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The hydra of One punch man by idontgiveitashit
The hydra of One punch manby idontgiveitashit
Ouroboros is the name given to an unkillable hydra. They mays live in a dangerous world for the others, but not for them. They are unkillable. When they wakes up after s...
It's Over Or So I Thought (Discontinued/ "On Hiatus") by lil_Snowy
It's Over Or So I Thought (Discont...by LoneWolf
A boy was forced into becoming an elite assasin. His skills were unmatched due to his overpowered status. He never had a childhood due to the way his mother treated him...
Playing with other Supernaturals by goyya00
Playing with other Supernaturalsby Goyya
This is the story where Urahara Kisuke died after Nel failed to save him inside Askin's Gift Ball Delux and reincarnated in the world of DxD. I am not sure if I can capt...
Shadow Monarch Deku: Primordial of the Void by ragin_rayquaza
Shadow Monarch Deku: Primordial of...by I’m a boss bitch 💅
Publicly, Izuku Midoriya has died. The strongest hero, once weakest, gone from the world. He saved billions from the inevitable war of Monarchs and Rulers. He saved the...
This mage will not take your heart! by Bestfriends12000
This mage will not take your heart!by Bestfriends12000
(NO PICTURES BELONG TO ME!!) (Hello~ I decided to put my other story on hold for now and write this. I felt that reincarnation genre is really popular nowadays and I've...
[The Shadow Sovereign] by ilyessin
[The Shadow Sovereign]by GangRapeEnthusiast
[The Shadow Sovereign] Sung Jin woo has defeated the Almighty Gods themself. This disrupted the current order of the entire multiverse. With nobody to look after the uni...
Date A Invader (Badass Male reader x Date a Live) by InfantryTerminator
Date A Invader (Badass Male reader...by InfantryTerminator
After being killed by angry pilot, Y/N landed in the Abyss and meet Four Kings of the Abyss. They made deal with him and reincarnated to Date A Live universe where Shido...
The Strongest Omni Traveler by chaos414
The Strongest Omni Travelerby Magnus08
He lost his life. Memories erased. Reborn in Earth but once again died because of a certain someone's fault. But this time, he retained his memories from his second life...
The Villainess's Rebirth by Wildestwp
The Villainess's Rebirthby Wilde Wp
A young noble named Adelaide Reisel von Lascena was executed because she was accused by harming her sister Ivellina. After she died, she woke up in her room and been tim...
I decided to become a Wandering God in this fantasy game world by AkosiSRJS
I decided to become a Wandering Go...by Yonban no Hapa
From elementary to high school, as an otaku, I play roleplaying MMORPGs as part of my normal life. One day, when I woke up, I find myself in new reality similarly to the...
Royal Blood by Sads20
Royal Bloodby KaishiMikan
Morrigan Fhagen was chosen to be one of the people who can succeed the Emperor... However, things are not going the way she thought and her rivals became her friends...
I got isekai'd then got a supreme cheat, but it's nerfed. by Kiony_Fey
I got isekai'd then got a supreme...by Kiony_Fey
A young man in his early 20, that had just graduated and was having trouble finding a job, ended up signing up for a new gaming project from a big company. Unfortunately...
 op Saiyan male reader x HighSchool DxD by aspectthetruth
op Saiyan male reader x HighSchoo...by Antony Speller
hey I'm very new at this so don't expect this to be good I'll get better as I go any way enjoy my very first book 🙂 You are a Saiyan born on planet Vegeta You was thou...
Sister?! [OC x Kuroko no Basuke] - Discontinued by Itz_that_Vixen
Sister?! [OC x Kuroko no Basuke]...by Vixen
[This is my first story so bear with me] Tatsuya and Taiga were so called 'brothers' but what if their was a sister involved? what would happen if they see her again? wo...
The Assassin from Another World by Wildestwp
The Assassin from Another Worldby Wilde Wp
A girl assassin was killed while doing her mission and was reincarnated to a world full of hunters. The body that she were dwelling was full of hatred and sufferings bec...
I Am An Overpowered Mage?! [Rewritten] by Jayvaughn123
I Am An Overpowered Mage?! [Rewrit...by Baka!
[This book is revamped, may not follow the storyline of the previous book.] ... Hiromi was adopted when she was just a chil...
Rebirth of the Lady Sovereign  by dumplingaunt
Rebirth of the Lady Sovereign by Dumpling Aunt
In the land of Dura, there exist five great powers that rule over the people. The Rainbow Cloud Academy The Hall of mage The Beast Tamer org. The Alchemist Guild The B...
The Adventure of a Genius in Another World by RedFox_Burn
The Adventure of a Genius in Anoth...by Redfox_Burn
Nagafuji Koharu is different from others. She was born with good looks plus she is also smart. She is what people consider prodigy and of course greatness comes with a p...
When the Villainess hooks up with the Villain by FIREGODGIRL
When the Villainess hooks up with...by PervertedAngel
Asmodeus Hellia Emerald was a pitiful girl. Her mother died giving birth to her. Her father and brother shunned her. A illegitimate daughter came in and took the love o...
Married to the Villain by FIREGODGIRL
Married to the Villainby PervertedAngel
Alice is transmigrated as one of the cannon fodder's in the R19 fantasy-romance novel "Light always conquers the Dark!" She is currently 6 years old and is mar...