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What the....? Reincarnation!? by Miri_Mariana
What the....? Reincarnation!?by 𝙼𝚒𝚛𝚒 𝙼𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚊𝚗𝚊
It was 3:59. On a Sunday Afternoon. Nico Johnson was dead. *Cover art does not belong to me, but I don't know who the...
The last creator got bored and now I'm a godlike. by lumosrb
The last creator got bored and now...by lumosrb
So what am I? I'm not a god, because those already exist. I wouldn't forget that, because I created them. Am I even godlike? Or an existence larger than that? I can se...
Death's Favorite Child by apetros
Death's Favorite Childby apetros
He was a highly trained killer, serving a 1000-year-old secret organization on Earth. He was betrayed by the people he served all his life and left for dead. His entire...
Reincarnation To True Godhood by sakamaki999
Reincarnation To True Godhoodby sakamaki999
I'm not good with descriptions but you can say , it's just your cliche Reincarnation story but here she'll only have an extremely Overpowered system. MC is also Godly...
The One Who Knows Everything by black_no_heart15
The One Who Knows Everythingby Dante
Kazahana Fuyu, or Kaza, for short is a mage who is 3,000 years old. He was once a hero and loved by many, but Kaza got tired of the constant threat that lingured around...
One piece! oc krotas  by demonkingainz
One piece! oc krotas by demigoddess
mc eats a overpowered devil fruit and he's dream is to be a emperor of the seas!
The Villainess's Rebirth by Wildestwp
The Villainess's Rebirthby Wilde Wp
A young noble named Adelaide Reisel von Lascena was executed because she was accused by harming her sister Ivellina. After she died, she woke up in her room and been tim...
It's Over Or So I Thought (Discontinued/ "On Hiatus") by lil_Snowy
It's Over Or So I Thought (Discont...by LoneWolf
A boy was forced into becoming an elite assasin. His skills were unmatched due to his overpowered status. He never had a childhood due to the way his mother treated him...
Ninja Gamer by xXThunderDragonzxX
Ninja Gamerby nope
Ninja Gamer by DragonKnightRyu So, dying sucks, but hey, I get a chance at reincarnation with a special power, and that power is 'The Gamer' so that's awesome! But... I'...
The Demon Lord & The Hero(ine) by Souma_Spiritus
The Demon Lord & The Hero(ine)by Souma Spiritus
Griffith Mallory asked for death. He greeted it with open arms when he leapt to his demise and onto a highway, where a truck slammed right into him at full speed, which...
exploring the universe(author self insert) by laviesn
exploring the universe(author self...by laviesn lavi erk lev
warning:english aint my first language so author die in a stupid way and get 5 wish for some reason(im to lazy to make this longer) still thinking about idea btw imma ma...
REINCARNATED AS ARTORIA AND TRAVEL...by laviesn lavi erk lev
paul a 34 year old game developer got killed by a flying truck ? after he died he meet a god and then reincarnate as artoria with the world travel system (A/N: this mai...
Returned After 10000 Years by Zak_Tales
Returned After 10000 Yearsby Muzakkii Minatozaki
Rex was transported to another world and fought to survive for 10000 years till he managed to find his way back only to find out that only a hour passed in his world
REINCARNATED AS YELAN IN ANOTHER W...by laviesn lavi erk lev
hikimori a guy that play genshin everytime he has free time he is a really big yelan simper but what happend if one day he black out while playing genshin after he wake...
HPS: Overpower All by Toast_Author
HPS: Overpower Allby Random Author
[SYSTEM CHECK... USER RECOGNIZED] [WELCOM, ANDRA CASANOVA] Andra snapped her fingers in a rhythm, her legs tapping to the beat. She stared at a direction, seemingly look...
This Mage Wants To Live Her Life!   by Bestfriends12000
This Mage Wants To Live Her Life! by Bestfriends12000
(NO PICTURES BELONG TO ME!!) (Lucinda grimaldi, a villainess character from a cliche romance novel who provoked the female lead, leading to her demise. An all powerful m...
Memoir Of A Traitor (Talentless Nana Fanfiction) by Bun_bon15
Memoir Of A Traitor (Talentless Na...by Jewel Aera Rea-lis
"An ability to read minds, she's the real deal this time." Hitachiin Shinoe, an introvert with many hidden secrets as well as abilities that are yet to be disc...
Polymath Redux by Royal1ALfheim
Polymath Reduxby Royal1ALfheim
I own none of this great fiction. All credit goes to the author, HiDrangeA. This fiction is purely for reading purposes only. You can find the original fiction at the Wo...
Playing with other Supernaturals by goyya00
Playing with other Supernaturalsby Goyya
This is the story where Urahara Kisuke died after Nel failed to save him inside Askin's Gift Ball Delux and reincarnated in the world of DxD. I am not sure if I can capt...
Ash Dragomir : The Dragon Kid by ash_dragomir
Ash Dragomir : The Dragon Kidby Ayush Bharti
"The black cat which was about to get crushed beneath my bike is now a talking panther?" William Abner thought to himself holding on to his dear life, sitting...