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Portal Oneshots by Hogwarts_gay_101
Portal Oneshotsby Hogwarts_gay_101
!ART NOT MINE! so I had this bugging me,as I'm becoming heavily re-intrested in portal games one and two,plus portal stories:Mel and portal reloaded.this'll be a combina...
Portal 2: She Speaks! by iamhutato
Portal 2: She Speaks!by Adrian Eisermann
Earth, in an Unknown year. It's a comeback! Chell is back! What lies in store for her? A lot! Read to find out. Enjoy. P.S. don't forget to share this to others too! :3
/[TEST CHAMBER COMPLETE]\ Atlas- Body (P-Body x Atlas) by MultiFandomGayboi
/[TEST CHAMBER COMPLETE]\ Atlas- B...by Eternal happiness
It had been years since they were reassembled. GLaDOS had done everything she could to keep testing. But humans dropped dead everywhere, whether it be the water or the h...
Portal 2 Fanfiction 2: The Return by Fishy_Hipster
Portal 2 Fanfiction 2: The Returnby Jade
GLaDOS? What are you doing here? Wheatley and Chell ha started their lives anew in the city. Wheatley gets a surprise visit from GLaDOS. A very emotional GLaDOS. What co...
Portal Valentine Cards by AneesahAjam
Portal Valentine Cardsby Coldfire Queen
With a lot of time before valentines day, I thought I might share some special cards I've created. Pack 1 : COMPLETE Pack 2 : IN PROGRESS
Portal 2 city au by Zodiacgeek5
Portal 2 city auby Lo
This story has all of the characters except chell in the beginning she will come later on , and some of my own characters will be in here as well so yeah
Tarihe Geçmiş Portal Mallıkları by Magnus_TerrariaNN
Tarihe Geçmiş Portal Mallıklarıby MangoLover123
Tamam peki tarihe geçmedi ama oldukça mal olaylar xD Fikir için Mars-hmallow'a teşekkürler :3
Portal: Bystanders by stilliammemyself
Portal: Bystandersby Indiana
They got no closer than anyone else.
Portal 2 Fanfiction by Fishy_Hipster
Portal 2 Fanfictionby Jade
What would happen if Wheatley didn't get stranded in space? What if GLaDOS saved him? This is NOT a WheatOS fic, so read and review. Thanks! Peace!!
[Pandora Hearts] ♣ Of Portals and Hatters ♣ [00] by HatterReloaded
[Pandora Hearts] ♣ Of Portals and...by Hatter
"What's a lie-cake? Does it taste good?" Break inquired curiously, still flying through his portals in an endless loop. It was obvious he didn't know anything...