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Ozpin/Oscar X Reader by Michaelis14
Ozpin/Oscar X Readerby Michaelis
Ozpin/Oscar X Reader !Ongoing! Magic exists in out world you just have to know the right people to see it. Ozpin knew everything about you, and you knew everything about...
A Father's Fall by Cupcakegirlpower
A Father's Fallby Cupcakegirlpower
This story was inspired by a fanfiction I read on Fanfiction Net by mantisbelle. (All that I took from it exactly is who Oscar's father is, really) you should totally...
RWBY un-screened by P1exieglasses
RWBY un-screenedby P1exieglasses
What happens during all the time not screened in RWBY? What's going on in between what we see? What character stories are we missing? This is a fan-made compilation of w...
The Pine Family by ToastGlue
The Pine Familyby Toast
Modern!AU of Oscar being adopted by Qrow and Ozpin Modern being Earth just being called Remient :p Oscar lives a simple life with two dads. One a university dean, the ot...
RWBY X Reader One Shots (Requests Open) by DevilishMan87
RWBY X Reader One Shots (Requests...by Devilish Man 87
Since I am bored and came up with certain ideas I decided to write this. I will write Canon X Reader, Canon X OC, Reader X OC, Canon X Canon, RWBY ships X Reader, can do...
Stupid and hilarious rwby skits based of off videos I found on the internet by Ar0ace_Crimez
Stupid and hilarious rwby skits ba...by i think I'm a furry
Right what it says on the tin! Yep! the first ever rwby fanfic or in this case crack fic on this account! Most of these will include team RWBY and JNPR (also a few thing...
RWBY Support Conversations by farmerabe
RWBY Support Conversationsby Farmer Abe
Yes, this is probably the dumbest thing I'll ever write. But I'm doing it anyway. With my schedule becoming increasingly busy, it has become difficult to write the chap...
The Missing Parents Club by RWBY_Fangirl12
The Missing Parents Clubby RWBY_Fangirl12
Ruby, Oscar, Ren, Nora, Emerald, Neo and Mercury are all friends who live in an orphanage together and call themselves 'The Missing Parents Club'. They dream of being Hu...
Dusty? Old? Not to me. (Qrow x Reader) by TheHiddenHedgehog
Dusty? Old? Not to me. (Qrow x Rea...by TheHiddenHedgehog
While Qrow, Oscar, Maria and teams RWBY and JNPR are taking a moment to rest in their travels, an unwelcomed visitor invites themself into the fray. Who is this person a...
Sheer Luck (Qrow Branwen x Reader) by ShadowDuelist15
Sheer Luck (Qrow Branwen x Reader)by Ellie
(Y/F/N) (Y/L/N) is Clover Ebi's sister and a good friend of General Ironwood. She had completed a mission in Mistral and thought there would be smooth sailing on the way...
Bloody Petals {A Rosegarden Fanfiction} by elementz_R
Bloody Petals {A Rosegarden Fanfic...by R_elementz
After the Fall Break ended, 16-year-old Ruby Rose was quite skeptical about going back to her highschool, Beacon High. However, the feeling went away when she made frien...
Rwby Rosegarden stories (ON HOLD TILL VOL. 8) by timidcreator
Rwby Rosegarden stories (ON HOLD T...by timidcreator
These are just a collection of one-shots, two-shots, three-shots, etc. about my favorite ship in Rwby! Rosegarden (aka Ruby Rose x Oscar Pine)! Do Enjoy these! I mainly...
What Remains ~ RWBY by Hermit_Vernal
What Remains ~ RWBYby Willow Vernal
An after the war Rosegarden fic with plenty of wholesome content for you all. 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙡𝙙 𝙞𝙨 𝙨𝙖𝙛𝙚, 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙨𝙤 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙮 𝙢𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙤𝙣 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙞𝙧 𝙡...
Forced To Be Saviors by TinyYami
Forced To Be Saviorsby Senpai
Quirks. Semblances. Villains. Grimm. Heroes. Huntsmen. Two separate worlds collide, with the balance of the entire universe at stake. Izuku Midoriya, working towards th...
RWBY Children of The Stars by RedLionPaladin
RWBY Children of The Starsby Charlotte Xaio Long
7 dead children were stolen from Remnant by aliens and experimented on giving them extreme powers. They escaped and traveled back to their home 6 were adopted. The 7th w...
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RoseGarden~ My special Rose by RWBYfangurl117
RoseGarden~ My special Roseby T^T
This isnt your normal RWBY story.. What if all our favorite (or not favorite, idk) characters were regular student on earth, attending school, just like us? (Please keep...
RWBY Presents Trailers by Tomeo17
RWBY Presents Trailersby Nicodemus Tomeo
Three AU fanfiction that will come together. Three superheroes against all the crime and monsters the world of Remnant has to offer. A Dark Knight of Vengeance A Iron Av...
The Black Reaper Of Remnant (Bleach And Rwby) by RajayTaylor8
The Black Reaper Of Remnant (Bleac...by Rajay Taylor
After Ichigo defeats Aizen the man offers Ichigo another chance to continue his adventures in another world knowing that The Central 46 would kill him for his power. Joi...
RWBY x Male reader volume 6 by TheDaleyFlames
RWBY x Male reader volume 6by TheDaleyFlames
It appears you and your teammate have made it to Argust but getting the help from the people for Atlas is gonna he that easy. You have fight your way of There.
RWBY Rosegarden Fanfic (NEW) by Ninjago100
RWBY Rosegarden Fanfic (NEW)by RubyxOscar4Life
This is the new version of the story RWBY Rosegarden Fanfic (RWBY Try out)