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Friendship by imakestories
Friendshipby imakestories
The two groups live in the same building. Right across the hall. They have been good friends with each other ever since they all moved in. Their friendships grows as doe...
We're Almost Free - OutlawQueen by EvilRegalOutlaw
We're Almost Free - OutlawQueenby EvilRegalOutlaw
Sick of a life she has no wish to live and still grieving the love she lost, Regina makes a run for it. Will a chance encounter with a merry thief change her life or wil...
The one she thought was lost by LauraVanGestel1
The one she thought was lostby Laura Van Gestel
Before Regina Mills became The Evil Queen, she had a daughter. A beautiful little princess with brown eyes and hair like her mother. She named her after the girl's fat...
The Wedding- OutlawQueen Baby  by Bex_in_Oz
The Wedding- OutlawQueen Baby by Bex_in_Oz
Regina goes into labour on Emma's wedding day
Broken by bisexualreina
Brokenby Lainey
With the Evil Queen's returning threats, how will Regina handle these as a newly redeemed hero? Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters except for the ones I ha...
Love Again by outlawsqueen
Love Againby outlawsqueen
Regina is young and wants to be free. She is to be married to King Leopold and become Queen. Everything changes when she meets a thief on the road.
The Other Half Of Me ( double the trouble ) by ouat_lover483
The Other Half Of Me ( double the...by Evilregal_lover
It's hard having a sibling but it's even harder when your sibling is your twin . Regina Mills and Roni Mills are identical twin sisters but they couldn't be more differe...
Saving Killian (captain swan OUAT) by CaptinSwanForever
Saving Killian (captain swan OUAT)by CaptinSwanForever
Emma and Killian's daughter comes back from the future to save her father from Elsa.
Operation: Apple Tree by ShineBright03
Operation: Apple Treeby ShineBright03
**Season 4 AU of Once Upon A Time *Marian never returned *Robin didn't leave *Regina never drank the anti fertility potion The Snow Queen was defeated. Things in Storyb...
Its High School by imakestories
Its High Schoolby imakestories
Emma Swan isnt the coolest girl in school, but she very good in school. Killian Jones is the most popular guy in school, but he isnt that good in school. Killian was flu...
Life's a bumpy road by oncer2523
Life's a bumpy roadby oncer2523
What if Lana was married to Sean? Jared was an orphan? Read as they all become one family. Best ranked (ouat wise): #seana number 1 #outlawqueen number 1
OUAT texting by TheFandomThatWaited
OUAT textingby TheFandomThatWaited
OUAT characters texting
Is this Love? by FairyLoveWhisperer
Is this Love?by FairyLoveWhisperer
Regina is bullied and raped by the bullies of the school. Robin one day helps her and it's love at first sight for him. But does Regina feel the same way? Warning: this...
The Queen Returns by TheRavenJoker
The Queen Returnsby Raven Joker
This is the sequel from my first story called 'What Could Have Happened'. Regina decided to save Emma by taking the darkness into herself. That one sacrifice didn't come...
Once on Instagram [EDITING] by gallifreyanfairytale
Once on Instagram [EDITING]by Grace
What if...the Once Upon a Time characters had Instagram accounts...? please :) don't :) skip :) chapters :) and :) wonder :) why :) you're :) confused :))))) [SEQUEL IS...
Awoken//OutlawQueen  by lanasparilla
Awoken//OutlawQueen by A lesbian witch🌈🔥
Its been two Weeks Since Robin Sacrificed Hisself for Regina and took in the Darkness; Regina tried everything already but there seemed no way to get him back; or was th...
OUAT Watches Themselves by Demigod747
OUAT Watches Themselvesby Witch_Girl
Read the title!!!! I don't own these shows and characters.
Sleeping curse by PotatoBishPotato
Sleeping curseby Sad Rat
This story takes place in season 3 after Peter Pans curse, they are all back in the Enchanted forest. Regina is heartbroken because of the loss of Henry, now heartbroken...
The Potion by bisexualreina
The Potionby Lainey
Everyone knows about Regina's heartbreaking past that involves a certain potion, lion tattoo, and her mother. But what if Cora Mills did something slightly outside of he...
The Curse is Here by imakestories
The Curse is Hereby imakestories
Enchanted Forest The Evil Queen and Captain Hook want to cast the Dark Curse. Why? No one knows. Princess Emma and Robin have to find away to stop the curse from being...