Overcomingfear Stories

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Elevator Music by Jordy_Marie
Elevator Musicby Jordan Marie
What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with Hollywood's hottest sensation? Well, you certainly wouldn't fight with him over baseball, like Addie Clark would...
OPERATION SHE by Sirenxpale
OPERATION SHEby A siren girl
Its really just a girl thing.
Remembering Us by IndestructableTeen
Remembering Usby M
A secret connects them, a secret that everyone knows but will never tell. Together, Eli and Cara will try to remember. Try to solve the mystery and the misery they foun...
The Mystery Scrolls  by ShyReader741
The Mystery Scrolls by ShyReader741
A country is in ruins by the elven Emperor. He has destroyed all but one Holy Book, breaking it apart in scrolls and hiding them in the darkest places in Alemear. A Prin...
Bipolar Love by TheFairyMaryPoppins
Bipolar Loveby -Bee-A-Mazing-
"Can I sorch your soul with my name?" He leaned towards me. ""You mean tattoo it in right?" Laughing I kissed his cheek. "No I mean sorch...
No More Fear by BeckyKieser
No More Fearby Naturally Beautiful Not
Gretchen hates being the center of attention. Then again, she's afraid of a lot of things. However, when the time comes, she knows how to overcome her fears and face any...
Fearing Myself by cocothunder6968
Fearing Myselfby Courtney Christopher
There's so many things people fear. Many people fear the dark, losing loved ones, spiders, clowns, just so many things. When Skyler starts at her new school, Freedom Hig...
Aimer Sans Peur by itsyourmagi
Aimer Sans Peurby Ming G.
A perfect love is that kind of love that impales fear of uncertainty. Love that is full of courage. Always willing to fight. Always willing to love. To love like there i...
Secret Model by maeeeeeeee1D
Secret Modelby Mae~~
What happens when all of the sudden when you came back home with a very new life? Find out more in From Fat to Model :)
Potholes by indigobirds
Potholesby K.S
Road bumps in Aarons life are nothing new. His past has a long history of being not very good. After his mother dies in a freak accident which traumatizes Aaron past the...
my story with the mighty everest by keerthanaNikhil
my story with the mighty everestby keerthana
always found attracted towards the everest my chance has finally arrived to climb it
Gargoyle Tales | A Collection of Short Stories by SaiCrowleyn
Gargoyle Tales | A Collection of S...by SaiCrowleyn
A collection of one shot stories telling a tale of a puny wrinkled gargoyle discovering the world and finding friends. The collection contains: 1. Gargoyle's Christmas...
Escape by KookyKrayKray101
Escapeby Anna Trachsler
When Eliot moves to a new house, her mother gets her a bike, in hope to get her out more
Escape by rose-clare369
Escapeby Charlie <3
She wanted to run away - he knew just the place
The Past Should Stay Dead by fn_soup
The Past Should Stay Deadby Felecia Noel Campbell
Vicente is a seventeen-year-old Spaniard who moved to America with his father to escape his past. But now that his senior year has begun, problems are occurring and he s...
The black rose that grew in the jungle by Loverboy45117
The black rose that grew in the ju...by Loverboy45117
Something I wrote in the spur of the moment I don't think it's done yet leave any comment if you like it or not (title name is from a line of my favorite common song ~u...