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Let's Kill the Heroine! by luxuria_rebirth
Let's Kill the Heroine!by luxuria_indulgent
The world? Ha! Even hell and heaven fear her! Teufel was a notorious terrorist well-known for her ruthless nature. The government was already at its wits trying to catch...
  • reverseharem
  • strongfemalelead
  • romance
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A villanesses change of route by Justkidding10
A villanesses change of routeby Justkidding10
Ranked 2 in otome games Ranked 1st in Japanese names I'm bad with descriptions. A quick summary of the story's plot: Schoolgirl dies and reincarnates as the villaness in...
  • wattys2019
  • family
  • otomegame
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I simply don't care by Black_Lotus9029
I simply don't careby Black Lotus
Sarah was a normal school girl if you count being the smartest in school normal. But she was lazy. One day when she was walking home she got hit by a car and died. Lucki...
  • lazy
  • laziness
  • lazyprotagonist
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Akuyaku Reijou ni Nanka Narimasen. Watashi wa『Futsuu』no Koushaku Reijou desu! by LimeHunnis
Akuyaku Reijou ni Nanka Narimasen...by Limits
When I came to, I woke up as fully loaded with death flags Villainess. I finally got reborn with a healthy body, so I will live in happiness! First, I'm thinking of impr...
  • villainess
  • femaleprotagonist
  • reincarnation
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Reincarnated As The Villainess With A System by iniwanniyaaku
Reincarnated As The Villainess Wit...by Medyo Corny
Here comes Truck-san.. Bam! Another one dead. Let's reincarnate this one. . . . Mirakuma Lei started her part-time job at a mini grocery store as a cashier. Just as she'...
  • system
  • deathflags
  • villain
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The Reincarnated Daughter Of The Cold Emperor  by Cynmiya
The Reincarnated Daughter Of The C...by Cynmiya
An unfortunate and sickly individual, diagnoised with leukemia, she was forced to live her life stuck in a hospital bed until eventually the inevitable arrived However...
  • femaleprotagonist
  • fantasy-romance
  • beautifulfemalelead
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Poisonous Love by LovablePanda_
Poisonous Loveby LovablePanda_
A mad scientist is reincarnated into a beautiful young Duke's Daughter in a magical world and Kingdom! The issue is, the world is based off an otome game, that seems to...
  • femaleprotagonist
  • comedy
  • villainess
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Rebirth of The Villainess: Little Miss Perfect  by KatanaAnimeLovah
Rebirth of The Villainess: Little...by AnimeOtakuLover💎🐚🕸
Tory was born in a rich family, she grew up to be perfect as her parents wants her to be. However Tory felt empty all she did was to kill, earn and watch her enemies to...
  • loverival
  • mafia
  • romance
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Reincarnate: My Rival by PenOverPaper
Reincarnate: My Rivalby Pen Name
"Being a rival sucks. Especially when you're the center of everyone's hatred." Gael Fallon is a well-known rival or villainess due to her aloof and cold person...
  • reverseharem
  • reincarnated
  • adventure
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Unexpected Changes by Ailasweetener
Unexpected Changesby Aila
I have reincarnated into the otome game that I used to play in my old life, 'Shining Love'. It was my favourite game but the only problem is that I've been reincarnated...
  • reincarnation
  • otomegame
  • reincarnationstory
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HAKUOUKI: Back in Time by Kim-YuBi
HAKUOUKI: Back in Timeby 김유비
Suzumori Haruna is a normal woman from modern Kyoto, Japan. She happens to travel through time approximately 200 years back into the Meiji era. There she crosses paths...
  • shinsengumi
  • hakuouki
  • otomegame
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Butler, Dear Butler by FotaProductions
Butler, Dear Butlerby A Dozen Dimes and a Nickle
After dying, reincarnating, being stolen from his mother, and becoming a servant for an arrogant noble, Moyin could say he got the better end of the stick. He was treate...
  • otome
  • romance
  • servant
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Miss Prodigy Got Reincarnated into an Overpowered Villainess by AstroTheBernedoodle
Miss Prodigy Got Reincarnated into...by Bernedoodle
Airi Haruka is an icy girl who was said to be a prodigy with her grades being top of her grade. She always got first but at home it's different and it's difficult. As sh...
  • overpowered
  • opmc
  • adventure
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We Are NOT Friends by CryinOutLoud
We Are NOT Friendsby Sophie
When running away from her idiotic brothers, lazy and anti-social Adeline unfortunately gets run over by a truck. She gets reincarnated into an otome game called Ever Sk...
  • reincarnation
  • villainess
  • otome
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I Reincarnated As An OP Villainess! by MinakoAyano
I Reincarnated As An OP Villainess!by MinakoAyano
Wait.....I died?! It seems that I have entered the world of this otome game I used to play. .........And plus, it has magic???!!! It seems like god has finally heard my...
  • villainess
  • shoujo
  • beast
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The Bright Future Awaits! The Villainess Lady's Route of Happiness by CrescentShine
The Bright Future Awaits! The Vill...by Thorny Ross
HIGHEST RANK #1inFantasy (07.30.18) A young genius doctor in her peak of career died in a bank robbery. As she thought that it was the end of her life, she is reborn as...
  • noblelady
  • swordandmagic
  • fantasygameworld
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I as a Villainess Demand Peace (Paused) by ReachTomorrow
I as a Villainess Demand Peace (Pa...by World Domination
I am now Rosa Vimechz. But behind my mask lies my other past self, Aizawa. Without knowing, I became a character in a game that I created during my high school years, my...
  • peace
  • deathflags
  • simulation
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Reincarnated as a villainess? Fufu, I'll play along! by SterellaDon
Reincarnated as a villainess? Fufu...by Sterella
Sasha was an ordinary member of society, taking care of the children in a daycare as her work and playing games and reading novels in her spare time. She wasn't an Otaku...
  • reincarnation
  • isekai
  • capturetarget
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Charming Villainess by BestChapter
Charming Villainessby BestChapter
Dying a stupid death, Summer Millers a model on the height of her career and popularity woke up in a body of a haughty spoiled girl that was pampered to no end by her ik...
  • model
  • romance
  • reverseharem
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