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Second to None Reincarnation by TheManThatDoesnt
Second to None Reincarnationby TheManThatDoesnt
I'm Jessica a 16 year old high school student. I am a very skilled person. I don't have any family and I don't have a home. My life is horrible. One day I saved someone...
Omniverse x gamer by lienoMHX
Omniverse x gamerby LRD
I don't own anything in this story
Reborn as a Dragon!? by JaxWolf4
Reborn as a Dragon!?by JaxWolf4
Sora, a guy who was reading up on "That Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime", had not been paying attention when he got struck by a moving truck. He was taki...
Naruto.....Fanfiction at its finest? by ganesh12334
Naruto.....Fanfiction at its fines...by Ganesh Savvithru
You tell me Disclaimer I do not own naruto nor will I ever will that belongs to the original creators
Why did the God of Love choose me?! by Claptions
Why did the God of Love choose me?!by Claptions
My name's Kichirou Saiyaku, and I was your average shut-in NEET, always playing video games, watching anime, and reading manga. And it's funny because I always wished...
Male Gamer Reader X  Multiverse {Re continued} by Prsya_Books
Male Gamer Reader X Multiverse {R...by Prsya Books
You die and god gives you a second chance of life and gives you five wishes, He allows you to get reborn into a world of your choice. The Gamer ability was given to you...
Azur Lane:Rise Of The Siren Empire by Volmatriax
Azur Lane:Rise Of The Siren Empireby Aleon Arc
Y/N a 16 year old boy who was at school with his classmates was suddenly transported into the world of Azur Lane. he and the others was ask to join them and fight agains...
Tower Of God X OC: Adventure Of Reincarnator by Suprame1o1
Tower Of God X OC: Adventure Of Re...by Suprame1o1
Some random dude got a chance to reincarnate into the world of tog as a irregular. God said that, he can have 1 set of power of any fiction. What will happen if the powe...
Newfound Powers In Another World. by SwirlingDagger
Newfound Powers In Another World.by Assasin Freil
All i remember was just sleeping in my bed after reading a book and deeply contemplating about it! The next thing i woke up i was in another world that i never even knew...
Naruto the Hidden Genius by AccMortis
Naruto the Hidden Geniusby Elm
What if Naruto was a genius, and was just wearing a goofy mask? What if he had a unique bloodline? After finally deciding to pass the genin test he drops his mask. What...
A Walk Alone by Captain_Phoenix
A Walk Aloneby Captain Phoenix
Disclaimer : I don't own any pokemons, characters or locations mentioned in the story. Please enjoy.
The Reincarnated Prince by knightleyRead
The Reincarnated Princeby knightleyRead
After struggling with a lung disease that eventually took his life at 18 years old, Noah Matthews is delighted to find out that he is being given a second chance at life...
Reincarnated into black clover ( Under heavy editing ) by mo_th_s
Reincarnated into black clover ( U...by 𝓁𝑜𝒻𝒾
So you basically died.. why? Well you chocked on a pockey stick. The gods felt pity and decided to reincarnate you in a world of your choice with 5 wishes! so what will...
Overlord: Supreme God of YGGDRASIL by GamingLichdom
Overlord: Supreme God of YGGDRASILby GamingLichdom
Momonga was a player within a popular DMMO-RPG known as YGGDRASIL, and the guild master of a powerful group of heteromorphic players known as 'Ainz Ooal Gown'. Momonga s...
Desires In Another World by iShana9299
Desires In Another Worldby @iShana9299
It was another typical day for the average lonely commoner, Shin Kagami. Another day where he juz laze around on his bed doing nothing but, 'Dream, Fantasize, Think & Im...
Have you ever Been reborn as a world before?  by ThatWriterLuna
Have you ever Been reborn as a wor...by Luna
Kimogari Enchilo was your average 32 year old man with an average job in Japan. He was born in Poland, but due to his family's issues with him he decided to flee to Japa...
(Naruto) Reborn To Live!! by IcyCoco
(Naruto) Reborn To Live!!by Coco
What would you do? If you been reborn to a world that kids holding kunai, learning to be a ninja. Having to become a sister to the main character of the show that you wa...
[ The Administrator ] by Nerodith
[ The Administrator ]by Nerodith
She used to be a bright child. She was just not fortunate enough to have a normal life. Ill and bed-ridden, she slowly lost affect and cut herself off from outer reality...
The zero mage's monster  by MihaiAlexandru178
The zero mage's monster by Mihai Alexandru
When Louis tries to summon a familiar, she succed. But, she didn't summon a average japanese boy, but the most chotic being in existence.
Genius Aberrant: Prodigious Miss Overturning The World With Her Aberration by Angelyay29
Genius Aberrant: Prodigious Miss O...by Angelyay
Notice: Massive thanks to yaoyueyi for making this amazing cover for this novel. (Disclaimer: yaoyueyi did not draw it but instead used photo editing/manipulation aka ph...