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A Different Legend by 3R3NY3A63R
A Different Legendby Eren Jaeger
In the world of Runeterra, there were many gifted individuals ranging from misfits to pop stars. Of course, there are those without power though they still strive. We wi...
From a tool of Killing to a Hero (Destiny Male Guardian x Overwatch) by SoloTitanSlayer
From a tool of Killing to a Hero (...by Supreme Titan Leader
What would happen if the Last Guardian remaining is sent back in time to the Golden Age, where Overwatch is meant to keep peace all around the world and how will he affe...
The pain we love. by Undead_Wolf_King
The pain we love.by Undead_Wolf_King
Alright. This story, along with many others I may write, are for MALES. I'm writing this because I'm thoroughly pissed with how little there is for MALES on this damned...
Blood Lust (Vampire Junkrat x Reader)  by MintRosePetals
Blood Lust (Vampire Junkrat x Read...by Mel
Cover credit: macbethoff on Tumblr You're a 24 year old that works at a carnival as a carnie. You run a ring toss stand. The carnival is doing a haunted castle for Hallo...
W.D.W. by Dylan4782
W.D.W.by Dylan4782
This is the story of Matthias O'Rourke. Follow along as his adventures and escapades take him from the frozen tundra of the Antarctic to the streets of Paris. All Overw...
Kiriko  by tektekx
Kiriko by tektekx
kiriko shorts
Reflections. (Ramattra x Reader.) by The_Queen_Boo
Reflections. (Ramattra x Reader.)by Call me Boo
(Ramattra x reader.) • I feel the cool tip press against my chin, tilting my head upwards where I could recognize the feeling of wood smooth against my skin. The cuff on...
Lost In the Night [ Jesse McCree x Reader ] by EmptyUpstairs
Lost In the Night [ Jesse McCree x...by Ace★
After finding out that you're a target of terrorist organisation, Talon, you flee with Overwatch's famous Sniper to Cairo to seek a man who had mysteriously vanished eve...
Old Guard (Male Jedi Reader X Overwatch) by Kingrenetti
Old Guard (Male Jedi Reader X Over...by KingRenetti Studios
With Order 66 well underway, Jedi Temple Guard (Y/n) is forced to flee the temple by the orders of his Master. After narrowly escaping the Clone Troopers, (Y/n) made a b...
Ramattra X Reader comfort! by SPAMTONSLITTLESPONGE
Ramattra X Reader comfort!by SPAMTONSLITTLESPONGE
Reader can be any gender, can be romantic or platonic! Ramattra ponders his life while you sleep in his lap, he likes you quite a bit
Yes I'm A Cosplayer by KirikoHere
Yes I'm A Cosplayerby Kiriko
Just a book to show off my cosplays I made and done. :D If you want to see more visit my Instagram @Getjinxdcos ❤️
overwatch new soldier: male oc x harem  by Light_Goatami
overwatch new soldier: male oc x h...by Light_Goatami
Not good with descriptions but ur name is Y/N but ur hero name is soldier Boy and that's it (BTW u won't have soldier Boy Personality just his powers and suit)
Assassin Codename: Ghost (Assassin Creed x Overwatch 1 & 2) (Terminated) by Ord1n4ryFr1d4y965
Assassin Codename: Ghost (Assassin...by Ahmad Ibrahim
John, aka the Ghost, is a mysterious and insecure person. He always thought that he has to protect everyone he dear for. He thought he has whatever he take to became one...
The Null Sectors Sun: An Overwatch Story by Organic_water_
The Null Sectors Sun: An Overwatch...by Rams girl
Illari, haunted by the burden of a past atrocity that transcends time. As she grapples with the nightmares of a genocide she was too young to comprehend, and her big dum...
Serenity Amidst Chaos by DNDweeb
Serenity Amidst Chaosby DnDweeb
Zenyatta and Ramattra have a quiet moment together. A series of blurbs.
Cole Cassidy x fem reader oneshots by Lilly0199
Cole Cassidy x fem reader oneshotsby Lilly0199
Some fluff, angst and some lemons. It's all gonna be a bit here and there cuz life. Can do requests so lmk enjoy :)
|I will wait|Junkratxreader by under_the_stars_13
|I will wait|Junkratxreaderby 𝙏𝙞𝙛𝙛𝙖𝙣𝙮 🍒⛓
->"Take a chance, roll the dice." You and Jamison grew up together in the Australian outback, in a metal city known as 'Junkertown' when your mother, the q...