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Reincarnated into an otome game and becoming the attendant of the villainess by SoundHammer
Reincarnated into an otome game an...by Sound Hammer
Full title: Reincarnated into an otome game and becoming the attendant of the villainess - For my master, I'm ready to even kill the heroine. Kuro Aku was a highscho...
  • -romance
  • drama
  • reincarnation
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A villanesses change of route by Justkidding10
A villanesses change of routeby Justkidding10
Ranked 1 in smart mc Ranked 2 in otome games Ranked 1st in Japanese names I'm bad with descriptions. A quick summary of the story's plot: Schoolgirl dies and reincarnate...
  • wattys2019
  • crazy
  • comedy
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A Perfect Reincarnation by bluemoonkat
A Perfect Reincarnationby bluemoonkat
Stacy died because of failed heart surgery in her previous life. With no family or loved one in that life she did not feel attached to the world. But maybe because of he...
  • heroine
  • cuteprotagnist
  • couplegrowth
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Brother Of The Villainess by KDrag10
Brother Of The Villainessby Kristel Ozaeta
Fred, a lonely salaryman got hit by truck-san as he tried to save a kid and He suddenly reincarnated into his cousin otome game called Love Wars (this game doesn't exist...
  • heroine
  • romance
  • opmc
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A Maid? Really?! by BestChapter
A Maid? Really?!by BestChapter
Mizuno, Miya. A highly proficient assassin from the twenty first century was betrayed by the organization that nurtured her to become a ruthless killer, and reincarnated...
  • otomegame
  • maid
  • cute
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[ A Transmigration : The Rising Alchemist ]™ by RiRiyukko
[ A Transmigration : The Rising Al...by R I K O™
Hana Sukitawa , a shrine maiden as well as a person who has an outstanding ability regarding on talismans . Unfortunately , fate didn't go with her expectations as she a...
  • reincarnation
  • adventure
  • wattys2018
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Onerataxia by RiRiyukko
Onerataxiaby R I K O™
Love . Betrayal . Black Rose . She , a girl who thought she would live a good life suddenly took a turn that she never expects . That Love she once believed . The Betray...
  • magic
  • fantasy
  • smartmc
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Watashi Wa OtoGe No Sekai Ni Tensei Shite Shimatta by hasegawamika
Watashi Wa OtoGe No Sekai Ni Tense...by 美香
「私はオトゲ(乙女ゲーム)の世界に転生してしまった」 "I Have Reincarnated Into An Otome Game" ***** I have lost my friends, I lost my father, I lost my aunt, and then I lost my mother...
  • novelworld
  • otomegame
  • reincarnation
✧ Lovelorn ✧ by emika_3206
✧ Lovelorn ✧by ////
❝If you're reading this, then that means I'm dead❞ Delilah Reverdin, a normal girl with a normal life, was reincarnated as Clara Skotadi, the ultimate rival slash villai...
  • yandere
  • fantasy
  • magic
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Is it Wrong to be an OP Villainess by Angels_OwO
Is it Wrong to be an OP Villainessby Angelina Yang
As an elite assassin and owning many companies, including being an actor what does she have time for. Well... actually she has a lot of time for her otome games, anime a...
  • otome
  • villainess
  • life
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Mystic Messenger Quotes by Aishiteruas
Mystic Messenger Quotesby Ari
▪️Random quotes of Mystic Messenger (deep/happy/funny/sad) ▪️Some contain major spoilers ▪️I do not own Mystic Messenger, this incredible game belongs to Cheritz
  • saeran
  • quotes
  • rika
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Reincarnated As A Capture Target (BL) by StoryGod111
Reincarnated As A Capture Target (...by Storie
Let's put its simply ok. I died. Can't remember how or why. It's blurry. But I did die. It was all dark and then, all of a sudden, it was so bright. I didn't cry. I didn...
  • system
  • magic
  • snakes
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So, I Guess I'm the Vilainesses Sister by raionrozu
So, I Guess I'm the Vilainesses Si...by raionrozu
I guess its true about it all ending in a flash. One minute I was walking home from the store, and the next I was laying on the road with a red sticky substance surround...
  • reincarnation
  • reincarnatedintoanotomegame
  • villainess
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Why am 'I' the Villainess? by FluffyBallThing09
Why am 'I' the Villainess?by November
What is a reincarnated Villainess to do in a world where she has no idea what her death flags are? All Emilly, now Belladonna Von Gallowen, knows is that all routes end...
  • princess
  • villainess
  • otome
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Reincarnated?...im changing my faith and THATS it! by Glitching-storys
Reincarnated?...im changing my fai...by Glitching-storys
Will you interfere and save our heroine? Shurui was just an ordinary girl, she was sweet and kind doing selfless deeds yet faith had other plans She died at the tender...
  • otomegame
  • villainess
  • reincarnation
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The Villainess Will Crush Her Destruction End Through Modern Firepower by black07messenger
The Villainess Will Crush Her Dest...by black07messenger
  • reincarnated
  • overpoweredprotagonist
  • modernknowledge
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Since I've Reincarnated as the Villaines Father, I'll Shower My Wife In Love  by black07messenger
Since I've Reincarnated as the Vil...by black07messenger
TITTLE: Since I've Reincarnated as the Villainess' Father, I'll Shower My Wife and Daughter in Love WARNING: I DO NOT OWN THIS STORY. CREDITS TO THE AUTHOR. FOR OFFLINE...
  • otomegame
  • reincarnation
  • deceptionofcruelty
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Reincarnated Into An Otome Game As The Heroine's Younger Brother by pheonix21red
Reincarnated Into An Otome Game As...by Yimin
Yuki Tsukishima is unfortunately hit by a car on their way to school, and is killed by the impact. Yuki is suddenly reincarnated into another world with rules that Yuki...
  • yaoi
  • boyslove
  • otome
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Recreation: Priscilla And The Flagbreaker Deity(On HOLD) by goldsnake_eyes
Recreation: Priscilla And The Flag...by Rooww
Leah Dane is an average high school girl living an average life. However after being killed by a misfire during a robbery she reincarnated into a world of swords and ma...
  • fantasy
  • lgbt
  • funny
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