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Beauty » ot4 by afibloom
Beauty » ot4by afibloom <3
Everyone knew not to look and definitely not to touch the beautiful man named Michael Clifford. He was the precious baby of the notorious Calum Hood after all. But (un)f...
My Love, My Drug    {OT4} by AstroAsh_94
My Love, My Drug {OT4}by FLETCHER
"Suck my dick, Hood." "I would if you had one." Basically the boys are in prison. The four prisoners come together to rule, until they don't.
The Emerald Treasure » ot4  by afibloom
The Emerald Treasure » ot4 by afibloom <3
Michael was the rare emerald treasure and conveniently there were three treasure-hungry pirates sailing the seas, waiting for him even if they didn't know it themselves...
Cuties in College ~ ot4 by FreakyGeeksLove
Cuties in College ~ ot4by Xasah
Luke, Calum and Ashton are in college and Michael is their new roommate. Fem!Michael Writers: Xavier: -lowkeydolans Yuki: The_Boyz
Rose Petals » ot4  by afibloom
Rose Petals » ot4 by afibloom <3
A hurt tattoo artist, a crazed painter, a confused druggie, and a controlling gangster...It sounds like a chaotic mix of colors that shouldn't be able to mix, but instea...
ERROR // CALM AU by kittenarry
ERROR // CALM AUby kittenarry
A killer, a princess, a junkie, and a psycho walk into a bar...
Knockout • OT4 by valentineclifford
Knockout • OT4by sweetheart
"I don't know if I want to fuck him or make him bleed the colour of that stupid red hair." "Why not both?" - Where Michael joins an underground boxi...
I'm okay (5sos ot4) by jackylovesjapan
I'm okay (5sos ot4)by jackylovesjapan
I'm done and death looks so sweet. I found them but they're all together. I'm still the outlier, then I crack. Where Calum is the last one too join 5sos and feels lonel...
Immortals  (ot4) boyxboy by pxnklxcifer
Immortals (ot4) boyxboyby Pxnklxcifer
Calum and Luke were on there way home from a party when two dudes pop up and bite there necks. Or Michael and Ashton are vampire who want some lovers. Fem!luke Fem!c...
Little!5SOS Oneshots  by Goodnight-Socialite
Little!5SOS Oneshots by •ghost babie•
Basically just a book filled with Little!5SOS and Daddy!5SOS oneshots. ©Copyright 2017 Goodnight-Socialite Cover by @dulcetmikey
Always, The End by AstroAsh_94
Always, The Endby FLETCHER
Don't move. Don't breathe. Don't exist. ••• "... I wish that you would hurt me harder than I hurt you..."
The Medic and the Soldier by LesbianInNeverland
The Medic and the Soldierby SquigglyAf🏳️‍🌈
Jennie and Lisa are fighting on opposite sides of a war that neither of them know which country started first. Lisa is on the frontlines because of her fluency in Korean...
Devil in a Red Dress by LesbianInNeverland
Devil in a Red Dressby SquigglyAf🏳️‍🌈
Jennie Kim was banished to be the Queen of the underworld after her last lifetime as punishment for whatever it was she had done. She wished they would at least let her...
Fake Dating... or is it real? by LesbianInNeverland
Fake Dating... or is it real?by SquigglyAf🏳️‍🌈
Jennie is getting cheated on by her boyfriend and Lisa's ex girlfriend is getting married to someone else not even six months after they broke up. Jennie and Lisa hate e...
I Choose You | JENLISA by sweet_melodiez
I Choose You | JENLISAby sweet_melodiez
Lisa doesn't fit the ideal perfect partner Jisoo has in mind for Jennie- so how on earth did her best friend end up falling for her? or, the five times Jisoo is 100% sur...
i was made for loving you | jenlisa one-shots by sweet_melodiez
i was made for loving you | jenlis...by sweet_melodiez
a series of Jenlisa one-shots. cover: allofjenlisa on tumblr
The Princess And The Slave | Ot4 by Sparkling_5sosFreaks
The Princess And The Slave | Ot4by ♡Lauren ♡
"I just don't get it, you adopted me and Luke as your sub and yet you treat Luke like he's a princess and you treat me like a slave." OR Where Calum and Ashto...
Pesy One Shots by pesysgirl
Pesy One Shotsby Syd
A series of pesy (Perrie Edwards/Jesy Nelson) one shots! Also including other members of little mix, and occasionally other friends of the band.
Crazy Stepcousins by MaesWorld8
Crazy Stepcousinsby Mae's World
This is the fangirl version of Psycho Stepsibling's Manager. Nothing more to say . Read to enjoy the story