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My Babysitter (Otayuri Au) by wolfabby2003
My Babysitter (Otayuri Au)by wolfabby2003
Yuri is sixteen years old, and is still forced to have a babysitter. His mother doesn't trust him and forces him to be watched by a classmate. How embarrassing! What if...
Haikyuu meets Lev and Kenma Parents by Ryg127
Haikyuu meets Lev and Kenma Parentsby Ryg127
This is the story of when haikyuu found out lev and kenma were the children of famous ice skaters. In this story you will have Levyaku, Kuroken, Vicyuri, YurioxOtabeck...
Otayuri Hogwarts AU by Sontscha
Otayuri Hogwarts AUby Sontscha
Yuri was adopted by Yuuri, a muggle, and Victor, a wizard, after his biological parents died during the Battle of Hogwarts. At that time, he was only two years old. Afte...
Yuri on ice Chat Room by Lonelyreflection
Yuri on ice Chat Roomby Lonely Reflection
Viktor creates a group chat with Yurio, Yuri, Otabek, and other random numbers he had on his phone.
~Yurio & Otabek~ YURI on ice fluff by tyedyee
~Yurio & Otabek~ YURI on ice fluffby ty
Yurio and Otabek have been less stressed after the Grand Prix final and have had a lot of fun as friends but Yurio wants things to go in a different direction...
You're a jerk - Viktuuri AU by undeadlatte
You're a jerk - Viktuuri AUby himbo lover
High school AU in which Viktor bullies Yuuri. Yuuri katsuki, age 17, has had enough of Viktors taunts and teasing. What he does next shocks the whole school. (also on a...
Yuri x otabek  by coffeeAndDesperation
Yuri x otabek by coffee&desperation
fluff I got tired of not being able to find any freaking otabek x yuri fanfics so I said fuck it I'll write my own. There are enough victor x Yuuri fanfics give the blo...
Falling From a Distance • Otayuri by zimzalachimm
Falling From a Distance • Otayuriby Leah
A AU where Yuri randomly comes across Otabek on Kik. Thats when, perhaps fate, sets into place. -Mushy and cute -No smut -Cussing warning -Obvious yaoi/BL -Adding this...
Just the Two of Us - Otayuri Fanfic by ayako-rion
Just the Two of Us - Otayuri Fanficby Orion Taylor
It is Yuri Plisetsky's 16th birthday and, as far as he's concerned, he wants nothing to do with parties and celebrations of any kind. However, when Otabek turns up out o...
Needing You | O.A Y.P ✔️ by -goldenyk
Needing You | O.A Y.P ✔️by vik x yuri 🏳️‍🌈🤩
Yuri Plisetsky and Otabek Altin had been best friends for years. They were both in love, but the other one didn't have a clue about one another's feelings. But then.. Th...
Your choice >> Viktuuri (mpreg) by undeadlatte
Your choice >> Viktuuri (mpreg)by himbo lover
"It was your fucking choice to stay or to leave, and you left!", Yuuri screamed in tears. "I'm sorry.", Viktor held his head low. (story cover made b...
Otayuri Pics by wolfabby2003
Otayuri Picsby wolfabby2003
Just a bunch of random pics I have of Otayuri on my phone. I need a life, lol. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own any images in here. All credit goes to the amazing artists! THA...
I Only Dozed Off by DrBoldBuddy
I Only Dozed Offby DrBoldBuddy
Yuri Plisetsky is a rather depressed guy with a lot of issues. Bad things just can't seem to stop happening and it's as if the people of his nightmares live on last the...
Yuri!!! On Ice Oneshots  by KatsudonTrash
Yuri!!! On Ice Oneshots by Jake Blaze
Just a one shot book, theres plenty of these and my writing isnt amazing but I find it fun all kinds of oneshots to explore! thank you for reading 💙 ALL PICTURES AND ED...
texting ➢ otayuri (1) by araeno
texting ➢ otayuri (1)by rylee tries to write
who would have thought croissants could create a beautiful love story » completed
Bromance with Benefits - Close to him sequel {YOI Fanfic, ft. Otayuri & Victuri} by phanimaniac
Bromance with Benefits - Close to...by phanimaniac
The sequel to my book, Close to him. If you haven't read that yet please check it out :) We left off with Otabek loving Yuri enough to be by his side as whatever Yuri wa...
Yuri!!! On Ice Picture Book 2 by UnknownWriter1308
Yuri!!! On Ice Picture Book 2by Unknown
The name says it all..... Check book one before starting this 😄 I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES!! CREDITS TO ITS RESPECTIVE AND RIGHTFUL OWNERS!! Note to owners: If I...
One chance - victuuri/viktuuri ( AU ) by undeadlatte
One chance - victuuri/viktuuri ( A...by himbo lover
victor x Yuuri Viktor x Yuuri ( possible smut ) ( high school AU ) Yuri and Victor start out as strangers but something changes when Yuri drops his books in the hallwa...
Yurio's Diary//Otayuri// by LilithSynx
Yurio's Diary//Otayuri//by Y E S S I
Let's just say Phichilt got his hands on this book...and then the triplets got their hands on this. Then it somehow went viral. Basically a bunch of stuff Yurio never w...
Tattooed (Otayuri AU) - Soulverse 1 by ZiefaB
Tattooed (Otayuri AU) - Soulverse 1by Ziefa
It's a soulmate story. I don't want to spoil too much before it actually begins, but as you might deduce from the title it has something to do with tattoos. ^-^ Hope you...