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The Journey of a Thousand Words  by Nabilah_Bint_Luqman
The Journey of a Thousand Words by Nabilah Bong
There's always an untold story behind the journey of a writer. From the beginning, where it's just short scanty words written down on books with a pen with little or no...
OUR STORIES by beauxstranger20
" what is your name? tell me your story " - Kim Namjoon, BTS - let us be us, share me your story, let us be there for each other. nothing is better than havin...
About us!  by Raven_Moonz
About us! by The ravens on the moon
We'll all post a page or something about ourselves just so you can get to know about us and what genre we tend to post.
Becoming who we are by Tamika_Joy10
Becoming who we areby Tamika_Joy10
Josie is travelling through the last year of school when it finally clicks, what will she do..........
Both Sides of the World by PolkaDotCult
Both Sides of the Worldby PolkaDotCult
A rant book written by members of the Polka Dot Cult comparing western parents, households, and lifestyle to Asian parents, household, and lifestyle. It also contains ra...
Our Beginning by Suicide_At_10AM
Our Beginningby kinda dead but not hopefully
Alec: I really want to thank all of you who have been supporting us through all of this and for reading Our Beginning. I think you are all wonderful and I hope one day w...
Our Wonderland by pirate_queen
Our Wonderlandby Multifandom
Just an insight into the wonderful world Ateez created to help fans escape this cruel world and meet other just like us. Outsiders and populars alike. We never know who...
tattoos by lostboys-x
tattoosby the lost boys and girls
this will just be our tattoos and the story behind them. why we have them when we got them who they are for if anyone. only special ones will be in here. I.e. Andrew has...
Why We Dress the Way That We Do : Our Stories by UncommonFashionClub
Why We Dress the Way That We Do :...by UncommonFashionClub
Here is our stories behind our fashion and, basically, why we chose to dress how we do!
Shower Thoughts/High Thoughts by FrodoAmpora11
Shower Thoughts/High Thoughtsby Ash
A mash up of all of my friends and my own random conversations and thoughts. Hopefully someone else will find these as funny as we did.
My book of Love by Readingisaddictive
My book of Loveby Readingisaddictive
This book is about how I see love and yes some will say that it is wrong and some things I write are right but at the end of the day love is something beautiful and some...