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Iconshippng: Type Reluctant by SinningFlame
Iconshippng: Type Reluctantby Wattpad Grounded
*Going Through Major editing* "You can be a Pikachu..." "You can be energy.." "But I'll love you either way.." *First ever story* In a tra...
Pokemon High by Whoknowswhat900
Pokemon Highby Whoknowswhat900
This takes place in a Pokemon high school and it's pretty much the usual a new experience school bullies bad and good teachers hard tests but for some students it's a di...
Iconshipping: Never Give Up (Hiatus) by SinningFlame
Iconshipping: Never Give Up (Hiatu...by Wattpad Grounded
[Sequel to 'Iconshipping: Type Reluctant'] "Thanks for everything! Here's a special gift for my special Pikachu! Never give up! ~Ami" One year after being sepa...
nada es imposible: oshawott x snivy by Alvawott
nada es imposible: oshawott x snivyby Alvawott
Para empezar este es la primera historia que hago en wattpad y de mi pareja favorita, ya con esto ahora si la descripción: Oshawott a coqueteado con varias chicas en...
Adventures Beyond! by SinningFlame
Adventures Beyond!by Wattpad Grounded
Meet Oliver and Jacob, two fifteen year old Pokémon setting out on a journey. Oliver, a smart and occasionally anxious male Oshawott tags along with Jacob, a hyperactive...
Let My Scalchop Go! by UmbreonOshawott
Let My Scalchop Go!by Umbreon Oshawott
Oshawott is sick and tired of falling for Emolga's attract, just so Emolga can make him her slave. One day, he finds a way to counter Emolga's attract. However, Emolga w...
PokeLove by Monkeybug0716
PokeLoveby Monkey Master
After arriving in Kalos, ash and pikachu find some new friends. Including a mysterious girl with her partner oshawott. Join them on their adventures through the kalos r...
Emilia's Pokémon Journeys: Kanto  by Emilia_Story_Squad
Emilia's Pokémon Journeys: Kanto by Emilia_Story_Squad
Come along with a 15 year old teenager from Johto! Emilia Stowik has always longed for her own Pokémon journey but set it aside and now..Now she's a very insecure & unc...
His Queen, Her King [Hiatus] by Song_ZhiXue
His Queen, Her King [Hiatus]by ❀ Song.ZhiXue ❀
Touko has come of age and is about to start her Pokémon journey with her childhood friends, Bianca and Cheren. Only there's a problem, Team Plasma's goal is to "lib...
The Journey of A Champion: A Pokemon Fanfic by MoonCrane098
The Journey of A Champion: A Pokem...by Nicole
Unova, a region where hundreds of Pokemon are still undiscovered and a year before the immoral Team Plasma threatened the peace. Due to the Hero and his friends' valiant...
A Christmas With Oshawott by therealsuperoshawott
A Christmas With Oshawottby Super
It's the Christmas story you have all been waiting for! Oshawott is invited to pikachus house for Christmas. Will he keep his singing career secret, or will he use it to...
What the Wind Carries [Pokémon Black and White 2 fanfiction] by ImberLapis
What the Wind Carries [Pokémon Bla...by Deep in Abyss
The Heroes of Truth and Ideals have left the Unova region, leaving behind chaos that eventually settled. But what hadn't settled however, were the remaining sparks of fa...
Unova's song a fan made story by Snow_Star2007
Unova's song a fan made storyby I'm back!!!
With team plasma wanting to liberate pokemon. A young girl named Madison and her friends have to overcome those obstacles while traveling through Unova. Meeting Rivals...
Pokemon: Dreams Or Knightmare  by DiogoG0D
Pokemon: Dreams Or Knightmare by Diogo
Dreams and nightmares are like two sides of a coin, one represents good while the other is bad. What happens when there is no dream or nightmares? Let's find out.
Harmonia | Pokémon by obliviux
Harmonia | Pokémonby fray rose
Touko White has had a relatively normal life in Nuvema Town, with her two best friends, Bianca and Cheren. The only tragedy throughout her life was the apparent death of...
Pokemon Black and White: ABRIDGED by EpicAuthor01
Pokemon Black and White: ABRIDGEDby EpicAuthor01
Black is just your normal teenager moving to Unova. He's sarcastic and doesn't really care about anything! He also has a psychopathic alternate personality named Hilbert...
Just Caring (eevee x pikachu) by SmartPikachu123
Just Caring (eevee x pikachu)by People With Depression
Why Are You Looking Me Like That? I'm Just.....Caring There's one high school that call "Dream Big High School" (I know its weird) All of the regions of pokemo...
Wanderers! Volume #1 - TakaK by TakaiK
Wanderers! Volume #1 - TakaKby TakaK
From stopping criminals, taking down evil organizations, to saving others in the time of need. Eva the Scorbunny, Hugh the Rowlet, Otis the Oshawott, and Teresa the Shin...
Poke-Friends by CYKid12
Poke-Friendsby CYKid12
My first book. So this is a story about my pokémon ocs. It contains friendship, romance, and heartbreak.Enjoy the story *Pokémon belongs to Nintendo -CYKid12 P.S. Do not...
Ask or dare me and snivy tepig oshawott and pidove by Therti_Mageno
Ask or dare me and snivy tepig osh...by Persy, Persy the perseverance...
Ask or dare me and Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, and Pidove! Starring Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, me, and Pidove! can be anything but no sexual stuff, m'kay? Snivy: agreed Tepig:...