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Fight For Me - Technoblade x Reader by Bluejei02
Fight For Me - Technoblade x Readerby Jeidin
Technoblade X Reader She/her 2nd Person Book 1 of 2 Y/n is a thief who stole the prince's crown and ended up in the Nether when trying to escape guards. She becomes a ci...
"Thank you" Awesamdude X Reader by MintyAnimalO
"Thank you" Awesamdude X Readerby TheGreatMint
Tw: Language, a bit of blood, shipping of Awesamdude x reader 😌 My Au! You will see later in the chapter why. There's not many Awesamdude x reader stories so I think I...
His Crown - Technoblade x Reader by Bluejei02
His Crown - Technoblade x Readerby Jeidin
Technoblade x Reader She/her 2nd Person Book 2 of 2 Y/n is now Lady Y/n. Married to Lord Technoblade. She went from a lowlife thief to basically a Queen. She thinks ever...
Michael's New Friend by MybrainisdeadTvT
Michael's New Friendby Anonymous
Michael snuck out of his house without getting noticed. He followed a cat that led him to a giant building. He is led to meet an unexpected person. What does this lead t...
THE END...?  [Ender Dragon Reader x AoT] by Serpentine89
THE END...? [Ender Dragon Reader...by From Down Under
You were old...ancient...undisputed. You are a ruler...you were... Now it's new, it's all new and different. You aren't the only power anymore, this isn't the Overworld...
Wingborn (Wingborn 1) by starlightmagpie
Wingborn (Wingborn 1)by Becca Lusher
(COMPLETE) Lady Mhysra Kilpapan was blessed from birth with a distinguished family, a glorious home and a giant eagle miryhl of her own. Fully aware of her luck, she wan...
𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝐸𝓃𝒹 by cherxcola
𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝐸𝓃𝒹by ☼ cheri☼
"i promise i'll be right next to you" Cover by: kohhekuu on twitter A story about Ranboo's past up to present time in the dreamsmp Tags will be added as t...
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Dreamer's Curse • Karlwastaken *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ by ranbooinc
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Dreamer's Curse • Karl...by Kathryn
Karl's life isn't a fairy tale, the Aetherian knew that much, but it was starting to seem like one. He finds out that he's just a character in a book, being written by a...
God's an Adventurer Volume II by PrinnyHDood
God's an Adventurer Volume IIby PrinnyHDood
Three months later into Kami's adventurer; things have changed around the land of Tyr. New enemies make their rise and familiar faces make their way into the game. Kami'...
I built a friend by Shady_Tato
I built a friendby Cheyenne J.
Frisk is hated by almost everyone in her life. She dreams about having a friend but, what happens when her dreams become a reality... Frisk is a girl Chara is a girl Fin...
Hidden Away [out of order] by Camille_and_Fritz
Hidden Away [out of order]by Camille 🧶(and Fritz 🏵)
(This is a Dream SMP au. I don't know much about Dream SMP, so there will be a lot of mistakes. Also things will purposely be different because it's an au.) There is a r...
Doomsday (Dreamsmpxreader) by rosethorne2005
Doomsday (Dreamsmpxreader)by rosethorne2005
So the story starts in the present and then goes back into the past to the first l'manburg war.There really isn't any real love interest until the end and we'll I guess...
Persephone - Technoblade X Reader by felixsaysstuff
Persephone - Technoblade X Readerby felixsaysstuff
The five Kingdoms were never at peace with each other, but Philza was here to fix that. he would make sure of it.
-☆《I See You 》☆-     [A Dream X George Fanic] by Troublesin
-☆《I See You 》☆- [A Dream X Ge...by Troublesin
After Goerge dies he expects to go to heaven, but he stays in the over world. Untill he can leave he just decides to look back on the world he once lived on, and mabye e...
Herobrine x Reader by joeydepirate
Herobrine x Readerby lunar faerie
It may be OOC, but oh well, most are. The Cover is MINE, I may or may not write one or two lemons in this book..
Realm Keepers by Paranoid_Echo
Realm Keepersby Paranoid_Echo
Tommy, Dream, Technoblade and Ranboo are keepers of all the realms in Minecraft. There in charge of them, and only few people know about it...but what happens when other...
A Different Language??(Kny x Inumaki Reader) by Rosywolfgachagaming
A Different Language??(Kny x Inuma...by Midnight_Panda_Plays
My name is Terissa Inumaki. A twin sister to Toge Inumaki. We both go to Jujustsu Academy. I was on my own mission. Then one of the Curses made a portal and it teleporte...
Undertale: Humans and Monsters by multifandomneutral
Undertale: Humans and Monstersby multifandomneutral
This is after Undertale when you reach the true pacifist ending. FUN FUN FUN! Like in the credits, you can see their friends having fun on the surface! I can't tell you...
"Are you real?" S. Tendou by SimpingForKirigiri
"Are you real?" S. Tendouby Kenma's game
When you are dreaming, you. dream strange dreams. Everyone dreams every night, and dreams are rarely remembered. Truths you always thought true are suddenly proved wrong...
The Nether Child{NetherPrince!TommyInIt Au) by Itz_DakatoYT
The Nether Child{NetherPrince!Tomm...by DreamSmpFan
Tommy was born to his parents a human and a human nether king, after a few 3 years pass Tommys parents get killed by humans due to being misunderstood as mobs. 13 years...