricks, this is no different. She prays to find her mate, in hopes that he will save her...
  • runaway
  • family
  • bullied
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WinterMoor by Shaunajade16
WinterMoorby Shaunaaa
~In a world full of mythical creatures and other terrifying beasts~ **MATURE CONTENT** Alpha Layton Bailey, the alpha of WinterMoor. He's ruthless and nothing gets in h...
  • beta
  • luna
  • woods
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Erebus by RainToTheMusic
Erebusby :Grey;;
(CURRENTLY UNDER MAJOR EDITING) She's a soft-hearted omega who never deserved the terrible life she had. He's the terrifying Dark Alpha who would kill without a second...
  • alpha
  • abuse
  • power
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The Alpha's Flame by FireAlwaysReturns
The Alpha's Flameby Jane Barnaby
High-Fantasy | Werewolf Being forcefully stuffed into an enchanted bottle was not what Zanixa had in mind for her future. When the mage that kept her as a part of his co...
  • werefox
  • firstperson
  • highfantasy
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The Breathless Luna by lowkey_optimist
The Breathless Lunaby Hi!
Elena Gabriela River has had a hard time breathing her whole life. No one can diagnose it and everyone has tried. No one of power wants a weak mate, so what happens when...
  • alphaluna
  • lunamate
  • wolf
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Mate Or Not. You're Still A Jerk (#1 Mate or Not) by SimplyAWriter_D
Mate Or Not. You're Still A Jerk ( Dana
Lux loved her new life with her pack, the pack she’d joined two years ago after meeting her pen pal --the alpha--who was always the person to treat her best. So imagine...
  • pack
  • jerk
  • werewolf
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Leonidas by LaurenMGranich
Leonidasby Lauren :)
~A FEATURED WATTPAD STORY~ COMPLETED Leonidas is a cold, domineering Alpha that lets no one stand in his way. Eleanor is a plain she-wolf living in a pack that treats w...
  • pack
  • sexism
  • wolves
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Queen of Kings by SimonePillay
Queen of Kingsby Simone Pillay
Orphaned at birth. Adopted 9 years later. Finding out you're a werewolf on your 10th birthday. Started training to become stronger. A lone wolf for 15 years and an il...
  • war
  • drama
  • revenge
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Beyond These Walls by Victoriously321
Beyond These Wallsby Victoriously321
Life has been difficult for Rebecca and other humans every since the werewolves took over. She has to abide by their strict rules and it is almost against Rebecca's natu...
  • dark
  • mate
  • poor
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His Human Mate | English Version | Completed by the-Duowriters
His Human Mate | English Version | Lerissa B.
"What's your name, Beautiful?" I asked her while I traced my hand down her cheek. "N-Nova." She stammered while staring at her shoes in fear. &qu...
  • love
  • alpha
  • lerissab
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Burning Passion - A Mated Lovestory by SoulMated
Burning Passion - A Mated Lovestoryby SoulMated
Zoe is a rogue who is forced to attend a school for werewolves for a year thanks to a new law. There she meets her mate, a certain Alpha who holds a grudge against all r...
  • burning
  • passion
  • teen
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My Stripper Mate by Chrissy_Chris15
My Stripper Mateby Crystal
Isabelle Winters is a struggling 19 year old. After her parent's death she barely can make ends meet. Add not being able to keep a steady job, you can call her desperate...
  • nca18
  • human
  • love
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