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The Pi Sisters at St Clare's by the_pi_sisters
The Pi Sisters at St Clare'sby the_pi_sisters
Still smarting from their expulsion from Malory towers, the Pi Sisters decide to give boarding school a second chance - St Clare's! Join them in their exploits at sneaki...
Smokey - Rude Boys (A High & Low Fanfiction) by artalicous
Smokey - Rude Boys (A High & Low F...by artalicous
Smokey is searching for his family. He ends up in Hokkaido to unfold the truth. There he crosses path with a detective, and the action starts there. Lala, Takeshi and Pi...
BL Ghostships Oneshots by skyy1411
BL Ghostships Oneshotsby skyy
Oneshots of different ghostships.
Pik Pika Pikachu by Pik_Pikachu
Pik Pika Pikachuby Pika Pi Pi
Pika pika pikachu Chu pika. Pika pika Chu pikachu Chu pika pik Pi PI-KA CHUUUUUU pika Chu Chu Pi pika pika chu Pi pika Pi Pi pika Pi Pi Chu Chu pika pikachu Chu pika Pi...
The New WorldMHA X ONE PIECE by Gaara_Izuku
The New WorldMHA X ONE PIECEby Kevin Guevara
This is my first fanfic and I will make all the events of MHA and ONE PIECE up. So this a new world where Devil fruits and quirks coexist, but Devil fruits are rare so...
Blood Sweat and Tears Lyrics by VitiumPiper
Blood Sweat and Tears Lyricsby VitiumPiper
This is the lyrics to Blood Sweat and Tears by BTS and some thoughts on what some of the lyrics mean.
The Revised Enid Blyton Dictionary by the_pi_sisters
The Revised Enid Blyton Dictionaryby the_pi_sisters
Have you ever been reading a good, old fashioned Enid Blyton novel, when you were suddenly halted in the middle by a confusing word? Have you ever wondered where on Eart...
Motives For Murder by CathrynOak
Motives For Murderby Cathryn Oak
Jennifer is a mystery-novel-loving girl who barely scrapes by, no thanks no her money laundering sister who happens to be her roommate. On a whim, she decides to take th...
The Dank Legend of Pi by JoeyWu
The Dank Legend of Piby Joey Wu
Join Mr. Poras on his adventures to be a math teacher!
Short stories (PI lol) by CheeseCakeLilly
Short stories (PI lol)by Lilly
For anyone interested in a small universe I made!
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Pi by Elea_28
Piby Elea
3,000 more digits of Pi for each chapter please! HELP ME PI HAS MY FAMILY! IT'S GOIN-
Dead in the Rose City (A Dean Drake Mystery) by RBarriFlowers
Dead in the Rose City (A Dean Drak...by R Barri Flowers
A cross between Body Heat and Mike Hammer, Dead in the Rose City is a taut, hard-boiled detective novel where nothing is quite what it seems. Dean Jeremy Drake, nickname...
Random Writing by SunshineGirl623
Random Writingby SunshineGirl623
Some Random stories(mostly poetry) I write in my spare time. These should mostly be positive, though bear in mind that they are correlated to my life. For is it not what...
The Big Book of Math Puns by AliThePencil
The Big Book of Math Punsby Alisa
A book that will simultaneously make you sound smart and make non-nerds sigh.
Dessert by Harper2288
Dessertby HWM
This story takes place in an anime type world. It's where two friends (Keylime and Raspberry) have known each other since they were young kids. They end up catching feel...
random information I learned by TheUnbelievableLemon
random information I learnedby TheUnbelievableLemon
stuff like 100 digits of pi, the exact price of a regular eyeball on the black market, stuff like that. just the regular stuff.