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Be Your Everything by NeedForShigu
Be Your Everythingby Emma
Otabek is a 21 year old alpha with no mate. Yurio is an 18 year old omega who just got kicked out of his home. What will happen when they meet?
Your choice >> Viktuuri (mpreg) by undeadlatte
Your choice >> Viktuuri (mpreg)by himbo lover
"It was your fucking choice to stay or to leave, and you left!", Yuuri screamed in tears. "I'm sorry.", Viktor held his head low. (story cover made b...
I fell for you (Victor x Yuri) by Zina_4248
I fell for you (Victor x Yuri)by Pretty Bones
This is my first yaoi. May contain smut. Hope you like it! P.S. I changed the cover.
Texts ~ Victuuri/Viktuuri  ( Viktor x Yuuri ) by undeadlatte
Texts ~ Victuuri/Viktuuri ( Vikto...by himbo lover
Yuuri suddenly gets a message from a stranger one day named Viktor, he thinks the guy Is kind of annoying and pushy but they eventually develop a friendship but soon eno...
Yuri x otabek  by coffeeAndDesperation
Yuri x otabek by coffee&desperation
fluff I got tired of not being able to find any freaking otabek x yuri fanfics so I said fuck it I'll write my own. There are enough victor x Yuuri fanfics give the blo...
Enchanted - Victuuri AU by undeadlatte
Enchanted - Victuuri AUby himbo lover
Victor nikiforov is a prince in the kingdom of crystal waters, he needs to marry to become a king but arranged marriages happen where he lives, he goes to a mascarade ba...
Soul Art - Otayuri AU by KillMeNowJeonJK
Soul Art - Otayuri AUby Yuri Plisetsky!
'When you paint, the color isn't from the palette. You imprint your soul onto the page, and that's something to admire.'
One chance - victuuri/viktuuri ( AU ) by undeadlatte
One chance - victuuri/viktuuri ( A...by himbo lover
victor x Yuuri Viktor x Yuuri ( possible smut ) ( high school AU ) Yuri and Victor start out as strangers but something changes when Yuri drops his books in the hallwa...
Caught  by yaoibloodbank
Caught by yaoibloodbank
(Takes place when yurio is 17) After Yuri, victor, and the rest of the ice skaters finds out yurio has a boyfriend, Otabek Altin, what will happen and how will they res...
Sleeping Beauty // otayuri fanfic  by Caslikesbees
Sleeping Beauty // otayuri fanfic by Oakley Wonders
Otabek Altin is working at a hospital for service hours for his high school. Otabek thought this experience would be boring but he enjoyed it after he met a certain some...
You're a jerk - Viktuuri AU by undeadlatte
You're a jerk - Viktuuri AUby himbo lover
High school AU in which Viktor bullies Yuuri. Yuuri katsuki, age 17, has had enough of Viktors taunts and teasing. What he does next shocks the whole school. (also on a...
Trouble >> Viktuuri by undeadlatte
Trouble >> Viktuuriby himbo lover
Yuuri katsuki is just some teenager at age 17. Viktor nikiforov, 18 years old and already a teacher due to him being able to skip a few grades and graduate. What happens...
yuri on ice | one shots by ggukinthesky
yuri on ice | one shotsby maddie
ayo welcome to some bad yoi one shots i wrote 2 years ago 😙 disclaimer: i don't *of course* own any franchise that i do an au of or base a one ohot on, credit goes to t...
Otayuri: Letters | ✔ by ggukinthesky
Otayuri: Letters | ✔by maddie
What started as an assignment that catered only to his education, the letter sent by Yuri seemed to reach someone who soon would come to be very special. Love seemed for...
Damage Control (Otabek x Yuri) (boyxboy) by ifangirloverthese
Damage Control (Otabek x Yuri) (bo...by Squish
When Otabek was given his first assignment in the Introductory Carer Program, he naively assumed that his debut case would be an easy one. Instead, he was paired with Yu...
Where it all started >> Viktuuri by undeadlatte
Where it all started >> Viktuuriby himbo lover
Viktor Nikiforov is just your average 27 year old, hes trying to find out where his roommate Yuri Plisetsky went to but ends up texting a mysterious boy instead. Yuuri...
otabeckxyurio A New Start  by izumi_cutie
otabeckxyurio A New Start by izumi_cutie
Yuri plisetsky is struggling with gender identity and his painful past, but when he attends a new high school things become difficult for young yuri...
Whoops (Victuuri text fic) by katsudon_eros
Whoops (Victuuri text fic)by N y a
katsudon piggy sent a message katsudon piggy: do I look ok..? Ice kinq: um..I guess? katsudon piggy: oh... whoops. (Yuri on Ice text fic; lowercase kinda intended)
Ours >> Otayuri [on hold] by undeadlatte
Ours >> Otayuri [on hold]by himbo lover
Otabek and Yuri havent spoken in over a year since a couple months after the grand prix final. What happens when Otabek sends an accidental text to Yuri and old feelings...
Never Come Back (Otayuri) by killingj0yX
Never Come Back (Otayuri)by F!OB5
I woke up with Otabek missing, I rose up from bed searching the entire house. He was gone no idea where he could have gone. "YOUR THE ONE WHO FUCKING LEFT ME" ...