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It Happened Last Year  by Sydney724
It Happened Last Year by Sydney
(Complete) After a terrible encounter at a party, one year later, Hailey Fonte is ready to return to her home town. With everyone against her because of last years event...
  • romance
  • love
  • assault
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Born With A Quirk(Izuku Midoriya) by Osoi_chan
Born With A Quirk(Izuku Midoriya)by Osoi_chan
Izuku Midoriya, an offspring of Inko and Hisashi Midoriya. Though his mother loved him dearly, his father left to be with another woman he had adored for many years. Thi...
  • hardtimes
  • overcomingdepression
  • possiblebl
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Oliver Squeak [BxB] by Liongaze
Oliver Squeak [BxB]by Leah
Harry Doherty has a problem. A big problem at that? His problem? Oliver Kelly. No. Oliver is not his bully, thats a funny joke. No. He is not scared of Oliver, who the h...
  • fluffiness
  • bxblove
  • boyxboy
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Build Me Up (Completed)  by _Jay_lovee
Build Me Up (Completed) by Jay 💜
Two childhood friends go through the changes of life together and create a very strong relationship along the way. Through the challenges of abuse, neglect, heart ache...
  • love
  • family
  • romance
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𝔾𝕠𝕠𝕕 𝕠𝕟 𝕡𝕒𝕡𝕖𝕣 {Max Irons} by Kokolisto16
𝔾𝕠𝕠𝕕 𝕠𝕟 𝕡𝕒𝕡𝕖𝕣 {Max Iron...by Aboveandbeyond
𝓛𝓲𝓪 was the most perfect girl you could ever find , she was caring , sweet , beautiful , athletic and charismatic or at least that's the description anybody would gi...
  • expectations
  • deathandlife
  • perfection
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Malaysia  by NiCorrieSanders
Malaysia by NiCorrie Sanders
The demons we try to outrun
  • overcomingdepression
  • sisterhood
  • struggle
Fixing Me: Hope's Story. by briiizeee
Fixing Me: Hope's Story.by briiizeee
This is the sequel to "Fix Me: Hope's Story." In the end of the first story, Hope attempted suicide. This story is what exactly happens after she does that, a...
  • teens
  • drugs
  • death
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words of pain. by l0serLuv
words of pain.by 𝕶𝖆𝖎𝖆♥︎
the only way you could really understand how worthless a person can be🖤⛓🔪
  • sexualassault
  • selfharm
  • overcomingdepression
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Tree House by fluffykitty298
Tree Houseby fluffykitty298
After losing her father Gwen struggles to find peace and happyness. Her friend Asher does everything in his power to help including endangering his own life. This is my...
  • friendship
  • overcomingdepression
  • superpowers
Her first heartbreak by Deztiny_Winchester
Her first heartbreakby Dezzie 💕💁🏼
i think that worst part of all of it wasnt loosing him,it was loosing myself.
  • happy
  • heartbreak
  • upcoming
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THE PSYCHOLOGISTby zahinrafidsalwa
Why are people always staring at me like as if I'm Velak or something and at the same time smiling? Now, obviously you don't smile when you see Velak. Do I look like CAS...
  • overcomingdepression
  • lifeisbeautiful
  • adventure
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The fundamentals of living  by Wildflower_mind
The fundamentals of living by .-.Ja.X.-.
Just a bunch of collective things that are a shitty excuse for poems that I say outta my ass and dump into this as a vent type of thing. Shit ain't all rainbows and sun...
  • pastabuse
  • relationship-complicated
  • poems
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She Still Bleeds by cjthevixen
She Still Bleedsby cjthevixen
She was broken; an empty shell sharing the beds of countless men. He was her fill, the substance that filled her void, until he broke and shattered her all over again. A...
  • cheating
  • hot
  • abusiverelationship
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Searching for Purpose (Twenty One Pilots) by bulletproof-daydream
Searching for Purpose (Twenty One...by bulletproof-daydream
Tyler was sad. He was hurt, confused, angry, and scared, too, but most of all, he was sad. He didn't know if it was because he had been stuck in the same town for his en...
  • one
  • joshdun
  • pilots
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Quotes by RB0022
Quotesby Rush
It's a wonder what a few words can do!
  • overcomingdepression
  • encouragement
  • hope
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Overcoming Depression by ArchReyCervantes
Overcoming Depressionby Rey Cervantes
Depression is not something to be taken for granted. Let us all pray for those individuals who are suffering under depression. What they need is PRAYER and COMFORT not...
  • metoo
  • depression
  • moveforward
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What if I wasn't There?? (Poem) by AkshitKain
What if I wasn't There?? (Poem)by Akshit Kain
'What if I wasn't There??' A short poem "Life is Always Fair, Although sometimes it charges the fare!" Welcome to 'What if I wasn't There??' This is your very...
  • realyou
  • wattpadwritingstarsapogee
  • spiritual
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Taking Route East, Not Calling "Home" • Twenty One Pilots by anauthorsoddity
Taking Route East, Not Calling "Ho...by B
"'We're not machines, not here.' He said, turning back, his torch the only light source in the pitch black valley. 'Then what are we, Josh?' Tyler asked, the silenc...
  • spookyjim
  • depression
  • blurryface
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Hope in Sydney  by SoniaGP13
Hope in Sydney by SoniaGP13
"No more...no more. I have to leave. I need to leave." I thought in between painful breaths as I held my already bruised ribs. "I need to save my son. I n...
  • primrose
  • overcomingdepression
  • religion
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Getting To Know Me by CynthiaDagnal-Myron
Getting To Know Meby Cynthia Dagnal-Myron
How BetterHelp is helping me cure my "empty nest" blues.
  • self-esteem
  • self-care
  • caring
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