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PJO & HoO Facebook Chaos by JuliaTeng555
PJO & HoO Facebook Chaosby JuliaTeng555
So... I've been reading some of this lately so I thought of making one too :) PJO & HoO cast got Facebook accounts. Not just the demigods! The gods, titans, giants, mons...
Rise of Ouranos (ReWrite) by SilverHuntresses
Rise of Ouranos (ReWrite)by SilverHuntresses
[Collab with LordNitro] #ReWrite Percy failed. Gaea isn't asleep, but she isn't awake either. As a god, Percy is bound by certain laws. But what happens when a certain P...
Percy the Real Percy by KenkenSite
Percy the Real Percyby Kenkensite
Okay I decided to create a my own pjo and of course were our hero percy jackson i betrayed by his friend and his love ones especially from his father poseidon (Except fo...
The Wind's Solemn Requiem - Percy Jackson by OcEaNm4n
The Wind's Solemn Requiem - Percy...by Oceanus Riverus Manus
Percy was a wind spirit. Quite a powerful one too. When Ouranos, the primordial of wind was usurped and dethroned by his son Kronos, his essence instead of being dispers...
Perseus Uranus Skylord: Titan of the Sky and Destiny by Deez_Cats_ded
Perseus Uranus Skylord: Titan of t...by Oreoism!
After the scattering of Ouranos: The Primordial god of the Sky. Perseus, The 13th Sibling of the First Generation of Titans, The Titan of the Thunder and Storms. Takes...
The Rise of the Sky (A Percabeth fanfic) by daughters_of_bellona
The Rise of the Sky (A Percabeth f...by daughters_of_bellona
Percy Jackson attends Goode High School, and has been "friends" with Lily Harris for one school year. Lily wants to ask Percy out, but he insists that he alrea...
Percy Jackson: Back Again by PjoGalaxyDude
Percy Jackson: Back Againby I don't need a username
I DO NOT OWN PJO OR HOO, MR RICK RIORDAN DOES!!!! *Must have read book 1 first, Percy Jackson the Dark Sea* *2nd book in the dark sea series" Summary: After Percy w...
PJO - The Daughter of Chaos  by GGbear09
PJO - The Daughter of Chaos by GGbear
Amy Jones has always been an ordinary 12 year old girl. But when she gets taken to a camp for demigods, she finds that life isn't all it had seemed. Sure, she thought sh...
Look up to the Stars by LunaStarCat
Look up to the Starsby Star
Percy Jackson dies heroically in the 2nd Giant War. Poseidon declares Percy shall be forever remembered as a hero and turns him into a constellation. How do the demigods...
The Assassins of Chaos by TANK967
The Assassins of Chaosby TANK967
Betrayal. Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon, Slayer of Kronos, Jason Grace, Son of Jupiter, Slayer of Krios, Nico di Angelo, Son of Hades, Slayer of Hyperion. Sentenced d...
The New Lieutenant (ON HOLD DUE TO WRITERS BLOCK SORRY) by LumineNotFound
The New Lieutenant (ON HOLD DUE TO...by Apollos Child
What happens when Annabeth finds Percy cheating?, what happens when Artemis offers her a place as lieutenant as one of her hunters?will she except, What happens when a...
Miscellaneous 5 {A PJO/HOO FanFic}✅ by DaughterOfHades22
Miscellaneous 5 {A PJO/HOO FanFic}✅by not v active boos</3
[DISCLAMIER: I DO NOT OWN PJO AND HOO only the plot] (SWEAR WORDS) BOOK 1 Of 2 apollo has successful become a God again. Now as he watches from his throne a prophecy th...
Resistance by Y_A_Z_
Resistanceby Yuyue (Solstice)
Diana Hunt, daughter of an entity long forgotten, which is rising again. An entity older than the Gods, older than the Titans, that wakes up from it's slumber, into a ch...
The Genesis of Evil by rhinoceros_petrol
The Genesis of Evilby rhinoceros_petrol
Rubble. All that was left of our home. And so, we fled. Ironically, the greatest of humankind were the only ones that survived. We were tired, tired of evil following us...
Power's Legacy by McCanner95
Power's Legacyby McCanner95
After Gaea's defeat, everything was supposed to go back to normal. But the Fates have other plans for our heroes as a seemingly normal 21 year old guy witnesses Percy ki...
The Saviors of Olympus #2 - The Winter's Hyacinth by chiminta3ta3
The Saviors of Olympus #2 - The Wi...by dani<3
A PJO fanfic Two months after saving Hecate, Kira, Ana, and Daniel head to Camp Jupiter to warn them of Ouranos's rise. When they return to Camp Half-Blood, Ana, Ben, an...
Memoirs of New Saints by Andro-Sama
Memoirs of New Saintsby Andro-Sama
Lettre basé sur un RPG dont l'histoire a été quelque peu modifié, lui même basé sur l'anime et manga Saint Seiya. Première partie de "l'histoire" Les chevalier...
Ouranos's Uprising - A Percy Jackson Fanfiction by TomatoesSukk
Ouranos's Uprising - A Percy Jacks...by Cucumber
This Story Is Established in Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson World,After Their War With Gaea. Lets Just Say The Sky Is Gonna Be Cloudy But *Not* With A Chance Of Meatballs ...